"The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control."
Oath Keepers ...Guardians of the Republic A Speaker GIF Image.

"Honor Your Oath" • The Constitution
Ron Paul/Glenn Beck Show Tu.23Mar09
Constitutionalists are terrorists?
Chuck Baldwin re MIAC
Military & Police Confiscating Guns / No Warrants

"You'd shoot an American? ...yeah."
Remember 9.11 & 7.7 ...our enemies and Waco movie or video & Ruby Ridge video

"A Nation of Cowards?" (intro: Glenn Beck)

"..the United States will cease to exist."

"One Country, One Culture, One Language"

"Are you a domestic terrorist?"
InfoWars.com: MIAC
Alan Keyes, "He must be stopped or the United States will cease to exist."..."We are in the midst of the greatest crisis this nation has ever seen...chaos, and civil war...an alleged usurper...destroying our borders...infanticide...this is insanity...we are claiming that a bankrupt government can save a bankrupt banking system...this is insanity.." (19Feb09)