Audio MP3 of Patton·s Speech (5 MB)   ( alternate sound source )
General George S. Patton, Jr. [1885-1945], 3rd Army Speech, England, 5Jun44; 6th Armored Division
Audio MP3 of Patton Movie Theme (360 KB, music intro) & Text of General George Patton´s Speech to the 3rd Army
General Patton´s Address to the Troops: The Speech [unexpurgated], England, June 5th, 1944
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Attack on America Media Library from FM103, Memphis, TN, US
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Wars of the World 1800-1999
Iraq Wars, 1919-1999
Afghanistan Wars, 1800-1999
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SoD Rumsfeld: Nov. 11, 2001
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Some of Restrictions Placed on Women by the Taliban: "any female over the age of around 12 must be totally covered in a Chadri or Burqa" & "Any woman wearing makeup can be cable-whipped in the streets by Taliban militia, some only 14 years old. The Taliban stop cars and examine women to see if they are following the law. Any woman wearing nail varnish can have their hands or feet cut off in an instant. For those who have dared to wear lipstick, the Taliban have cut away women´s lips on the street and then thrown the criminal into the gutter under the sound of cheers and gunfire. (quote src:
Islam versus Civilization by Kurt Saxon: "Compared to the Japanese, Allah´s troops are just a lot of effeminate cowards."