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Often, it is difficult finding leads, sources, or persons to help you research or with whom you may exchange information concerning your familys' lineage. Recent estimates indicate that over 350,000,000 web pages exist. It is believed that less than 34% of those pages are indexed in any one web search engine or URL (web page) directory listing. Untold numbers of email addresses exist world-wide. In the coming years, these numbers will grow into the billions. This sheer mass of information on the 'web' and in newsgroups makes searching and finding sources of information increasingly difficult. Having a single email directory/listing of Harrold and related names that you can use might save countless hours of fruitless 'web' searching. If you will allow others to contact you, toward the goal of building a more complete genealogy of the Harrold family lines, please fill out this form adding your email name to the 'Harrold And Related Roots On-Line Database' web site's email directory. It will never be complete; however, you can help it become more so by sendimg an email message containing your suggested addtions, changes, or modiifications to me, Robert F. Harrold II at:
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