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A commentary on student violence & the 'anti-gun' fervor being
fanned by the media and would be society reforming apologists.
Posted by Robert Harrold, Aug.99
 The students of today are no more, no less prone to violence than
 students in times past. It appears that TV and the movies are numbing
 youth to the truth of what consequences are in real life. It is strange
 in that the same purveyors of up-in-your-face, no remorse, no regrets,
 no consequences trash, are at the same time subtlely and sometimes
 openly advocating that the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the
 United States is no longer valid.
    All the while, they abuse the intent of the 1st Amendment.
 On the one hand the 'merchants of trash' media want their greedy
 little hands on as much revenue (read money) as they can generate
 from their 'smut' an at the same time advocate that all citizens
 be disarmed.
 (No, by smut, I don't mean sex!)
    Sex in the media would be better and more honest than most
 of the anarchistic junk that's vomiting from TV and splashing
 on the movie screens. We hide sex in the back room and under
 counters while at the same time - openly display the most gruesome
 of crimes before the smallest of children.)
Simple examples:
 ...TV cringes at sex (unless it can profit) but show violence, absurd
scenarios of criminal activity that has no end-game consequences.
 ...espouses liberal 'group ethic' causes while denegrating individualism
 ...promotes gender, race, ethnic, cultural, religous neuterism
 ...Carls Burger commercials promote an 'unshaved, unwashed,' life style brain-washing at its not-so-subtle is illustrated by the
 TV show 'Politically Incorrect' - if you can't argue truth then
 smear your opponents with anything handy that could caste them into
 the 'extremist, not-with-it, nut' category,
 ...some colas call their commercials 'extreme' (an under statement)
 ...TV networks play every tragedy for every commercial dollar they
 can garner from the simple 'pound of flesh' of each and every firearms
 related tragedy that they can dredge up and muster before a wide-eyed
 and eager-to-be led audience.
 ...MTV & VH1's violence prone, anti-society, nihilistic lyrics
 are promoted as the norm, ...Waco and Ruby Ridge labeled as extremists'
 causes (ignoring the possibility that these tragedies were built into
 publicity events as generated by 'runaway' Big Brother law enforcement
 who could have apprehended their targets under innocuous circumstances),
 ...OJ the martyr,
 ...the Colorado incident hyped as a 'see how easy it is to get guns
 illegally' while ignoring the year of planning involved,
 ...gun shows propagandized by NBC as 'back alley' anything goes
 ...'not so subtle' placement of anti-gun, anti-right movies and
 mini-series on TV (usually timed 'co-incidentally' to match the
 introduction of anti-gun legislation before Congress)
 ...or liberal apologists in the White House and Hollywood fanning
 the 'emotional flames' of victims & families who have suffered true
 losses at the hands of the 'crazy' abberations that the leftist
 media wants you to believe is hiding behind or under every
 conservative rock in America. And on-and-on ad nauseum.
    On-the-one-hand the national socialist media (hmmm, sounds like
 something from WWII) hypes a no-consequence, gratuitous violence
 & profanity oriented stream of vomit to numb the minds of as many
 people as can be, all-the-while maximizing advertisement revenues,
 and, at the same time distorting crime statistics, making 'mock'
 trial scenarios (each they wish could be as profitable as O.J. was)
 of some true 'crazies' incidents, and, more often than not, blowing
 random nut cases into what they want us to believe as being 'typical'
 Americana. A strange dichotemy. Accidental? Don't be so naive!
    The America of Norman Rockwell may be a thing of the past,
 but the intent of the Constitution remains clear regardless
 of the propaganda being hurled around so freely by some politicos
 and their media bed-fellows.
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