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Emergency Phone Numbers: Highway, US map 911 Information, State-by-StateRailroad Emergency Numbers
MéxicoInternational Emergency Telephone Numbers: Country-by-Country
(and Wikipedia Emergency # Information & Scam hoax sources )

Doug Coop's "Survival in Earthquake Collapse" - "The Triangle of Life"
Alternative views: FEMA Earthquake Response Recommendations (+ map of U.S. earthquake prone areas) & Comment re Coop's article (.pdf, p.17)
also see: Urban LegendsRed Cross CommentarySnopes Urban Legends
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Big OnesReal-Time Forecast of Earthquake Hazard in the Next 24 HoursToday-in-Earthquake-History
USGS-Earthquake News

Seismo-Watch Earthquake News
& Information Service
: Southern California, U.S. & Northern Baja California, Mexico

USA-Last 7 Days A new item animated gif.
CCA (central Cal.)
COA (Coachella Valley)
Mammoth Lake area
NBA (N. Bay area)
NCC (N. Cal. coast)
SCA (S. Cal./N Baja)
Earthquakes, Last 7 days (Google map, world, regions)
US/World Regions
Earthquake Watch (Google map)
(+ Mount Saint Helens, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Southern California, Molucca Sea & Yellowstone National Park)
CNN-Earthquake NewsYahoo-Earthquake News
View Google Earth Interactive Earthquake Map
Near-Real-Time Lists & Maps for:
Imperial Valley, California area:    (USGS-Caltech Seismic Net)
Imperial Valley, CA / Mexicali, Baja, MX area
Seismic Map & Earthquake List

California Quakes
California Areas:
USGS : Recent Southern California & Nevada Earthquakes with fault lines shown & List & Alphabetical Fault List & Fault Movement & Fast Map & Shake Map; So. Cal. & No. Cal.
Near Real-Time CA/NV - California & Nevada Now
Real-Time Shaking Maps/Patterns ( Did You Feel It ? )
Long ValleyLos AngelesSan FranciscoSouthern Cal
All earthquakes catalogued in the last week (168 hours) for the California-Nevada maps area & locations list (USGS) & Animated Image of last 7 Days/168 hours + Big, M3+All Listedalternate sources
USGS: Current U.S.U.S. & AK/HI/PR/USVIUS Regional Earthquake Websites USGS & Non-USGSCentral/SEUSSouthern California
USGS: Current WorldM > 1.0 (w/MAP) & M > 3.0 (w/MAP)
Map to Regional Websites and Other Eq Maps
(Sources: USGS, Seismo-Watch,
Watch World/Local Activity on your Desktop
Download Earthquake 3D v2.2
Google-Earthquake News Feed

Baja California & Mexico

More Sources:
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
· For Kids (K4-12) • For Teachers
· School Yard Geology (USGS)
· Earthquake Magnitudes

Central & Southeast
Puerto Rico w/MAP
Utah & Yellowstone
Puerto Rico & USVI area map
(United States Virgin Islands, VI contact)
Puerto Rico - Live seismic data
(source: Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands Earthquake Information (
Current Earthquake List, Near Real Time

Earthquake Mythology

Earthquake Preparedness
Seismo Store
1000 Earthquake Links (search)

California Emergency Digital Information (EDIS)
(Receive Ca. severe or emergencies and disasters information from EDIS in your email or on your wireless cell phone or pager, SignUp · alt) Earthquake Links
  • California Map
  • US & World, last 7 days
  • California/Nevada w/last 7 days 3+
  • Los Angeles Map
  • Shake Map
  • California After Shocks Forecast
  • SF Bay Probabilities
  • San Francisco Map
  • Southern California Earthquake Center (SDEC) & Volcano Hazards (USGS)
    Clickable Map of Recent (near real time) Earthquakes in California & via Pasadena (USGS)
    Big Quakes This Week in California/Nevada
    (updated 1-5 minutes after an earthquake, otherwise hourly) - Did You Feel It? Report Here
    Los Angeles - San Francisco + Hawaii -
    Ca. Index Map - S. Cal (Cal. Tech.)- N. Cal. (Menlo Park) - CA-NV - N. Cal. - S. Cal. - Pacific N.W.
  • Hollywood Seismograph
  • Make 'Quake Map anywhere on Earth
  • Last 7 Days, World, Regions, US, by Magnitude
  • Mammoth Lake - Long Valley Caldera - Hot Creek Gorge - Thermal Springs - Mono Lake, Ca.
  • (some links' source:

    List, Plain Text (USCG, NEIS, worldwide) & Current List, Near Realtime USA clickable Map Image & print lists within States - M>3 M>1 + World (image) [link src: ABC7, KABC, Los Angeles, CA, US]
    Near Real-Time US/World Earthquakes & Volcanoes
    WorldWorld RecentListeMail Notices
    US - World & World - Nevada - Utah & Yellowstone - Montana - Hawaii - Alaska & Alaska Earthquake Map (last 24) - Central & Eastern U.S. - New England - Southern Appalachia - Canada (USGS)
    US Geological Survey (USGS) Pasadena Earthquake Center (current:realtime)
    Recent Significant So. California Earthquakes (TriNet)
    Archives from 2000, 1999, pre-1999, Major Quakes Related Links (TriNet)
    Global Earthquake Report (U. Edinburgh) - N. Europe (list) (U. Helsinki)
    British Geological Survey (BGS), Global Seismology and Geomagnetism - Recent Earthquakes (BGS)
    Satellite Science's Seismo Page - Indian Earthquakes
    ORFEUS - Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology - Recent Large Quakes & Quakes in the News
    Forensic Seismology on the WTC attack (9.11.02) By the LCSN group & Forensic Seismology and the sinking of Kursk (8.12.00)
    (siesmo news, waveform data, working groups, links, Software Download Links [extensive])
    Did You Feel It? Report Here For:
    USCG Questionairre to Report Ca. Earthquakes That You Have Felt
    &/or to WC/ATWC Watch/Warning/Advisory
    To report a felt earthquake, select your region from the map or the list below the map.
    Alaska - Hawaii - Western U.S./Mountains - Pacific N.W. - N.E. U.S - Central U.S.
    P.R. & Territories - Outside, Non-U.S. - Unlisted/Unknown - Shake Maps, What Are They?
    National Earthquake Information Center & World Earthquake Data Centers
    (Current Worldwide Earthquake List Latest Fast Moment Tensor & Latest Energy & Broadband Solutions; Earthquake Search; Moment Tensor & Broadband Source Parameter Search; AutoDRM; Data Available via FTP; Routine U.S. Mining Seismicity; International Seismograph Station Codes; Large Earthquakes This Year; Significant Earthquake Posters) Council of the National Seismic System
    IRIS (near real time) World Seismic Map - National Earthquake Information Center
    S. Cal. - W.US - Entire US - Alaska - World & US TriNet Rapid Instrumental Itensity Last 30 Days of (world's) Earthquake Activity (USGS, NEIS) List of World Wide Earthquake Activity for the Last Seven (7) Days (USGS alt)
    Current Earthquake Information - Near Real Time Earthquake List and Current World Seismicity Map (NEIS, USGS)
    Current California Seismicity, the U.S., and the World (click maps, links, USGS) - Largest Earthquakes in the U.S.A.
    Bulletins from the Ca. Emergency Digital Information Service
    Earthquake Related Links to: Seismic Data/Research Sites ,
    USGS NEIC Earthquake Links, 21 Most Recent Worldwide quakes + clickable Map of them w/faults
    Maps Worldwide of Earthquakes by Country, Region
    Weekly Reports, Maps, Details For California:
    Central California (print)
    North Bay Area, California
    Coachella Valley (print) &
    Eastern Sierra (Brief WGB)
    Mammoth Lakes (print)
    Pacific Northwest
    Brief Western Great Basin (print) &
    Large Earthquakes Archive Mw6.0+ 1990-1997 w/totals & averages/month
    (photos, free global, regional/local e-mail alerts)
    Links to World Wide, Regionalized Sources of Current Seismic Activity
      USGS & Caltech's Seismographic Links
    1. SeismoLinks:
    2. Real-Time Earthquake Data
    3. Earthquake Information by Locality / Region
    4. San Andreas Fault
    5. National, World-wide Maps and Lists of Earthquakes
    6. Earthquake Catalog Searches
    7. Links to Strong Motion Data
    8. Information on Volcanoes and Volcanic Activity
    9. USGS Geologic Information and Home Pages
    10. Educational Web Pages -- General Information
    11. Miscellaneous GeoLinks
    12. Other Pages with Further Seismo Links
    13. mirror site
     • Glossary of Seismic Techniques & Terminology
     • Seismo-Watch's Links to Terminology
     • Glossary of Geologic Terms
     • The Earth Today, Geologic Rumblings &
     • News for the Virtual Classroom & Field Trips
     • (Houghton Mifflin College - student & instructor pages)
     • Volcanoes Online
     • A ThinkQuest Students Project (mirror site)
    source for several of the above links:
     • Explore Zone's Earth & Space Sciences Site
     • Recent Nuclear (U. Helsinki)
    Big Ones: 1811-1987 (US), by State, US Region, World (circa 1900-present) & Largest US M>7.3 (citation: "The Largest Earthquakes in the United States." Fact Monster. © 2003 Family Education Network. 31 May. 2004 ) Historical: Biggest Ones in the USA (USGS, 1811-now) Imperial Valley, California 24Feb1892 7.8 Magnitude Calexico-El Centro area 2 quakes 23Jun1915 6.3 Magnitude So. Cal. Earthquake Map M>6M (1857-now) & List by Magnitude IV Earthquake Effects 15Oct79 Imperial Valley, California 1940 IV Pictures 1940 Top 10 - alt - Big Ones w/Maps & Photos & More 1769-Now IV, S. Cal., NV + California Past Earthquakes, Faults & Geology California Department of Insurance Earthquake Information
    8Aug07 - "Big" Earthquake is overdue in Southern California including the Imperial Valley, El Centro, Calexico, Mexicali area at base of San Andreas Fault.KTLA TV - Los Angeles presented an earthquake & disaster special on Sat. April 8, 2006: When Disaster Strikes: A Survival Guide -- The show's web link is: .  It has information for a Preparedness Checklist and Links to Quake Maps & Other Disaster Info including what to do ...before a quake hits ...when a quake hits ...after a quake hits ...if you are a child , plus how to Create your own emergency earthquake kit and many Links to Quake Maps and Other Disaster Info plus 'Southern California Earthquake Center's downloadable Preparedness Handbook: Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country, a 32-page earthquake science and preparedness handbook read online or download a .pdf copy or request a free hard copy also available is a San Francisco Bay Region version . -- KTLA TV also has online a 4m08s (©KTLA) A Speaker GIF Image. microphone image still pictures movie or video video sound or narration video promo demonstrating related home safety tips

    A1. Top Tsunami Information: Top

    West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center and Tsunami & Earthquake Links
    WCATWC:  Recent, Area Tsunami Events, Catalogs/Lists of, Physics of, Travel Time Charts, Safety Rules, Pictures, NWS Brochure, Tsunami Warning Booklet for Kids of All Ages, Coloring Book for Kids
    Coastal Bathymetry Data
    California Quake Satellite Warning System (graphic displays)
    West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center/NOAA/NWS Current Bulletin w/Event Map - Close View - Warning/Watch Area(s) - Historical Seismic Locations Mapped - Past Tsunamis Map - ETAs - (links) - Tsunami Paper - Other Centers' Messages: Hawaii - Japan - Hong Kong - Yuzno-Sakhalinsk - (links)
    S.F. Area Tsunami - (Maps)
    Asteroids & Tsunamis:   Good News & Bad News

    Tsunami Messages for Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands. (Past 60 Days)
  • Tsunami Messages, maps, ocean plates, topography of ocean bottoms (
  • Top

    A2. Top Earthquake, Tsunami, and Seismic Education Information: Top
    Educational Web Sites About Earthquakes, Seismology, Faultlines, Preparedness, Articles, Links:

    News Reports, Earthquakes Related, Worldwide (Yahoo Index)
    Savage Earth Online (WNET, Boston, MA) : Animations | General (Geophysics) | Earthquakes | Volcanoes | Tsunamis
    Webcasts: 'Remembering Loma Prieta in S.F.', 1906 The Great Shake
    And, Several Links - Educational, Experiments, World Wide Earthquake Information
    WC/ATWC w/Earthworm/Early Bird
    Teaches Budding Seismologists of All Ages About seismology & Earthquakes (Mich. Tech.U.)
    Tsunami Information, Research + ( Links english, español, french) (Dep't. Geo-Physics, U. Wash.)
    Museum of San Francisco: 1906 Earthquake & Fire & Who Perished
    Photographs & Panoramic Views - Northern California/S.F. USCG
    Links to:
    Seismic Event (earthquake) Related Educational Links : IRIS & Quakes: How to get Information
    Earthquake Basics for Kids, Grown-ups, Teachers , How Quakes are Located , Glossary of Terms, The ABCs , Ask a Geologist by eMail , Science Fair Projects , Seismograms - Sounds of Earthquakes , Historical & Geological Material , Research Fields - What Causes Quakes? (MSNBC, graphics)
    So. Cal. Significant Quakes - by Date w/Photos - Faults - Animation 1932-1997
    So. Cal. Annual & Monthly & A Daily Seismicity Animation/Photos
    History of Alaska Quakes - World Mortality Figures (1990-2000) - Worst 1531-1999
    Frequency by Magnitude (1900-2000) - 10 Largest in 20th Century - 25 Largest in U.S. History
    Publications in Public or School Libraries, Inter-Library loan, or Available for order
    N. Europe Listed Since c.1375 (+700Kb)/A> - Map 1375-1964 - 1965- (U. Helsinki)
    GeoTeach - Earthquakes & Tsunami Educational Links
    Yahooligans' - The Big Picture: Earthquakes & Volcanoes
    Earth & Sky - Predicting Earthquakes Real Media Player Icon
    Barbara J. Feldman's "Surfing the Net with Kids: Earthquake Links for Teachers & Students
    For Kids: Earthquakes (USGS) For Teachers: by Topic or Grade Level + Complete Index by: K-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12, undergrad, grad, all or general audience.
    Earthquake Themes: Educational Sites (src:, ..includes curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans.) )
    Tsunami Education Links (SRA-McGraw Hill)

    Disaster Preparedness: September: National Preparedness Month (DHS) & GSA
    Additional Disaster Public Education Websites:   (sources: FEMA, DOD/USN,
    Declared Disasters (2003, FEMA)

    Current Threat Level

    National Homeland Security Knowledgebase

    Be Ready
    (.gov, US Dep't. of Homeland Security (DHS))

    GSA links:   Emergency Management FEMA's Emergency Links FEMA en Espanol OPM's Emergency Links

    GSA quote: " For a good resource on personal and family readiness, visit:
    ..  Get a Kit,  then  ..  Make a Plan  and  .. Be Informed. "

    Prepare for an Earthquake & Reducing Earthquake/Volcano Hazards
    Tsunami! Hazard Survival, Ca. & Washington State & Adjacent Areas
    Earthquake Preparedness, Before, During, After, Drills, Food, Plans (src: Seismo-Watch)
    Earthquake Preparedness Resources Online
    Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities
    Preparedness - Before, During, and After and Earthquake
    FEMA: Fact Sheet, What to Do Before, During, and After an Earthquake + Largest U.S. Quakes listed/mapped
    Plan - Gas Shutoff Valves - Strap Water Heaters - Emergency Food, Water, & Supplies - Look, Duck, Cover, Hold - Practice Drills - Survival-in-a-Can
    State Geologic Surveys & Preparedness Phone#s - Modified Mercalli Shaking Intensity Scale
    (src: Seismic Watch)
    Survival Tips (ECTV)- Disaster Assistance - How Does It Work? (FEMA)
    Online Prevention Guides [query:  Prevention Guides] (CDC, NCEH)
    Basic Preparation Guide (EOW, TEOTWAWKI Survivalist Mindset)
    Red Cross Checklist (RC) - Emergency Handbook, RC
    RC: Food & Water

    Earthquake - Hurricane (RC) & Hurricane Readiness and Recovery (CDC) ( y en español, français & Vietnamese ) + Google's Hurricane Readiness & Hurricane Preparedness links - Tornado - Winter Storm - Thunder Storm - Flood or Flash Flood - Fire - Heat Wave
    (src: (ECTV) also in Cambodian - Chinese - Korean - Spanish - Tagalog - Vietnamese [.pdf])
    Poison Control Center: If you have a poisoning emergency, call 1-800-222-1222.   If the victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911.
    Find your poison control center.
    ASPC Poison Control Center (PCC) ASPC PCC: 1- (888)426-4435.
    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

    Biological or Chemical Radiation Threat, Explosions or Nuclear Blast

    Emergencies & Disasters: Planning and Prevention (DHS)
    Hazard Mitigation - Natural Resource Protection - Marine Safety
    Make a Kit - Make a Play - Be Informed
    Are You Ready? A Guide to Citizen Preparedness ( [disaster survival]
    Terrorism Attack Tips (source: WVPI TV, Philadelphia)
    Weapons of Mass Destruction (DHS, LLNL, OS, DOE, NNSA, NDMS)
    Center for BioDefense Strategies: Bio-Agents - Anthrax - Botulinum Toxin - Plague - Smallpox - Tularemia - VHS (viral hemorrhagic fevers) - Key Gov't Reports
    A Speaker GIF Image. (killrate.wav, 47kb) A Speaker GIF Image.
    Bomb Strike .wav (189kb).   Big Brother Justified? [maybe] ...Nuclear Blast Mapper   Mock Nuclear Game .wav (105kb).
    WX; Disease; Chemical & Hazardous Materials;
    Biological, Cyber, Communications and Chemical Terrorism & Warfare

    Medical NBC Online Information Server
    (Related Events Calendar (NBC-Med, Office of Surgeon General)
    News, Medical References, Training [streaming video/training courses])
    Emergency Response to Terrorism, Self-Study
    (Effective & Safe 1st Response FEMA/BJA (National Fire Academy))
    (fire, police, emergency, hazmat, command & control; .pdf, large)

    Geology 100 w/ Lab Exercises - Lectures/Lessons: About Earthquakes, Intensity, Tsunami, Earth's Interior, What is the Richter Scale versus the The Mercalli Scale?, Seismic Waves, Plate Tectonics, Earthquake Effects, Kobe, Japan (By John Louie/J. Anderson, U. Nevada, Reno)


    B. Top Volcanoes: Top Peer into the steaming summit of Alaska's Augustine Volcano. (source: Reuters)
    Volcanoes, Eruptions, Facts, Maps, Pictures, Current & Historical, Geography & Study Links:

    Volcano News - (SVE Société Volcanologique Européenne)
    Related Scientific & Educational Sites (SVE) + Articles from (Explore Zone)
    Current Volcanic Eruptions/Activity from Volcano World
    Current Updates - Russian & US Volcanoes
    Alaska - Cascade Range - Hawaii - Long Valley, Calif. - Russia
    Monitoring - Warning Schemes - Emergency Planning - Picture/Photo Glossary of Volcano Terms
    World Region - Country - Name - Description - Today's-in-History
    Volcano Observatories & Seismic Networks - Links & Searches - Volcano & Earth Science Links (USGS)
    Mount Saint Helens Live Camera - Monserrat, Carribean (West Indies)
    Mexico's el Popocatepétl Vulcano + Imagen actualizada cada 30 secundos + Live Cam (Disc)
    + Vivir junto al volcán (Español) & UND en inglés - Otras Volcanes (UNAM)
    Color Picture/Handout Drawing of Active Volcanoes, Plate Tectonics, and the "Ring of Fire" (USGS)
    Old Faithful Geyser Web Cam
    Yellowstone National Park Caldera & Super Volcano ~ USGC YellowStone Volcano Observatory & alerts
    ESA satellite reveals Yellowstone's deep secret!
    Education, Study, Teaching Links:
    Lessons & Teacher Resources - Kids (K-8) (Volcano World) - Great Quakes (interactive, Disc)
    Online Versions of Volcano Related Books & InterLibrary Loans
    (Video Tapes & Projects & Raw footage, unedited films/tapes)
    Smithsonian - Global Volcanism Program
    Preliminary Notices (unconfirmed) from Observers & Aviation (NOAA),
    Holocene Volcanos (last 10,000 years) Indexed w/World Click Map & Volcano Related Links [SI]
    "Italy's Volcanoes: The Cradle of Volcanology" + Detailed Site Map
    (Introduction to Volcanoes of the Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands) by Boris Behncke)


    C. Top FLOODS: Top

    Water Watch, Maps & Graphs of Current Water Conditions, U.S. (USGS)
    Flood & High Flow Conditions, U.S. (USGS)

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