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JDate 1.5 - Clock and Date Applet

This applet will display the Date and Time on your computer. It can toggle back and forth between Date and Time as above, or it can just display the date in MM-DD-YY or DD-MM-YY format, or time in 24H, and military time. It can also display specific Time Zones and adjusts for Daylight Savings Time, and it will also display the Current Week of the Year, The Current Julian Day, as well as the Current Day of Year. All indicators can be turned "on" and "off" individually or "ALL" at once. Every color is "user-defineable". JDate 1.5 is a very configurable and user friendly utility!

You can specify the following parameters for JDate 1.5:

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Thanks to Robert Drotar in the Czech Republic for pointing out a slight bug !
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