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Are you a harbi (حربي)? from "Divisions of the World in Islam?"
"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war." -- Ann Coulter
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Ma'alim fi-l-Tariq (Milestone) Introduction by Al Shaheed Syed Qut'b alt src about Sayyid Qutb, سيد قطب
The Muslim/Nazi Connection swastika
Tell The Children The Truth: Nazi Arab Ties swastika
Nazi Beliefs, The Third Reich, Killing Centers, The Reich and the Mufti swastika
A technique of propaganda called "Turnspeak"
Radical Muslim paramilitary compound flourishes in upper New York state (src: Canadian Free Press, Paul L. Williams Ph.D., 11May07)
Jamaat ul-Fuqra in Georgia — From the Air (sources: The Gates of Vienna Blogspot & The Vigilant Freedom/910 Group)
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Palestine Under the Moslems: A description of Syria and the Holy Land from A. D. 650 to 1500
(By Guy Le Strange, 1890)
Understanding Jihad?
Some Comments on 'Racism'
(by Irmin Vinson, NatVan, 30Jan05)
Lessons for Britain as Fearful Dutch Turn Their Backs on Multi-Cultural Society
(by David Paul, The Sunday Express, 20Dec04)
The Study of Political Islam
(by Jamie Glazov [, 5Feb07])
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Moderate Muslims turning radical?
Islam's Seed of Self-Destruction
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'You Have Liberated a People' (src: WSJ: Opinion Journal)
Winston Churchill's: " How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!"
Mirandizing the Enemy
    Violent Crimes Institute, articles:
  1. · Islamic Terrorists Posing as Christians: Abusing the Faith and Churches
  2. · Recruiting in the West: The Lure of Radical Islamic Terror
  3. · Sadistic Murders on the Rise: Worldwide Terror
  4. · Female Terrorists: Behavioral & Psychological Patterns
  5. · Ticket To Terrorism: Why the United States is Hated Around the World
You Worry Me! a 2002 eMail
Appeasement: Can’t We Allah Just Get Along? by Mac Johnson (21Aug07)
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From Wikipedia
infidel Kafir (Arabic: كافر kāfir; plural كفّار kuffār),
"All that is required for evil to triumph is for a few good men to do nothing."
-- Edmund Burke
(1729-1797), Ireland-England,
...the "father" of modern conservatism.
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Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index: 911 Anniversary 2009
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("Exposing the biggest threat to Western civilisation today: the Islamic thirst for world domination and our enemy within, the complacent left which opened our doors to massive immigration of peoples alien to the Western way of life. ")

Achmed the Dead Terrorist (YouTube)
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"We failed to react appropriately to them and, instead, displayed weakness. And the weak are always beaten."
Vladimir Putin
Source: Reuters, Sat 4Sep04
by Richard Ayton/Oliver Bullough

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Music source:
'Music of the Crusades' by The Early Music Consort Of London

Knights Templar of North America
Order of St John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitaller

Literary Arabic اللغة العربية الفصحى & Classical Arabic **
** Because the Qur'an is written in classical Arabic, the language is considered by most Muslims to be a sacred language [Qur'an 16:113] [Qur'an 20:103]. It is the only language in which Muslims recite their prayers, regardless of what language they use in everyday life.
Image:Arabic albayancalligraphy.svg
Arabic_albayancalligraphy.svg source:
Why Muslims love Hitler

video source:
Knights Templar, a history
video, a 5 minute video history of The Knights Templar
Knights Templar,1of8
video, part 1 of 8, The Knights Templar
Knights Templar,2of8
video, part 2 of 8, The Knights Templar
Knights Templar,3of8
video, part 3 of 8, The Knights Templar
Knights Templar,4of8
video, part 4 of 8, The Knights Templar
Knights Templar,5of8
video, part 5of 8, The Knights Templar
Knights Templar,6of8
video, part 6 of 8, The Knights Templar
Knights Templar,7of8
video, part 7 of 8, The Knights Templar
Knights Templar,8of8
video, part 8 of 8, The Knights Templar

What Islam fears
video, What Islam fears, The Knights Templar
(Salahuddin) Saladin vs Crusaders

Orden der Tempelritter
video, Renaissance Königreiche. Orden der Tempelritter
Crusaders Return
video, Crusaders Return to battle
Crusaders Return II
video, Crusaders Return two
Die Deutschordensritter
video, Deutschordensritter

History of Religions, Animation


Additional Resources, Animated Maps
The Crusades that occurred throughout the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth centuries were military campaigns that were inspired by a desire to reclaim Jerusalem from Muslim rule. There were numerous crusades over the three hundred-year period, the majority of which involved journeys to the Holy Land. This map shows five different crusade routes in order to highlight the diverse regions that were affected by these waves of military expeditions. (sources: The Crusades Resources (maps) at "The Chapin School" Resources for the Study of The Crusades &
Animated Maps of the Crusades at "The School of Divinity" , University of Edinburgh (from the 1st Crusade 1096-1102 through the 4th Crusade)
image of Crusades ship at anchor in port
What Crusaders at sea may have experienced:

(credits: The film: "1492: Conquest of Paradise", Paramount Pictures, 1992; musical score by composer Vangelis)
Christian History Store book cover of Crusades Christians battling Muslims
Christian History Store

Map of 12th century Europe
Northern European Maps Up To the Middle Ages

Image: Charles "The Hammer" Martel
srcs: New Advent , Wikipedia , Leaders, Battles, and Wars Database , NVN , Prussian Blue & WWN
( source below: Wikipedia: Charles Martel )
Charles Martel, Frankish Ruler
ca. 688 - October 22, 741
Painting by Steuben of The Battle of Tours
Charles Martel is primarily famous for his victory at the Battle of Tours, his stopping the Umayyad invasions of Europe during the Muslim Expansion Era, and his laying the foundation for the Carolingian Empire. (oil on canvas, painted by Charles de Steuben from 1834 till 1837)
Nickname "the Hammer"
Place of birth Herstal (Belgium)

Religion, History: "The Crusades, Crescent & The Cross" (1h30m38s)

The Crusades: Episode 1 of 2 - Crescent & the Cross
  Play All Videos (Part 01 of 10)
(Part 02 of 10)
(Part 03 of 10)
(Part 04 of 10)
(Part 05 of 10)
(Part 06 of 10)
(Part 07 of 10)
(Part 08 of 10)
(Part 09 of 10)
(Part 10 of 10)
The Crusades: Episode 2 of 2 - Crescent & the Cross
  Play All Videos (Part 01 of 10)
(Part 02 of 10)
(Part 03 of 10)
(Part 04 of 10)
(Part 05 of 10)
(Part 06 of 10)
(Part 07 of 10)
(Part 08 of 10)
(Part 09 of 10)
(Part 10 of 10)