"rule #1": Spammers lie The History of Spam & Monty Python's Spam sketch   ( sources: Dan Garcia's Spam Homepage & spam.abuse.net's "Other Voices" ) Clean My PC A new item animated gif

Reduce spam. What is Spam? (src: spam.abuse.net)General Questions and Answers about Spam (src: Spamfighter)One Definition of Spam. (src: mail-abuse.com)More Anti-Spam Sites • Anti-Spam Tips & Help. • You can Fight Spam! (src: spam.abuse.net)An introduction to spam & spam filtering techniques [by Jon Kagstrom] • Spam Tips & Help (src: Barracuda Networks)Stopping e-mail abuse (src: Wikipedia)Do you know how to forward email ?

News: McColo - Cyber Crime USA (.pdf): (source: http://hostexploit.com)  Quotes, "After a couple of years of playing a shell game with security researchers, spam giant McColo Corp. was finally disconnected [Nov08.]  Hosting major operations related to porn, credit card theft, fraud and other nefarious criminal activities, McColo posed as a legitimate corporate entity and conducted its business operations in Silicon Valley.  On a global level, McColo is reportedly accountable for anywhere from 50 to 75 percent of all spam activity on the planet.

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Forward spam or fraud e-mail messages to:
  and from SpamLinks.net:
  Spam reporting, tracing, research spammers, spam scams
Spam News here & here
Chain Letter Fraud, Electronic Ephemera, Hoaxes, Jokes, Rumors, Urban Legends
"I Hate Spam" Click a speaker or play button to hear.    
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Play "The Spam Song" from "SpamSong.com", Lyrics .    

Related: How to detect, clean, and prevent PC infections using free or shareware programs

and when reporting spam, forward it to the sender's ISP "abuse@ address" (maybe found using IPNetInfo below), try to include the message's "header information"
>>> How to " reveal the full-headers in many of the popular email programs and include it when reporting."
>>> eMail headers How to get full headers in 56+ different eMail programs.
and a free utility IPNetInfo to find all available information about an IP address:
download w/uninstall option or in .zip (from NirSoft)
see an output example
video source: http://www.videojug.com/film/what-is-spam

Viruses, Hackers & Spam:What Is Spam?
general, all spam --
· California Attorney General: *** caspam@doj.ca.gov
· LightSpeed filtering, Inc.: spam@lightspeedsystems.com
· SpamCop (a world wide monitor): register free for forwarding address
· SpamRecycle (to Congress, FTC, spam filterers):   spamrecycle@chooseyourmail.com
· TrendMicro (http://subwiz.trendmicro.com/SubWiz/spam_mail-Form.asp): spam@support.trendmicro.com A new item animated gif
email specific, phishing/pharming spam --
· ATT/SBC: abuse@sbcglobal.net
· Juno: abuse@support.juno.com
· eBay: spoof@ebay.com
· PayPal: spoof@paypal.com
fraud, stock/banking, investment, money scams; e.g. Nigerian 419 --
· NASD: stock or investment junk spam@nasd.com
· U.S. Federal Trade Commission: spam@uce.gov
· U.S. Secret Service: 419.fcd@usss.treas.gov
· U.S. Securities Exchange Commission: enforcement@sec.gov
unsolicited Commercial E-Mail, Junk E-Mail, phishing/pharming spam --
· Hotmail: report_spam@hotmail.com
· MSN: report_spam@msn.com
abusive, threats, impersonating -- (see note below)
· Hotmail: abuse@hotmail.com
· MSN: abuse@msn.com
     Abuse@hotmail.com and abuse@msn.com do NOT process general spam reports.
    These two (2) accounts only process abusive e-mails in, but not limited to the following categories:
     i.e. . Child exploitation/pornography threats, Impersonation of an institution or trademark (like a bank or government agency or charity)
     also known as Phishing, Issues relating to account credentials being compromised (hacked) ]
reference: "Fighting Junk E-Mail", MSN Postmaster http://postmaster.msn.com/FightingJunk.aspx
reference: "Phishing Protection", MSN http://www.microsoft.com/mscorp/safety/technologies/antiphishing/guidance.mspx
reference: "Junk E-Mail Reporting Program", MSN Postmaster http://postmaster.msn.com/Services.aspx#SenderSolutions

Test your phishing spam knowledge: Phishing IQ Test   (from Sonic Wall, Inc.)

eMail Spam Filters and Submission Tools --
for Outlook & Outlook Express eMail:
    • SpamFighter (excellent)
       (community supported spam filter / spam blocker for Outlook & Outlook Express eMail)
    • Mail Washer
       (check and manage your e-mails before you download them, stop unwanted e-mails before they get to your computer)
    • Cactus Spam Filter (W2K/XP) [from CodeOde: free utilities] plus Submit Spam to the 'Cactus Spam' community database
       (community supported spam filter / spam blocker for Outlook & Outlook Express eMail, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, IncrediMail, Foxmail, POP Peeper, Command Line POP Client (95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP,2003), The Bat!, and Phoenix Mail)
    • Submit Spam to the 'Spam Cop' community database
    • McAfee Free anti-spam/anti-phishing tools: Spam Submission Tool & Anti-Phishing Filter
    • McAfee's "Site Advisor" internet browser plug-indownload for IEdownload for FireFox (also see: "CleanMyPC")
      McAfee quote about SiteAdvisor, "Our easy to use software for Internet Explorer and Firefox summarizes our safety results into intuitive red, yellow and green ratings to help Web users stay safe as they search, browse and transact online."
    • Blue Frog Anti Spam
       (Blue Frog actively fights spam, posting complaints on sites advertised by spam.)
    • ChoiceMail Free (author, source: DigiPortal.com)
       (Blacklist, whitelist, and just plain shut out spam with this freebie.)
    • Spam Bully   costs money not free + ßeta versions (free for testing)
       (works with..Outlook or Outlook Express ..uses a Bayesian spam filter.. a self learning filter..to conform to your email habits)
    • Spam Sleuth Lite (download) A new item animated gif
       (This free version (lite) will monitor 1 pop3 email account. Quote, "Spam Sleuth Lite, .. monitors your e-mail box behind the scenes and analyzes e-mail messages for spam, virus, and Web bug characteristics. Spam Sleuth Lite compresses messages to take as little space as possible on your computer. When your e-mail program gets your e-mail, the spam has already been removed and you can read your e-mail the same way you always have but without sorting through the spam. [ source: http://www.bluesquirrel.com/products/)
*** Report California Spammers at http://www.ag.ca.gov/spam/
Please send your examples (as attachments, with all header information) to:   caspam@cadoj.samspade.org

Many states, other than California, have similar agencies that monitor and investigate eMail fraud, scams, etc.   If you live outside of California, check the internet to find your state agency to which you can forward your bad spam. If the spam originates in your state, authorities may be able to prosecute the offenders. ( Spam Laws: United States, European Union, Other Countries and states' laws ) [links source: SpamLaws.com]

Reporting on the Latest Frauds, Scams, Fake Lotteries, Spams and Hoaxes (consumerfraudreporting.org)
(links in various countries: 'hot to report to' government agencies, recognizing spam/scam, reporting, preventing, glossary, top 10 scams, and auction frauds/eBay, astrology, 'classified advertisements', credit card scams, 'debt collection', domain name scams, food, 'get rich quick', 'home repair', 'identity theft', 'intimate phone calls', 'job recruiting', legal, loans, lottery, pet, medical, phishing, pharming, postal, promotions, psychic, pyramid schemes, 'russian women', 'shipping deals', stocks, sweepstakes, travel, 'work from home', food frauds, email hoaxes, [also see: http://www.harrold.org/rfhextra/hoax.hmtl ] )

"You can report certain kinds of spam directly to the appropriate government agency: Some Special Federal Government Addresses for Reporting Spam." (src: User Services and Network Applications, uoregon.edu ) And, Elsop's Spam: How to Fight it anti-spam website includes Where to Complain About Frauds & Scams on the Internet. Anti-Spam help at Abuse.net's 'Network Abuse Clearinghouse' includes: "where to report spam" links and "step-by-step" information on 'how to that' which can be found at Barracuda Networks' (sponsor) and Spam.Abuse.net's page of informational overview of spam plus their Tips and help for regular users for 'reporting, tracing spams & spammers, hiding addresses from spammers, e-mail blocking & filtering, and resources for parents.

An organization that works to reduce spam is the SpamCon Foundation at http://www.spamcon.org

SpamCop and SpamFighter and Cactus Spam Filter (W2K/XP) are free community supported services who, when copies of fraud/junk/spam e-mail are received by them, automatically update participating members' programs. "SPAMfighter Standard is a free tool for MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express e-mail programs that automatically and efficiently filters spam and phishing fraud." A link to SpamFighter's free e-mail blocker & reporting program is at : http://www.harrold.org/rfhextra/antivirus.html and, it can be downloaded direct from: http://www.spamfighter.com/

SpamFighter can be downloaded directly from http://www.spamfighter.com/Download_Download.asp into your PC to help segregate & to delete spam that arrives into your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express e-mail programs. It is easy to install and use.

SPAMGrinderProxy is an SMTP and POP3 spam filter that runs as a service on Windows XP/2K. It works with any server or client, scanning each message for SPAM and flagging those that are. It can interoperate with SpamAssassin or use its own filters. SPAMGrinderProxy: What is it? Where can I get it? How does it work? How do I use it? How do the SPAMGrinderProxy blacklist and whitelist files work? How do I uninstall it? What else do I need to know? Additional comments. Known issues/bugs. Who can I contact if I have a problem?

Spam can be reduced considerably within Hotmail and Juno eMail programs by 'reporting spam' as part of your deletion process which in turn helps to block spam for Hotmail or Juno users.

Built into MS Outlook Express e-mail, in the control bar at the top of your e-mail window, is an option that you can click that is labeled "Message." When you click on the 'message' choice, a small pop-down window appears which includes a "Block Sender" choice. This is an additional way to filter spam. It builds a "black list" of "don't allow" e-mail addresses that will be blocked automatically from appearing in your Outlook Express inbox.

Getting rid of spam, pharming worms, phishing e-mail, junk mail, adware, spyware, viruses, trojan horses, bombs, and all the other junk such as Chain Letter Fraud, Electronic Ephemera, Hoaxes, Jokes, eMail Rumors, Urban Legends is a little easier now that many antivirus companies provide some free online infection scanners, removers, mail blockers, firewalls, and system security settings checkers, etc.
• Links to many of these and other free utilities are listed on:
     · http://www.harrold.org/rfhextra/antivirus.html

ScrubIt.com: Pornography & Malware sites blocker.
     · Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & "unscrubit" download

McAfee Site Advisor: software for Internet Explorer and Firefox summarizes safety in red, yellow and green ratings as you search, browse and transact online.
     · download for Internet Explorer (IE) or FireFox (FF)

Spam.org: Info about reducing spam, or junk e-mail on the internet.
     · COMPLIANCE GUIDELINES for the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003
     · Spam FAQs: "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts"
     · Spam Filter List & Comparisons (type PC/server, anti-virus?, cost/free)

Hewlitt Packard (HP) has offered a free spam and spyware class on ways to avoid unwanted advertising and intruders (Presented by HP - Hewlitt Packard.)

Other free online courses from HP

..tracks..Spammers, Spam Gangs & Spam Services..works with Law Enforcement to identify and pursue spammers..

     · related: Do it Yourself kit to sue UK spammers    (link source: Spam.org)

Microsoft suggestions to stop receiving junk e-mail (spam) *
     · Do not reply to junk e-mail, even to ask to be removed from the sender's mailing list. You may only be confirming that your e-mail address is valid. It is best to delete the message and set up the junk e-mail filter.

Microsoft suggestions to stop receiving junk e-mail (spam) *
     · Do not reply to junk e-mail, even to ask to be removed from the sender's mailing list. You may only be confirming that your e-mail address is valid. It is best to delete the message and set up the junk e-mail filter.
     · Remove yourself from any member directory that shows your e-mail address to others.
           (  * How to: Report junk e-mail  , Set up the junk e-mail filter  , Create a Safe List for incoming messages , Block messages from specific senders  , Keep mailing list messages out of your Junk E-Mail folder  , Delete junk e-mail before it arrives  , Block images arriving in e-mail  , View meassage routing information . )

• An "easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of a suspected criminal or civil violation" is available at the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) website ("..a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).")

• Juno online eMail service's Anti-Phishing information & FTC's phishing alerts website

• "..an eBay Help page..with steps you should take to protect yourself [from phishing/idtheft]" is at:
     · http://pages.ebay.com/help/tp/isgw-account-theft-reporting.html
with a ..tutorial about Spoof Emails.. at
     · http://pages.ebay.com/education/spooftutorial/

• Protecting Yourself Against Internet Fraud: A Common-Sense Guide, from http://www.cars.com is at More Fraud Awareness Tips

• .."PC World article"
Spam Explodes, but You Can Fight Back: Changing the way you handle e-mail could reduce your junk-mail intake.
(by Yardena Arar, Wed. 24Jan07, PC World)
     · "PC World's" list of 'Spam Blocker' downloads

• Reducing commercial spam
     · http://www.harrold.org/rfhextra/spam.html (this page)
    • Somewhat successful anti-spam methods A new item animated gif
       (Sacrificial e-mail accounts, One-time e-mail addresses)
         ..two services that use this approach, sneakemail.com and mailnull.com and had equal success with both. Mailnull.com also has an added feature called Web Contact Form which is great for Web-site hosts that don’t want to advertise an e-mail address to avoid spam e-mail spiders, but would like to give visitors the option of contacting them.

Spambutcher.com has a 21-day trial version of a utility that will pre-scan & remove spam from MS Outlook/Outlook express & other POP3 email types ("..[it] will not stop spam email for Hotmail, MSN or AOL users.) It can be purchased for $29.95. The same company offers a free utility to generate HTML for web pages that will redirect spam to an online filter block. The free HTML generator is at: http://www.spambutcher.com/spamfreeze/. Quote from the company: "SpamFreeze is a free service provided by SpamButcher for webmasters, Bloggers and anyone else who needs to publish their address online without fear of being spammed."

Anti-Spam resources links at 'SpamButcher'
Reporting Computer, Internet-Related, or Intellectual Property Crime
     · http://www.cybercrime.gov/reporting.htm

• File Internet crime complaints online at:
     · http://www.ic3.gov
The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center ( NW3C http://nw3c.org ).

• Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program
     · http://ojjdp.ncjrs.org/Programs/ProgSummary.asp?pi=3

• State Task Force Contacts
     · http://ojjdp.ncjrs.org/about/icac.html

• Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section
     · http://www.cybercrime.gov United States Department of Justice

• Model Acceptable Use Policy for IT Resources in the Schools
     · http://www.cybercrime.gov/rules/acceptableUsePolicy.htm

• Search & Seizure Manual
       · http://www.cybercrime.gov/s&smanual2002.htm

• Cyberethics for Parents and Educators
• Cyberethics for Kids
• Cyberethics Web Sites
     · http://www.cybercrime.gov/cyberethics.htm

• Computer/Internet Crime Investigations: 32-hour course.. for law enforcement officers
      California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General
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