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FBI 'seeking information' about specific persons (terrorists) posts WANTED PICTURES of the subjects. The targets are sought for information purposes, crimes, terrorist activity. -- THESE INDIVIDUALS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS -- larger photos of some of the subjects are located here from recent "martyrdom video." (in .mpg, .rm, & .asf formats) also see a related article posted by Washington Times plus more photos of the MOST WANTED TERRORISTS.
Pres. Putin: 15Nov small speaker image Pres. Roosevelt: Dec. 8, 1941 small speaker image (src) Pres. Bush: 20Sep small TV set image (Alt), PBS, NPR small speaker image   alt: view   listen   (src WH) P.M. Blair: 4Oct 8Oct 14Nov small TV set image 14Nov01
7 Dec 1941 - Pearl Harbor
Killed: 2,403
9.11 fading? Listen to:
A Speaker GIF Image. Secure-Skies.org A Speaker GIF Image.
small U.S. Flag that links to the Patriot web page Remember 9.11 ...terrorists do!

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11 Sep 2001 - WTC/Pentagon/PA
Killed: 2996
The Hunt for Al-Qaida (MSNBC)Multi-National Force - IRAQ: Most Wanted ( w/status of killed/captured )
WTC Sunrise Before Satellite View (WTC) Before/After E3C Recon Photo 9/11 (Space Imaging) 1 Year Later
Patriot Day - September 11, A Remembrance
ATFDEAFBI Most Wanted Top Ten + Terrorists & OthersICE (.pdf)InterpolMI5Navy CISPostal ServiceRCMPSecret Service USSS alt listingState by StateState DepartmentU.S. CustomsU.S. MarshallsUSAF OSIUSPP + Osama bin Laden alt alt composite photos Report to the FBI Needs Info on Top Terrorists Photos & Enhanced & More SuspectsPhotos + Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Interior: most-wanted terrorist suspects (bounty of up to 7 million Saudi riyals ($1.87 million) for anyone who helps capture a militant or foil an attack) (28Jun05) [sources: Reuters, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Wash., D.C. & Arab News] + Al-Qa'idaAl Queda Training Manual (UK/BM)Others + DSS Rewards for Justice Info arabic Donate + Search Zones & Special Forces src - Psyops: small speaker image LeafletsDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS) Agencies [1Mar03] & Homeland SecurityActions + AmerithraxAnthrax Hunt Wanted: Rewards for Indicted War Criminals (dssrewards.net) Terrorism: SITE Institute - The Search for International Terrorist Entities  A new item animated gif
Provide Tips and Leads about Suspicious Activity
( sources: Home Land Security: DHS/DSSrewards/FBI/USPS/Customs/CDC/NRC )
MI5: How You Can Help + Security Advice
September 11, 2001 small TV set image
We Will Never Forget!

Rewards for Justice: Monetary Rewards for Information in Arabic Go to Arabic language site , Bosanski/Bosnian , Chinese Go to Chinese language site , Croation/Hrvatski , Dari Go to Dari language site , English , Farsi Go to Farsi language site , French Francais Français , German Go to German language site , Hebrew Go to Hebrew language site , Hindi Go to Hindi language site , Pashtu Go to Pashtu language site , Punjabi go to the Punjabi site , Russian Go to Russian language site , Serbian Go to SErbian language site , Spanish Español , Swahili/Kiswahili Go to Swahili language site , Thai Go to the Thai language page. , Turkish Go to Turkish language site , Ukranian Go to Ukranian language site , Urdu Go to Urdu language site .
Rewards for Justice Information re War Crimes Wanted War Criminals Atrocities Holocaust
Rewards for Justice War Crimes Arabic عـربي
  • Treasury reward program for tips about terrorists
  • Submit tips to U.S. Postal Service about anthrax threat
  • FBI Most Wanted: Photos and Submit a Tip
  • Submit a Terrorist Tip to the FBI
  • U.S. Customs Border Protection Most Wanted
        + ICE Most Wanted PHOTOS (.pdf)
  • Report threats to public health
  • Report a threat involving a nuclear facility or radioactive materials

  • Defend America: War on Terrorism News

    Lest We Forget
    September 11 - Patriot Day : A Remembrance; this image from OhAngel.com

    The Victims, Our Flag,
    Our Pledge, Our enemies.

    FBI Seeking Information about: http://www.fbi.gov/terrorinfo/terrorismsi.htm
    photos & .swf slideshow [source]

    Submit a Tip
    (by Internet message) -or- Call/contact: US Offices, Embassies/Consulates, Locations/#s
    Martyrdom Message Photos
    Terrorist Wanted Photos
    al Qaeda operatives Wanted
    Wanted Poster Photos
    (Wash. Times 27May04)
    Payments in Any Currency

    Some Terrorist Organizations Data
    Click Here to submit information on the London bombings Photos: Most Wanted for London Incidents 21/07/05

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