Letter home from Isaac Rees during the Civil War
probably to his brother Thomas Clarkson Rees
letter in possesion of Gene Clements

Chattanoog Tenn
May 21st 1864

Dear Brother

It is with pleasure that seat myself to write Thee a few lines. I am well at present although I am still staying at the hospital & have been at work putting up shades over the sides of tents. I would have written several days ago but I have been waiting in hope of hearing from the regiment. I have just heard from it as late as the 16th inst. It was then at Resarea (*my note: I can't make out the previous word) 19 miles south of Dalton & 86 (*my note: I can't make out the previous number) south of this place. The Regiment was in the fight at that place on the 19th. John Fregors (*my note: I can't make out the previous word) of Comp D was killed and Harry Kizer was wounded in the neck. There was ?(*my note: I can't make out the previous word) others injered in Comp D. I learned this from a man Belonging to Comp D who came up with the wounded.

James was well when he kept the regiment. He reached the regiment at Cleveland the day before it started on the march. I did not learn the number of ?(*my note: I can't make out the previous word) needed (*my note: I can't make out the previous word) in the regiment. there was but two killed the other one was in Company G.

There is a great deal of excitement here in regard to the operations of Grant and Sherman. If they are bothe successful I think we may safely conclude that the war will end by the first of November, If they are defeated it will add at least one year to the war. As to Sherman I have no doubt of his success (*my note: I can't make out the previous word); I have full confidence in the men.

Composing his army from the Commanding General down.

I have all confidence in Grant & his army infact I think Grant is the greatest military genios we have but in General Lee he has found his equal & the army defending Richmond is a match for the army of the Potomac while Sherman & his legions are more than a match for Johnston & his minions. That is my opinion of the armies upon which the fate of the Nation now hinges & I give it for what it is worth.

Jacob Rees is in tolerable health; Sam Haworth is well. the 25 Ill, is at Cleveland doing Guard duty.

It is getting late & I must bring my letter to a close. Give my love to aunt Deborah & Rachel & my respects to all enquiring friends

Write soon

Isaac Rees

PS I expressed forty dollars to Danville to Thee for mother a week ago today I wrote to Mother in regard to it at the time. I directed it to Thee because I thought Thee could get it with less trouble thn she could. I received a letter from Jane yesterday which I will answer in a day or two or as soon as I have anything to write.

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