These links are ones that I personally use. They are great for SEARCHING ONLINE! If you know of other great sites, please email me.

Robert F. Harrold II, ca 1946


  1. Gendex Individuals: 4815461 -- Surnames: 197099 -- Databases: 1738 (as of February 1998)
  2. Ancestry Some pretty neat databases to search, including a 2.6 million name "world family tree".
  3. Family Tree Maker's Internet Family Finder Cross-checks many databases and websites.
  4. Inference Find A really great tool! Put a name you're looking for in quotes, set the search time for 30 seconds, and get ready for some results! This is an engine that searches across many databases and search engines. If you can't find a name here, it's probably not online. Don't worry if it seems to take a long time to search. When you set it for 30 seconds, it does a much more thorough job.
  5. Metacrawler Another "cross checking" engine. This one searches the main search engines (Altavista, Yahoo etc...). Really fast, and accurate! I recommend searching names "as a phrase"...
  6. Switchboard A national phone-number and address database. Use Switchboard to find a living relative or find people who *may* be related.
  7. Genealogy's Most Wanted
  8. Robert Harrold's Genealogy Links Page
These are links to sites RELATED TO MY FAMILY TREE. If you have a site and are related, please email me.
  1. Gene Clements My first cousin once removed - in other words, he is the son of my dad's Aunt Mariam Harrold.
  2. Harrold's! Another Harrold page, with lots of info!
  3. Another Harrold site This page focuses on the Harrold's of Orkney, Scotland.
  4. "" is a HUGE site that links many Quaker-type families, including: Mendenhall, Harrold, Milhouse, Nixon, etc... HIGHLY recommended!
  5. Wally Garchow's Mendenhall site. Also York and other surnames...
  6. Mitch Crow's Crow family website.
  7. A Dillon family tree page. Great history of the Dillon name.
  8. Robert Gibbs' family tree page. More Dillon stuff! And, his Dillon line branches in a different direction than mine, so you may get more info from him that I don't have!
  9. Sharon (Harrold) Lesko's Genealogy Page A Harrold line out of Pennsylvania.
  10. Genforum Messageboards each of these names is a name that I am actively working on: Harrold, Kelley, Turner, Rees, Hilliard, Smart, McFarland, Reel, Watson, Mayo, Sweeney, Barnett, Brehm, Rueter
  11. Evelyn's Southern Ancestors - This site is maintained by a woman who is not directly related to me.   She and I have a common relative in David Earl Smart, whose wife, Barbara Alexander, is descended from Richard BEESON and Charity GRUBB.  I'm a descendant of Richard and Charity Grubb.
These are more GENERAL LINKS to help you search. If you know of other good general sites, please email me.
  1. Vermilion County Genweb project Since my Harrold roots landed in this county around 1865 I thought I'd add this link. Harrold, Rees, McFarland
  2. Search the 1850 Greene County, Tenn census Just what it says! Much of our family came from this county, so you never no what you'll find here. Harrold, Dillon
  3. Harrison County, Iowa Brayton, Reel, Starr
  4. links to Quaker pages This is an awesome page of links. Check it out for sure!
  5. Kentucky Biographies Just what the link says! It's an online, searchable database.
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