Photos submitted by Robert Franklin Harrold, II
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Robert Franklin Harrold - circa 1945 holding son Robert Franklin Harrold II & nephew Bobby Wilson

Bobby Wilson - circa 1944 with unknown elderly man (holding unknown infant)

Robert Franklin Harrold - circa 1946 with relative washing car by windmill on the 'Tall Timbers Stock Farm, Danville, IL then home of Ann Harrold's mother Mary Alice "Nanny" Fulcher nee Hilliard

Robert Franklin Harrold - circa 1932? Danville High School basketball team photo

Harrold, Robert Franklin II and family San Felipe, Mexico circa 1995 (L-R, Erica, Jessica, Deborah's mom Katherine, Robert F.)

Harrold, Robert Franklin II and family Lake Havisu, AZ 1998 L-R, Robert F., Jessica, Erica and Debbie

Harrold, Robert Franklin 1931 - Ridgefarm High School football team photo, Ridgefarm, Illinois

Harrold, Jessica - Prom 1997

Harrold, Robert Franklin - circa 1935 outside Harrold Service Station

Wilson, Bobby? - circa 1942? birthday party at unknown place

Harrold, Robert Franklin - 1933 Danville High School basketball team photo (top row: B. Nash, E. Broyles, W. Walden, S. Fortune / center row: Prof. Kennedy, Mgr. Banta, J. Bayne, F. Henson, W. Blakeney, L. Hugh, Coach D.K. Bowen / front row: J. Bines, ? Hughes, R. Henderson, M. Darnall, L. Fletcher (capt.), B. Jones, D. Brock-Jones, H. Hart, R. Harrold

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