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IF only it could find your car keys (Paul Boutin,, 7Aug03)
FBI Keeps Its Bugging Secrets (BBC News, 24Aug01)
Internet and Data Interception Capabilities Developed by the FBI (Congressional Statement, FBI 24Jul00))
Carnivore Home Page, FBI & Policy & Use Statement, FBI & Implementation, Image
Reno Gets to Meat of Carnivore (WND/Reuters 3Aug00)
Judge to FBI:Move on Carnivore (Chris Oakes, WND 2Aug00)
FBI Gives A Little on Carnivore (Declan McCullagh, WND,25Jul00)
Will Crypto Feast on Carnivore?   (Chris Oakes, WND 4Aug00)
Should you worry about someone reading your eMail?   (Chris Oakes, WND 4Aug00)
U.S. confused about privacy   (Manny Frishberg, WND 28Apr00)
McCain Renews Porn-Filter Push (Declan McCullagh, WND,25Jul00)
Death Sentence Upheld for Hacker   (Reuters China, 3Dec99)
The Yangzhou Intermediate People's Court in eastern Jiangsu province rejected the appeal of Hao Jingwen.
Brits Launch Online Spy Network
Russian Secret Service Admitted Capability to Montitor ALL Internet Traffic,
On 30Apr00, the British Government Acknowledged It Is Doing the Same Thing. (Wired News, 2May00) [Echelon, Agog, Epic, France, Russia, Secret Service, Britain, Government Technical Assistance Center, ISP, GTAC, MI5, NSA]
Super-Secret Global Surveillance System Eavesdrops on Conversations Worldwide (ACLU, 19Nov99)
ECHELON Watch Page & Links re ECHELON
Other Government(s) Surveillance Agencies
FAX Congress Here, both your Senators & Congressmen
Privacy Group Wants Users To Jam Spy Network (Echelon)
By Madeleine Acey (TechWeb 11Oct99)
Spy in the sky? That could be Echelon.
(Kathryn Balint, SD Union-Tribune, 17Oct99)
STOA Cover - ECHELON - COMINT (6May99)(GILC Alert 18May99) & STOA
Duncan Campbell, Investigative Journalist-TV Producer (Commentary & Links)
Proposed regulatory language for the new or amended sections of the Commerce Department Export Regulations as they apply to encryption (CDT) (DOC's Draft/Commentary Sought)(Final Draft 15Dec99)
Sites brace for COPPA fallout (by Lisa M. Bowman, ZDNN 20Apr00)
FTC - Web Sites Must Obtain Parent's Permission Before Sharing Personal Information Disclosed by Children
SPAM - Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial eMail (CAUCE) - Legislative News
(links reference by Shawn P. McCarthy, GCN, 8Nov99, pp.38-40, Internaut column)
National Institute of Standards (NIST) Advanced Encryption Standard
Continuing the Quest for e-Mail Privacy (PC Week, 1Nov99) by Bill Machrone (
Bill puts privacy protections in the driver's seat [HR2084]
...privacy protections for holders of driver's licenses... HR 2084 contains two provisions: ...
The first...prevents a (DOT) action that could have become, effect, a national identification system.
The second uses transportation funding to protect...driver’s license information.
by Walter R. Houser (Government Computer News (GCN,) 8Nov99)
' RealNetworks in Real Trouble' - Discovered tracking users behavior in it's Internet music software.
Article by:   (Wired News, 12Nov99)
Tips for Private & Safer Cyber-Shopping & Who Watches You Shop? & How Secure?
(A project of the Consumer Protection Working Group of the Subcommittee on Electronic Commerce
of the ABA Section of Business Law Committee on Cyberspace Law)
Cryptography and Democracy: Dilemmas of Freedom
A paper (.pdf) by Caspar Bowden, and Yaman Akdeniz, in Liberty eds., Liberating Cyberspace: Civil Liberties, Human Rights, and the Internet, London: Pluto Press, 1999, pp. 81-125
George Orwell was short-sighted! KGB, GRU, Gestapo, CIA, FBI, NSA, NRO...ILETS Who?
UK Wants ISPs to Build In Interception -- Following secret international agreements,
the British government openly proposes e-spying requirements on network providers.

Including: Internet telephony, TV, conferencing, paging, satellite based personal
communications systems, VPNs, TCP/IP, X.25, Frame Relay, ATM, business or private,
large or small, local or national...This will include real-time access to data about their
subscribers and information about services they have used, including logs of
telephone calls, e-mail, or website accesses. A key part of technical arrangements
to be made will ensure operators will not be able to know what information has been
copied from their systems.                                        (See STOA & ECHELON links above)
By Duncan Campbell, 28Jun99
FAS - Index of US Intelligence, Security, & Law Enforcement & Other Related Sites
Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, UK - An unofficial Page
National Security Administration (NSA)
"...we use the word "politics" to describe the process so well:
"Poli" in Latin meaning "many" and "tics" meaning "bloodsucking creatures..."
Net Wiretapping: Yes or No? (Wired,13Oct99)
"Want A Loan? What's Your Race? Your Religion?' (Wired 15Oct99)
Calif.Gov. vetoes prohibition on secret monitoring of workers (11Oct99)
Court to Reconsider Encryption Ruling Against White House (DJ, 1Oct99)
Big Brother is Watching (Valerie Rice, PC Week, 13Sep99)
FCC Adopts FBI Surveillance Standards, FBI Plans Secret Break-Ins,
Courts Strikes Down Privacy Regs, Change in Crypto Policy Urged,
& Brief Challenges Internet Censorship
The 'Electronic Privacy Information Center'  Newsletter - Free Subscription  (EPIC)
Beware! eMail-An Open Door To PCs. 'Locking Windows Backdoors' - Declan McCullaugh (WN,26Aug99)
"This strikes at the heart of the Bill of Rights,"
said David L. Sobel, EPIC's General Counsel.
"It would be truly ironic if the use of encryption
-- which is designed to protect privacy --
gave the police a green light to secretly break into homes."
see 'Washington Post' news article below:   29kb A Speaker GIF Image.
Cyberterror: Thing That Goes Bump in the Net?
Some Wonder if the Goverment is Hyping Fear of Attack

By James Gordon Meek  (APBNews, Wash.,D.C., 27Aug99)
DOJ wants to make it easier for law enforcement authorities to obtain search warrants to secretly enter or offices and disable security on personal computers as a prelude to a wiretap or further search.
It seeks covert action authorization in response to the..use of software programs that encrypt programs on PCs
By Robert O'Harrow Jr.  (WP, Friday, 20Aug99)
Called the Cyberspace Electronic Security Act, it would enable investigators to obtain a sealed warrant signed by a judge permitting them to enter private property, search through computers for passwords and install devices that override encryption programs!
A Related Message:
-----Original Message-----
DAte: Friday, August 20, 1999
Subject: RE: FW: Paging Mr. Liddy! Janet Reno wants you

One of the interesting aspects of this proposal is the result of driving more users towards unbreakable anonymity/pseudonymity systems.

The premise would be that if you use a truly cryptographically assured pseudonym and AnonymousIP transfers, then the government wouldn't be able to obtain a sealed warrant for your home since they would not be able to determine even your country of origin.

The ability to backtrack from an Internet identity, communication or correspondence to a home that can recieve the 'black bag' treatment would be removed since no one, even your anonymity provider would know who you are, your IP address or what country you live in.

This of course doesn't prevent attacks where an individual is suspect of illegal activity in the real world, and law enforcement uses these type of black bag warrants to determine your online identity, but it does protect from the other way.

Two systems can provide blinded, anonymous IP routing, (Testbed system US Navy developed)
-and- (Ian Goldberg & Zero-Knowledge's effort for private networking and pseudonymous identities)

NOTE: I am the President of the former company :) -Austin
WASHINGTON — The White House is preparing to ask Congress for authority to send federal agents to break into private homes and offices covertly to search for passwords, disable encryption software and install 'recovery devices' to transmit computer users' actions to the government, The Washington Post reported today, would empower the government to enter private property surreptitiously to gain physical access to computers "without contemporaneous notice, .."
by Adam Clayton Powell III  (WC,  Freedom Forum Newseum article: Friday, 20Aug99)
     How's this for a Declanesque end to the week: I just listened via network radio pool feed to the Justice Department briefing "responding" to this morning's Washington Post story. There was little new: they need these new powers to deal with new technologies, otherwise we're at the mercy of terrorists and pornographers, etc. etc.  Reporters were far more aggressive than at past DoJ briefings, which tend to be tea parties. But the breifing could be incredibly opaque; sample exchange:

Q Does Attorney General Reno know about this proposal?
A Yes.
Q What does she think of it?  A Speaker GIF Image.   (30kb)
A It would be improper to characterize her views.   A Speaker GIF Image.   (22kb)

FYI we are checking the tape in our radio booth and hope to replay it in its entirety on our webcasting service, at Freedom.Org.   Neither CNN, MSNBC or Fox News seemed to pay any attention to the briefing -- or, indeed to this story -- despite the producer of one network evening news program having emailed me that he "choked on his Wheaties" when he saw the paper this morning...
Have a good weekend!
Adam Clayton Powell, III; Vice President, Technology and Programs, The Freedom Forum
Intel to Make Web Sites Add [Privacy] Warnings  By Ted Bridis (AP/Yahoo,18Aug99)
Web-Encrypted eMail Update  by Dan Goodin (CNet 16Aug99)
Author of  'Orwellian'  FIDNET Tries to Ease Fears by Tim Weiner (NY Times 16Aug99)
"His Story Sounds Like An Alibi" To Me. A Speaker GIF Image.   (22kb)
AOL's New AIM Release Counters MS (PC Week,24Aug99) Download
Does AOL AIM backdoor your computer? MS/AOL Feud
By Margaret Kane & Internet News (ZDNN 13Aug99)
Fake MS Mail Raises Question About AOL AIM by Martin Wolk &
Full Coverage (Yahoo/Reuters 16Aug99)
How Well Does Web-Encrypted eMail Work? by Bruce Schneier  (ZDN) 12Aug99
Starium Promises Phone Privacy  by Declan McCullagh (Wired,12Aug99)
More Military Police Powers? (Posse Comitatus Act)
by Jon E. Dougherty ( WDN , 23Jul99 )
A Speaker GIF Image.   "...our motto" (49kb)  from  "Fahrenheit 451" (99kb) A Speaker GIF Image.
Internet Sale of Nazi Books in Germany Is Assailed By Amy Harmon (9Aug99)
Politech Commentary & Reactions to Book Ban
German..Bertelsmann..stopped selling..Hitler's "Mein Kampf" in its online bookstore (CNN,AP Berlin)
A ban on Internet discussions of the use of unapproved drugs and links to any such sites?
A modern day bomb shelter? Do you & I get one also?
Can We Get In? A Speaker GIF Image.   (22kb)
Government plans [multi-million $] Y2K bunker  By Jim Wolf (Reuters,ZDNN 29Jul99)
Tiny TMI trapped in FBI's national security web
FBI objects because it can't wiretap satellite phone calls

by Peter Morton (Financial Post, 16Jul99)
(official.wav, 6kb) A Speaker GIF Image.
FIDNET Under Review (Reuters,29Jul99)
U.S. backs off [FIDNET] private monitoring
by Maria Seminerio & Margaret Kane (PC Week Online,29Jul99)
FIDNET, The Document & Chart/Plan
Surveillance Network Draws Fire [FIDNET] by Declan McCullagh (29Jul99, Wired)
San Diego Union-Tribune, Front Page, Wednesday, 28Jul99 A small speaker .gif image
"U.S. Plans to Monitor Computers"
The plan calls for the creation of a Federal Intrusion Detection Network,
(FIDNET) ...gathered & centralized at the National Infrastructure
Protection Center (NIPC) 2003...housed at the FBI. Draft Report to NSA Jun99
by John Markoff, NY Times News Service (no link) A pulsar animated GIF image.
Surveillance Plan Marks the Return of "Cold War Mentality" (EPIC, 28Jul99)
FY2000 DOJ Budget Request  [FIDNET,DNA,Anti-Gun/Tobacco,NIPC,NDPO]
Janet Reno, Att'y.General, U.S. Senate, Statement [FIDNET] 4Feb99
And just when I thought things couldn't get 'nuttier'...
Report: Crypto Will Harm Society by Declan McCullagh (27Jul99)
"Circle the wagons, boys!" (congress & lawyers heard shouting...)
Clinton Signs Y2K Lawsuit Bill (USA Today, 21Jul99)
A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing. Subjugation by Taxation:
"Read My Clicks, No New Taxes"
Read Bush's Lips:No Net Taxes [George..Jr]   (Declan McCullagh, WND 3Aug00)
Administration Seeks Permanent Ban On Net Taxes (AP, 1Oct99)
A Speaker GIF Image.   "Read My Lips!" (64kb)  as spoken by  "George W. Bush, 1988" (64kb) A Speaker GIF Image.
E-commerce tax pitched as teacher's aid By Wendy Marinaccio Staff Writer (CNET News 2Aug99)
Should consumers pay taxes on Internet Purchases by James Freeman   ( Sep99)
(editor: The TechnoPolitics Report and a columnist for the opinion page of
On the one hand...
The FCC refuses to regulate the Web By Christopher Stern (, 20Jul99)
FCC Reasserts Authority Over Internet Access (SV,AP Wash. 17Aug99)
On the other hand...
Measure Pushes Federal Net Tax by Declan McCullagh (Wired, 30Jul99)
New Push for Taxing E-Commerce (Wired News,19Jul99)
National Association of Counties unanimously approved a resolution Monday
asking Congress to impose a sales tax on all online purchases.
Got a third hand...?
Fight over Net taxes creates factions. (John Simons, WSJ 15Oct99)
How should 'Net Taxe(s)' be applied? The Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998 assured that sales will stay taxfree until October 2001. (source article by Shawn P. McCarthy, GCN, 8Nov99, pp.38-40):
ACEC - Invitation for Proposals Related to Commerce Taxes [read:eCommerce/Net] & Notice of Meeting
(link reference by Shawn P. McCarthy, GCN, 8Nov99, pp.38-40, Internaut column)
The Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce (ACEC)
The ACEC was formed by the Internet Tax Freedom Act to study federal, local,
and international taxation and tariff treatment of Internet transactions, access,
and other types of activities. (TAXES!)
A Speaker GIF Image. (tripe.wav 74kb) A Speaker GIF Image.
An Alternative ViewThe Association of Online Professionals (AOP) Links
Outcry over FTC e-privacy report, Part 1 of 2. (Reuters,12Jul99,ZDNet)
FTC will advise Congress against e-privacy legislation.
Advocacy groups up in arms.
Data Collection At Issue , Part 2 of 2. (Includes More Privacy Links)
Do You Agree With the FTC on e-Privacy? Post Feedback/Talkback
'Consumer Privacy, Control Issues Come To A Head'
by Ross Brown (WebPromote) + My Reply (12Jul99)
It's Ba-a-a-ck (Orifice)! Updated hacker tool adds Windows NT as target,
goes open source
by Jim Rapoza (PC Week Labs, 15Jul99)
Computer Underground Digest - Index to Security/Privacy Articles
CUD1132.html - Info. re BO2K's "Back Orifice" debut at DefCon VII, Las Vegas (10Jul99)
What...legislation imposing a tax/long distance charge on net access?
Boycott YAHOO - Terms of Service Agreement (ToS) (Jun99)
Revised ToS Resolves Boycott (6Jul99) Read the Above.-What Was YAHOO Thinking?
Police can easily "eavesdrop" on pagers, If US Senate Bill Becomes Law. by (Wired, 7Jul99)
Declan McCullagh (bio,) Author of: More IT Articles & Netly News & Wired Search
USA 'Freedom' Poll   (USA Today, 4July99)   [How Ironic, The Date!]
"Sticks'n Stones May Break My Bones, But Words'll Never Hurt Me!" - Maybe, Maybe Not.
A new Internet "forensic tool" has been introduced that aims to help educators,
police and other law enforcement officials trace the past World Wide Web
activity of computer users.
  By Dan Caterinicchia (IDG/CNN, 6Jul99)
MS to purchase ad space only on Web sites with posted comprehensive privacy policies. 23Jun99
"And They Said It Couldn't Happen Here" - Mothers of Invention, circa 1966.
Australia Passes Net Censorship Bill  by Gordon Finlayson (ZDNet AU,ZDNN 1Jul99)
Australian Gov't. May Totally Censor Internet Access   (prophetic)
Talk Back - Read &/or Post Your Comments
Chief Information Officers Council, OMB, Fed. Gov't. Privacy Policy/Mandates
Internet Access Fee? Congress Criticizes ICANN (Reuters, 22Jun99)
Online Profiling (R.E. Smith, (Privacy Journal) FTC/DOC, 6Dec99
Privacy Groups Slam DoubleClick - Abacus Merger (21Jun99, Reuters)
1Billion$ DoubleClick Merger w/Abacus( 14JUN99)
DoubleClick's OPT OUT Page (remove yourself from tracking)
eTrust Online Privacy Information & How To Protect Yourself & Related Links
   Consumers, Oversight, Advocacy Organizations, Business Watch, Credit &
Identity Theft, Hotlines, Junk Mail, Opting Out, Parents'n Children, Gov't Resources
Conditions added to encryption measure [16Jun99 Reuters]
Law Enforcement Abuses Authority to Seize Property Support the pending Hyde bill.   (HR 1658)
Beyond Concern: Understanding Net Users' Attitudes About Online Privacy & Full Report
by: Lorrie Faith Cranor, Joseph Reagle, & Mark S. Ackerman
[AT&T Labs-Research TR 99.4.3, 14Apr99]   Condensed   (AT&T Labs PR, 14Apr99)
The Net Could Get Expensive (Act Before June 3) (LA TIMES Archive $1.50 US)
Report:   U.S. Uses Key Escrow To Steal Secrets By Madeleine Acey, TechWeb, 18May99
Update (Kevin Poulsen, 9JUN99, ZDTV) & Related & Covert Action Quarterly
U.S. to seek rehearing of loss in encryption case (21Jun99,WASH.,Reuters)
US 9th Circuit Rules Encryption Regulations Unconstitutional (GILC/EFF/Reuters)
BERNSTEIN V USDOJ Case Number: 97-16686, Date Filed: 05/06/99
Policy vs. Practice -A Progress Report on Federal Government (26Apr99,CDT) &
Related:   Delicate Balance:Privacy & Access Practices of Fed. Gov't. Web Sites (Aug97 OMB)
FAA Rules Proposal 20Apr99-All Airlines Profile AllPax w/Secret Computer Data Profiles
And, Comments Must Be Emailed To:   by 19Jun99
A Speaker GIF Image. (milkbone.wav, 54kb) A Speaker GIF Image.
Children's Privacy, Proposed FTC Rules - Abuses, Resources, Legislation, Regulations (
Electronic Freedom Foundation Privacy News - Search -or- Browse EFF Archives + FTP & Gopher
Zero-Knowledge Systems - US, International, CA, Newsgroups - Privacy Resources
Privacy Articles Search & PIII SN# Extract & FAQ & Protection? & Beta Test
Namebase:   80K +/- names..people..groups in..Intelligence & Political Activism new item ani gif
Snap's Home:News & Media:Top Stories:Internet Crime, Pro/Con Privacy
'Intel admits PII serial# snafu', Robert Lemos (ZDNN) 11Mar99 (PC Week)
Microsoft Admits..[Win98] Privacy Problem (unique ID#),ZDNN 7Mar99
Pentagon and hackers in 'cyberwar', Miklaszewski & Windrem (MSNBC) 5Mar99 (ZDNN)
Midwest Web Group's Index of Databases on Individuals
Gov't Contemplating National DNA Databases - Private Companies Genetic Testing
Nat.Commission..Future of DNA Evidence ,Testimony, Barry Steinhardt, A.D., 1Mar99   ACLU
'Sweden Using Electricity For High-Speed Connections', Lauri Pappinen, 26Feb99 (InternetNews)
'Rights group to submit petition to FTC on Intel' 25Feb99 (Reuters, Legal News)
'Privacy Hack on Pentium III' by Leander Kahney 23Feb99 (Wired News) & Related Links
'Information Terrorism: Can You Trust Your Toaster?' - Devost, Houghton, & Pollard
'CDT to file complaint over Intel ID chip', R. Lemos & M. Seminerio [PC Week News (ZDNet)26Feb99]
Join cited groups &/or subscribe to their newsletters via links above, Stay Informed, Lobby
'Intel won't back down on chip ID feature', Robert Lemos, PC Week News (ZDNN) 25Feb99
Related: Can Intel's chip ID really be turned off?, Wake-Up Call...,vulnerable to hacking...
A German Programmer Toggles Pentium® III IDs On/Off
[Article, Brett Glass, ZDNN 23Feb99] + Add You Comments/Reader Feedback
ZDNet's Feb/99 PCWeek Online Article - "Talk Back: Chip IDs", the Pentium® III 'firestorm.''s Big Brother Article re 'Intel and the Processor Serial Number' [Jan/Feb 99]
Intel® Pentium® III Processors Info/Support & Technical Notes
Groups threaten to extend Intel boycott®   By Robert Lemos, ZDNN 17Feb99
Protecting User Data+Links to Surfing Anonymously & Avoiding Cookies by:Matt Margolin (4Dec98)
Wayne Madsen - Protecting Indigenous People's Privacy from "Eyes in the Sky" [Paper, 6pp.]
Protect Your PC's Insides -, Flyers, Signature Lines, Banners, What's Happening?
Internet Free Expression Alliance (IFEA) - Home Page [Current Events]
IFEA Joint Statement for the Record on "Kids and the Internet: The Promise and the Perils" [14Dec98]
Junk Busters - News, Opinion, & Tools re Marketing and Privacy
9th Annual Conference - Computers, Freedom + Privacy. Washington, DC, April 6-8, 1999
The End of Privacy: How Total Surveillance is Becoming a Reality by Reg Whitaker [Author]
For more legal news visit: (A good daily newsletter)

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