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AERC Computer, Printer, LCD/Plasma TV Repair
191 West Main Street, El Centro, California 92243-2512
Phone: (760) 370-0514
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  • Other Free or low cost internet connections:
    Often folks ask if there's any place to connect to the internet for free. You can connect free at The AERC Computer Printer TV Repair Shop, 191 West Main Street, El Centro, California US 92243 :-) We provide free Wi-Fi wireless 24/7 and wired workstations for in-shop use by our customers during normal business hours. The free hotspot wireless connections use one Netgear 802.11B router via our ATT/SBC DSL and a second Belkin Wireless 802.11B/G router via our Beamspeed Wi-Fi provider. For free at most libraries you can access the internet. Some Imperial County, California school sites have computer labs available for students, parents, or public use. You could "war dial or war chalk or use War Driving" around looking for open wireless access points or you may be able to connect via phone dial-up for free in some Southern California areas and other parts of the U.S. by using connections listed at: Southern California's Free ISP - SoCal Free Net ( [one number is listed in Brawley, California for southern Imperial County. (Apr06)] -or- for U.S. wide, there's a listing called "FreedomList" at this web site: that lists some free or 'low cost' internet service providers (ISPs.) The line availability, connection speed, and support of "free/low-cost" dial-up services vary widely. (+ search & find many Pay ISP's) Watch out for long distance charges. But, if you need a connection, they might be useful. Print out a page of the numbers for areas that you might work in or travel to. If you know of any local area, southern Ca./Las Vegas/Yuma/SD, etc. free internet access points, please eMail them so they can be listed to help others.
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