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Single Space .gif What is a domain? and How to Build a Web Design Business?
[Domain Name Basics: An Introduction] (link sources: HTMLGoodies.com)

Hints and Tips For Christian Webmasters (1way2God.net)

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"The Internet will create more millionaires than any other medium." - Bill Gates
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It is easy to find New Entries on web pages (like this one) which have LONG LISTS of URLs by using a FREE program called "Change Agent." It is simple to use and is a real time saver. You can download it from: http://www.c-4-u.com   Also, 1330+ Free Networking, Web/HTML, & Computer Online Tech Tutors.
September 2, 1969, The "Internet" is born. The first packets are sent between the Sigma 7 mainframe that was the first internet node and its Honeywell based IMP (Internet Message Processor) at UCLA. ["No, Al Gore didn't invent it," rfh.] eyes horiz line
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Multi-Lingual: Terms, Online Tutors, Internet Connectivity & Browser Downloads (ask.com) alt
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Algunos En Español:
Manuales por el morro - Cómo diseñar una página web, Java, JavaScript y CGI

In Arabic & English:    
Ursula Bornstein's 250+/- Languages Translation Service
Egypt Travel Tips - Common Arabic-English Words Dictionary
Sameh Elsharkaawy's Arabic-English, Translations, Typesetting/ Web Page Design/Publishing - Resume
Islamic Dictionary - English Translation of Arabic words (religious orientation)
Arabic Basic Words, Numbers, & Places and English-Arabic Dictionary (with Real Audio)

In English:    
Andy Shafran's Web Page Help, Author, The Dynamic HTML Guru - "..explore, learn, then Do It"! (Jeff Rouyer) Links & More Links [Used His Book for These Pages]
Assoc. for Computing Machinery (ACM) & Library & Search [technical]
Instant Web Guides & Tutorials - (HTML, Browsers, Robots/Bots, Publicizing your web pages)
Internet For Beginners - (About.com Links) Tutors
Net Mechanics Web Master Tips & Newsletters
Netiquette (Virginia Shea)

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Web Page Accessibility for Component Web Contacts: Section 508 (US DOJ)
The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (P.L. 105-220), Section 508; A recommended alternate source:
The Ultimate Section 508 Guide for Students A new item animated gif. (H/T Marilyn Shaw, WhoIsHostingThis.com, Th.3Dec15)
(Under the authority of section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Access Board (or 'Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board') has enacted regulations setting forth accessibility standards for federal agencies' electronic and information technology, including web pages. "..to create .. content developed to be by people with disabilities (e.g., websites, media files, etc. 36 C.F.R. pt. 1194.)

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ASPs, Educate Yourself About 'Application Service Providers' (articles)
ASP - Developing Web Database Applications [Active Server Pages (ASP)] (Walter Houser & Jason Hart)
Web-Based Relational Database Applications, A Crash Course (Jay Greenspan, WebMonkey)
[Four Lessons encompassing: 2D Arrays SQL, VBScript, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), ASP]

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Making A Banners (+ software & online banner maker links, edubanner.com)
Banners: A complete tutorial from HTML Goodies (htmlgoodies.com)

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Browser - Detection for Web Pages, How To [Richard Blaylock, Dr.; article, Jan97]
Browser - HEAD Tag Tips & MSIE/NS Differences, examples (Net Mechanic)
List of Browsers (harrold.org/rfhextra/browsers.html)

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CGI - Index, 1780+ CGI Related Resources in 200 Categories
CGI - 101 Tutor - Download in PDF + Scripts, Books, CGI & Perl Resources, & More
CGI - Common Gateway Interface, Tutor/How To, Reference (Walter R. Houser)
CGI - Perl, Linux, Java & TULARC - The Ultimate Learn & Resource Center (Stas Bekman)
CGI - WWW Indexed Web Browser & CGI FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) (Thomas Boutell)

Color  Top

So, You Want Some Text Color, Huh? By Joe Burns, January 4, 2005 (htmgoodies.com)
Color - Background Images (John Lacombe)
Color - Examples an Image Created Using Different Color Depths (Hotwired, Webmonkey)
Color - Web Page Color Considerations & examples-color charts (Net Mechanic)
Color - Color Blindness & Take An Online Test
Color - Web Style for the Color Blind (Maryland U.)
Color - Virtural Library & Colour / Colour Info & Safe Chart [Excellent] (Web Developers)
Color - VP Dev's 256 Safe Colors Chart
Color - Color Page Builder (Inquisitor Mediarama)

Compatibility  Top

Q & A Goodies.  Questions are taken from 
www.htmlgoodies.com "HTML Goodies to Go."

Q. I'm looking for resources which offer some hints 
for making my pages more easily accessible to a wide range of 
people.  I'm curious if there are any online or print resources 
out there that specifically address issues like the use of 
certain tags and possible alternatives, 
the formating of text and pictures, etc. 

A. Here are a couple of sites that I use for browser compatibility:
Net Mechanics
Web Monkey
Any Browser

I get quite a bit of information from the first link, Netmechanic.
The answer was provided by 'HTML Goodie' Mentor Bob Conley.



Converters  Top

PDFtoHTML favicon icon A Free Online Tool to Convert .pdf documents (Adobe Portable Document Format) to HTML (per Una Th.26Jan12 at cometdocs.com)
Text to HTML converter (txt2html, download from SourceForge.net)

CSS  Top

CSS Tutorial For Newbies and Everybody Else (link source: HTML Goodies to Go)
CSS Specifications, Tutors, Browser Compatibility (webreview.com)

Database  Top

Database Basics: Part 1 (By Dr. Joe Burns, Bio, HTMLGoodies.com)


Design  Top

( Link source: FreePint.com. Quote: "Jakob Nielsen's well known guide to all aspects of usability, this site offers thought provoking articles on everything from site architecture to the development of web friendly content." )
Design - Do Search Engines Like Your Site? (Tom Gilgan, BabbleBot, Internet Day 1May00)
Design - The Death-to-Download Ratio (download times vrs global deaths/sec) (John Shiple & Yong Yi, Webmonkey May00)
Design - Information & Layout (20 min & 15 min) (Webmonkey Radio)
Design - HTML Hell:Things Not to Do (Eric S. Raymond)
Design - AOL Page Considerations & Browers' Features and Differences
Design - Search, 'Joe Expert: Find HTML, Graphics, CGI, & more
Design - 'Designing for Clarity' & References (Dave Cantrell)
Design - Builders Authoring, Scripting,Graphics,Servers,Business Help (C-Net)
Design - Data Mining, Web Page Integration, Shareware, Tutors (Database Central)(searchable)
Design - Web Basics, Building, Navigation, Reference, & Other Tutors/Help (Hotwired)
Design - HTML Style Examples
Design - Web Page Design Tips'n Strategy (Internet Marketing Challenge)
Design - List of Top 10 Web Design Mistakes (Jakob Nielson, May96)
Design - Page Design/Graphics-Tutors, Tools'n Help (LinkExchange)
Design - Web Design Resource Center (Macmillan Book Center)
Design - HTML & Web Style Guide (Patrick McElhaney)
Design - Design Recommendations of Web-pages for the Disabled (Dr. Schüll)
Design - Documenting Sources, Citations & References - Accessibility - FAQs & Access (Think Quest)
Design - W3C WAI (Web Accessibilility Initiative) Page Author Guidelines
Design - W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) Quick Tips
Design - Web Clinic, Page Design Design - Web Design (Web Monkey)
Design - 'Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design' (Web Pages That Suck)
Design - General, CSS, EcmaScript, Cross-Browser, & DHTML References (Web Standards Project-WaSP)
Design - WebABLE Accessibility Index & Net Resources for Disabled, Access & Adaptive Needs (YRIF)
Design - Creating Browser Savvy (Standard) Sites (Dan Shafer, Editorial Director CNet) [article, links]
Design - "Viewable With Any Browser" Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW (Cari D. Burstein)
Design - Accessibility - Terms, Elements, Testing, Tools (Burnstein)
Design - Case Western's Introduction to HTML & Quick Reference
Design - Senior Citizens, Effective Web Design Considerations for Older Adults


DHTML - Dynamic HTML, What is (source: Hitmill.com)
HTML and Dynamic HTML (from the MSDN: Development Centers Library and TV Shows and Webcasts

Editors  Top

Editor - HTML Editor Comparisons (WYSIWYG) (Web Monkey)
Editor - VI Text Editor Intro, On-Line Tutorial & Related Links (Lisa Schmeiser)

Encryption  Top

Encryption Tutorial:   Overview - Lesson One (1) - Lesson Two (2) - Graphical Version
(Options, Public/Private Key, GnuPG, Hash/Hashes, crypt() function, mcrypt libraries by Julie Meloni, WebMonkey 11May00)

eMail Linking  Top

eMail - Discussion Links, Brief Joining, Using & List-Server Tutor, Descriptions, Educational
eMail - Guide (Webfoot) & Spam, Etiquette, Legal, Signatures, Privacy, Attachments (TheGrid)
eMail - Netiquette Book (WWW version,) for Email & Cyberspace & Test-Yourself (Virginia Shea)

Fonts  Top

Fonts - Web Fonts (webfonts.com)

Forms  Top

Forms: Fill-out Forms Support (http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu, also below: NCSA tutorials)

Frames  Top

Frames - IFrames, Floating (Webmonkey0
Frames - Example & Tutorial (CenTexGal)
Frames - Using the 'noframes' tag (NetMechanic)(search engines/spiders)
Frames - Treatise on, Webmonkey's (by Jill Atkinson)

FTP 'File Transfer Protocol'  Top

FTP Tutorials (File Transfer Protocol)

Graphics  Top

Graphics - Archive, 2,300+ art image scans from 200+ artists, articles (Mike Hardin)
Graphics - For Web Pages (D.J. Quad)
Graphics - For Web Pages (D.J. Quad)
Graphics - 'Putting Graphics On Web Pages & Index Of On-Line Tutors (Hertfordshire Univ.)
Graphics - 'Guide to Panoramas (360º Photos) (James Rigg)
Graphics - Free Clipart Library downloads from WebSiteTemplates.name
Graphics - Images & Icons for Web Page, Indices to (Susan Brumbaugh)
Graphics - Image Library (backgrounds 1MB, 6min@2.7Kb)
Graphics - 'How To Create Transparent GIFs Using LViewPro' (Cohort)
Graphics - How to Make Your Own Fonts (Chuck Diesel)
Graphics - My First GIF Animation. Examples, How To, Programs (Tim Ziegler, WebMonkey 27Apr99)
Graphics - Optimizing Your Images (Tim Ziegler, Webmonkey 11May00)
Graphics - Photo Shop Graphics Tips'n Tricks & Crash Course (Tutor)
Graphics - Tripod's Free Online GIF Image Editor


HTML Class: Creating Hypertext Links to Other Pages By Joe Burns (with updates by editorial staff)
learning to visualize the structure of the code — seeing it the way the browser does
Basic HTML: Introduction (By Dr. Joe Burns, Bio, HTMLGoodies.com)
Ted's Comprehensive HTML Tutorial
( Source: Ted's Varied & Informative Web Site )
HTML Code Tutorial: Learn HTML tags including form, frames, and tables with help from this free reference.
HTML - Tutorial, HTML Code (guide to creating web pages) (Anchors and Links, Applets, Attributes, Character Entity References, Document Tags, Embedded Objects, Fonts, Form / Forms, Frame Frames, Ignore-Me Code, Images, Lines and Paragraphs, Lists / ordered- unordered, Logical Tags, Popup Windows, Scripts, Sounds, CSS - Cascading Style Sheets, Table / Tables, Tags, a couple of weird tags, ) (src: IDocs, Inc.)
HELP - BuddyHelp, Share Screens/PC Control via Internet - FAQ/How It Works.   (free service)
HDML - Handheld Device Markup Language, Introduction (Paul Adams, Webmonkey, Nov99)
A Beginner's Guide to the Hypertext Markup Language (Walter R. Houser)
HTML - Advanced: Tables, Forms, CGI, Color, Image Maps, GIFs (Walter R. Houser)
HTML - 'Creating Your Own Web Page?' Helpful Links (Bill & Mary Ann Allen)
HTML - dHTML/DHTML Dynamic HTML Tutorial [by Taylor (Captain Cursor), WebMonkey]
HTML and Dynamic HTML (from the MSDN: Development Centers Library and TV Shows and Webcasts
HTML - Tags Reference (alphabetical list), Index, HTML (from #symbols to z-index), HTML The Book (netscape)
HTML - Tutors'n Tools Webmaster Links to 'How To' (Beaucoup)
HTML - 3.0 Codes (FreeWeb)
HTML - Tutorials, lists, tables (geocities.com)
HTML - and URLs, Introduction To (Ian Graham)
HTML - Downloadable eText/eBooks, About, HTMLcat, Reference/Tutor (R.E. Harvey) (Utilities, Tips & ASCIIcat, also see: HTML Tutors, Tools & Help)
HTML - USCS HTML Tags (.pdf) & Resources [links]
HTML - W3C 4.0 & 4.0 Spec's.,24Apr98 & CSS2 & 3.2 Spec's.,14Jan97 (W3C)
HTML - Tutor, Webpage & Newsletter (Harvillo)
HTML - Tutor, 'Learn the Web' - Web 101, An Easy Read Tutorial (Hotwired)
HTML - Tutor, How To Use, A Step by Step Example to Create A Web Page
HTML - Tutor, 'Crash Course' For Educators, Includes Inter-Active Quiz & Page Generator
HTML - Goodies Primer & Tutorials & Advanced & Java Tips & CGI
HTML - Specs, Codes, Types, Tips, Tricks'n Techniques (HTML Station)
HTML - Writers Guild Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Index
HTML - Writers Guild Mailing List Archive Search or Full Text
HTML - Links to Web Page HTML Resources (Imagiware)
HTML - Index to Online HTML Book & Email 'Web Sofa' & Web Building Resources (Kenyatte Hay)
HTML - Tutor, Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples (Jukka Korpela)
HTML - Tutor, 'Learn The Net', Lesson & Activity Plans for Teachers
HTML - Editors, Scripts, Online References (LinkExchange)
HTML - For Beginners, A Start Guide (H/T Audrina Wilkinson, We.21Oct15 [replacement for NCSA's defunct HTML Guide link])
    HTML learning sites recommended by NCSA Champaign/Urbana:
  1. W3 Schools
  2. HTML Goodies
  3. HTML Code Tutorial
HTML - Tutor, Web Primer, Net Addressing, eMail, Telnet, FTP, Newsgroups, Chat, HTML (NCTA)
HTML - Tutor, WWW Consortium Style Sheet Pages & Links to Other Tutors (Mulder)

Images  Top

Basic HTML: Manipulating Images (By Dr. Joe Burns, Bio, HTMLGoodies.com)
HTML Tutor: Creating Image Maps
( Elated.com's Webmaster Tutorials )
(web graphics; web site authoring tools: design, style, css, html; web programming: Java, Javascript, Perl, CGI scripting, ASP tutorials; web site management: FTP, Apache, and UNIX/Linux tutorials )


Using Multiple JavaScript Onload Functions (By Lee Underwood, HTMLGoodies.com)
JavaScript Basics (By By Mark Kahn, a 10-part series, HTMLGoodies.com)
Java - & Dynamic HTML 'How To' Links (webcoder.com)
Java - & HTML 2435+ Resources, Examples, Tutors, Links (good,slow load)
Java - JavaScript Programming & Interactive Web pages, Tutor/How To (Walter R. Houser & Jason Hart)
Javascript Tutorial for Programmers (by Aaron Weiss)
Java - JavaScript Tutorial (David Thau)
JAVA - Java FAQs & Tutorial & Email (E.R. (Elliotte Rusty) Harold)
JAVA - Tutorials, On-Line & Downloadable (Sun's v1.0)
JAVA - Java vrs JavaScript & HTML Primers Index, Tutors'n Tools & Frames by  (Dr. Joe Burns, Bio)
JAVA - How to.. & Examples & HTML & Tutors (developer.com)
JAVA FAQs & JAVA Tutorial (by E. R. Harrold)
Excerpt from 'HTML Goodies to Go':
Goodies to Go (tm)
March 10, 2003 -- Newsletter 223
This newsletter is part of the internet.com network.
Please visit http://www.htmlgoodies.com
*** This question were submitted to our Mentor Community. 
The answer was provided Jim Young.

Q. I want to have a small window open when someone clicks a link on my page.  
I don't want a full size window, just a small one.  Can JavaScript do this?

A. Since you will probably have more than one link on a page you should set up 
a function in your head section of your document that will be used by multiple 
links.  You can pass the html page you want to load in the window to the 
function when the link is clicked on.  With window.open() you can set the 
width, height, postion and other attributes.  Here is an example:
<.script language="javascript"> function OpenWin(linkid)
    {  NewWin=window.open 
The variable "linkid" contains the page you want to load.  This was passed to 
the function when the link was clicked on.  Then in the body section of your 
document your link could look like this:
<.A HREF="javascript:OpenWin('somepage.html')">Apples<./A>
You would wrap the link around the word that you want to click on for more 
info.  The HTML Goodies site does have a tutorial on window.open()
(see http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/jsp/hgjsp_11.html and 
http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/jsp/hgjsp_12.html  -- Ed.)



PERL Primer, Part 1 (By Joe Burns, link source: HTML Goodies to Go)
PERL - Practical Extraction and Report Language, Tutor/How To/Class (Walter R. Houser)
PERL - most used to develop CGI Scripts, The Developers Source (Perl.com)

Programming  Top

Practicing Safe Code, By Kenneth Tibbetts, July 17, 2007 (htmgoodies.com)
Programming - C, C++, HTML, WWW Security, JAVA, Perl
Programming - Resources: Simula, QBasic, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Programming in C, C++ 6.0, Java, Java Applets, C# and .NET (source: Hitmill.com)
Programming (webmonkey)

Rank  Top

Rank - Who will play domain names cop on the Net? [article, Howard Mintz,Mercury News,24Jun99]
Rank - 'How to Get Your Site Listed On the Web' (Excite)
Rank - Improve Web Page Position on Search Engines (IMC Newsletter)

Reference  Top

ASCII / ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) Table With HTML Entity Names
Reference - Computer Science Resources on the Internet (Cornell U.)
Reference - Net Connections for Engineering Index & Other Internet Indices (Cornell U.)
Reference - HTML Tags & META & Colors & ASCII (Zolex)
Reference - CSS, DHTML, Floating Frames, HTML Tags, Java Scripts (Netscapes)
Repair - How To Diagnose & Repair System Conflicts & Articles Index (PC World)
Purdue's Information Technology Resources (Academic)
Webmonkey's Reference Glossary of Web Terms, Javascript Code, HTML 'Cheat Sheet', Special Characters, Color Codes, Browser Chart, Style Sheet Guide, Domain Registries, & Unix Guide

Robots  Top

A Standard for Robot Exclusion
Web Robots Pages

Search Engines/Site Maps  Top

Search - Search Engine Links & 44+ 'Search Online Now' (Harrrold)
Search - Engines & Browsers & How Do I Do It? & References- 'How To...' & Site Map (Web Developers)
Search - What Search Spiders Seek in Web Pages-Tips, Facts, Tutors, Ranking, Newsletter (Danny Sullivan)

Security  Top

Security - Is Your Site Protected? (Gimm Yeap, PayingAds.com; 'Internet Day' 14Mar00)
Security - Never Ending Story' [article, links] (Peter Coffee)
Security - Cryptography & Certificate Security, Internet; MS On-Line Seminar
Security - Cryptography & Certificate Security, Internet; MS On-Line Seminar
Security - E.F.F.'s Guide-To-The-Internet, For Beginners & Above [Can Be Distributed]
Security - Spinrite Checks 'Open Door' Ports and Advises on Securing (diagnostic, free)
Security - ZoneAlarm Monitors In/Out Network Activity (firewall, free)

PHP  Top

What is PHP?
[definitions, acronyms: PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, "personal home page"] (Google.com search)
Using HTML Forms to pass data to PHP (by Atli, thescripts.com, June 18th, 2007)


SGML - Tutor, Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)-A Gentle Intro.
SGML/XML References & Bibliography

Sound  Top

Sound - HWG Archhived Suggestions re Embedding Sound Files in HTML (Ryan C. Fischer)

Standards  Top

Fight for Web Standards! Fight for Web Standards! Petition to Netscape & MS
Ask, Tell, & Help - File Formats
The Browser of the Future Needs Your Help! (Taylor)
A US GOV+NorthernLight venture profits by charging you fees to access your TAX paid documents.
WaSP Baseline Standards Proposal

Tables  Top


Tables Tutorials (htmlgoodies.com)
So, You Want A Table, Huh? (by Joe Burns, htmlgoodies.com)
Tables - Web Page Tables Tutor & Forms & Frames & One For Beginners & Tutor Downloads (Joe Barta)
Tables - HTML Tables Tutorials e.g. Cellpadding & Cellspacing (source: Hitmill.com)

Teach-Tutors  Top

Tutors, Computers/Internet:

USENET/Newsgroups  Top

Beginners Guide to the USENET/Newsgroups (Internet Discovery - Univ. of Sydney, AU)

Web TV  Top

Web TV - AllTheWeb.com Search Results
Web TV - Developers Help & Downloads for Web TV
Web TV - 'Getting Your Site Ready for WebTV' (Joshua Allen)
Web TV - HotWired Articles (search query)
Web TV - HTML for WebTV Newbies
Web TV - HTML Tag List for WebTV
Web TV - Javascript & WebTV (Carrie Beckner, 19Nov00)
Web TV - Web 411 WebTV Links Index Page

WMLscript  Top

WML - Markup Language Tutorial (ECMA Script)
WML - WMLScript Conversions and Conversations (Kevin Sharp, 28Apr00)

XML  Top

XML - Articles, Guides, Forums, Columns, Libraries   (Extensible Markup Language)
XML - Background Article by Timothy Dyck (PC Week, 21Nov99)
XML - Explore an XML Document - In HTML - shared CSS file - the source  from  (Opera)
XML - W3C Technical Specifications & Recommendations
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B.    Top Internet Web Page - HTML Utilities, Graphics, Sounds & Tools :  Top

Capital High School's Communications and Technology Classes
[Communication Technologies Department] (GenY-GenX-GenTech)

123WebMaster - Free Web Page Resources, Tutors, Help, Tools
Alan Palmer's - Java Script Resources, Real-Time On-Line Examples
Amaya - MIT & INRIA, Unix/Win95/NT Web Browser, Public Beta v.1.3 Release, wysiwyg
AngelFire & KeyTrax Free Web Page Sounds (w/WhiteHouse Answer Machine Parody)
Apple Quick Time Download Site for Mac, Win 3.xx/95/98 (6.8mb)/NT & 'Hot To...Basics'
Browserola - Browser Emulator ($49) - Web Design - Learning HTML & Compatibility
Arriba Vista Image Searcher
CDS Tech.'s - Downloadable Drivers & Software Index of Pages & Phone #s
City University's-20 FAQs About PCs & Advice for Each, London,,UK
Chami.com's Free HTML Editor (HTML-Kit)
Color Names Index (HTML), Point'n Click Chart, Color to Hex Code
Cryptography & Steganography Applications
CyberAtlas - Guide to Online Facts, Net Usage by Types
Develcor's Downloads - Earth Animations, BMPtoGIF & GIFViewer
D.J. Delorie's Free HTML Viewing Compatibility Tools
Doctor (Dr.) Watson (A free service to analyze your web page on the Internet.) [ Link source: Gregsite ]
Download Time Calculator [Intel]
Download Time Calculator [Jim Martindale]
Federal Communications Commission's FCC ID # Database Search (Equipment Authorization)
Gargaro's HTML, Java, Graphics, Sound Files, & Web Browser - Resources
.GIF Wizard - Check 10 web pages' graphics for size reductions
Icons, Images, Buttons, Lines, Markers for Web Pages
Governments' Internet Related Activities
InfoHiWay's Cut-N-Paste JavaScript, Perl, CSS and Plug-ins Toolbox!
Kresch's 547+ Free Webmaster Tools, Resources, & Links & Colors for All Browsers
Laisha's Handy Programs for Submitting, Searching, Graphics, & Other Necessities
Laurie Farese's - Free Web Page Graphics, FAQs, Links & Free Fonts & Email
Library Spot - Libraries Online, Reference Books & Database Lookups, Reading Rooms
Library of Congress, TIFF & PCX Image Viewers to supplement WWW browsers
File Sharing via Napster, Gnutella, Macster, & Scour Exchange (FezGuys [John Luni/Allen Whitman, 23Aug00, WebMonkey])
Graphics - Cool Text, Free Online Graphics Generator (Bryan Livingston)
Lycos' Free Pictures, Images & Sounds Gallery (40,000+)
Lynda Weinman's Coloring Web Graphics - Browser Safe Color Palette sorted by hue & hex
Magical Icon's Assorted Links to Internet Web Page Makers, Browsers, etc.
MIDI Sound Files Source
MIDI Sounds Index Page by Carlo Inovius (Well Organized)
MIT's Free Web Page Counter & Web Page Comment-Reply Form & How to Install Them
Modems, MacTimes' 56kbs Modems Information & Standards, Hayes V90 & V90 Links
Hikaru Nakahara's 'What Color' Displays, Real Time, Pixel Colors by RGB & Name
Need2Know FFAL URLs Directory - Clip Art & Buttons
Old Hippie - Graphics, Sound Files, Political Documents & Opinions
Pemberley's HTML IMG - ALT attributes Advice & 1 & Unicode characters & Frames
Heidi Pollock's - FTPing w/CuteFTP" [article, 21Oct98] & CuteFTP's Download Page
Heidi Pollock's - Controlling Who Sees What On Your Web Site [article, Jan97]
PhoNETic's - Convert Words & Numbers To the Other [multilingual]
Pomona College - Introduction to HTML 3.2
Privacy, Paranoia, Free Expression, & Ethics On The Internet
Rad Graphics Free Images & Graphics/HTML/Tutors/Page Design Links
Rank This - Check If URL is Listed on 10 Search Engines
Real Audio 101 - How to Add Streaming Audio to Your Site by Matt Mickiewicz
Robin William's Links to Fun Web Tools, How To Tips - Downloadable Graphics, Icons, HTML
R.S. William's GeoTeacher 'Make Your Web Page' Resources Links
RVCC Web Design Club - Links to Tools, Tutors, Scripts
Scour.net - Images, Video Clips, & Sound Files
Screen Resolution Considerations by WebMonkey
Screen Width Considerations by NetMechanic
Scrub-the-Web's Web Page HTML Meta Tags Check & Auto-Recommendations
Scrub-the-Web's Free or Shareware HTML software, Bulk Email, Java & CGI Tools
SelfPromotion.com, Post your URL/Web Page address into 64+ engines/directories
Search Engine For Your Web Site - Net Creations' Pinpoint [used here on index page]
Search Engine For Your Web Site - Thunderstone [used here on index page]
SuperStats - Free Web Page Statistics & Visitors Counter
Real Audio - Add Streaming Audio to Web Pages, How To..
True Speech - Add Streaming Audio to Web Pages & FAQs & Develop & How To
Sun - Adding Java Applets to Your Page
Tucows - Internet & Winsock Software Collection [good]
A Java Mailing List & Another & and a 3rd
U of Arkansas,,,US, WWW Test Pattern - Internet Browsers' WWW3 Compliance Checks
Why Browsers Haven't Been Standardized by Eric Meyer (Webmonkey, Nov99)
Validator - Links to HTML Validator Sites by Augustana College, Sioux Falls,SD,US
Validator - A Kindler, Gentler HTML (URL) test
Validator - Bobby, Cast's On-Line [local version downloadable]
Validator - Cyan, HTML validator & beautifier & Internet, HTML, JavaScript, & Windows Tips
Validator - Doctor HTML Page Analysis
Validator - NZ WWW HTML 3.2 Compliance, Results by Email
Validator - Pretty Print (fast, presents useful layout)
Validator - Site Inspector HTML (URL) Analyzer
Validator - W3C (Tidy) HTML & XHTML & Extensible HTML (XHTML) Information
Validator - W3C HTML 4.0
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W3C CSS1 Browser's Conformance Test Suite for the CSS1 Specification (Cascading Style Sheets)
The WebCam Resource (1000+) Links Page & Tutorials and 'Win A Camera' [video]
Web Design Group WDG - Is there a way to avoid/prevent getting framed? (FAQ)
WebPromote's Automatic Meta-Tag Creator for Your Web Page(s)
WebTechs 'Why Validate Your HTML?'
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WebTV Resource Guides & Free WebTV Viewer - Test & Control Pages
Weird Wally's Wave Maker
WillngSoftWare.com's How to...including, setting up Web Cams
Web Design Articles from KillerSites.com
R. S. William's Resources Links for Creating A Web Page
WinFiles.com's Windows & Hard Ware Drivers, Shareware, Bugs'n Fixes, 'How To...Articles'
Yahoo's Computer Security & Encryption Indices, Privacy Resources
Younis Graphics See Your URLs At Various Resolutions - Simple & Standard & Advanced [Java]
Yahoo's Anti-HTML Frames Humor Links Category
ZDNet's On-Line Real-Time Browser Comparisons
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