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Gasoline & Diesel Prices in El Centro, Ca: stations map, low-avg-high ( + by station low→high, search (GasBuddy) + lowest & reported (automallusa) ELC Map Last 24 Hours
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index: ANWAR + 'tis the season for high gas prices + Katrina'n Gas + Gas Going Up! + SUV Killing Me + Big Oil, Big Profits + Addicted to Oil + Oil Profits + $100 a barrel · Dipsticks · Where to Drill? · One barrel of crude oil makes what? Oil FAQs
Lower gas prices 3 ways
T. Boone Picken's Plan Videos
Average Gas Price
Per Gallon
Prices by
View, AtomFilms humor, 2 short films:
" I can't afford my gasoline " alternative
"Going Broke on Gasoline " alternative
US fuel taxes/state mapped & Canadian taxes/province/liter

Components in a gallon of regular cost what?
Gasoline FuturesPre-purchase Gas
EIA Gas Diesel $ Updates
Gas Urban Legends & Internet Hoaxes

Weekly Global Gas Prices
AAA Fuel [Trip] Cost Calculator
Alternative Fuel locations/prices Biodieselbiodiesel symbolCNGcompress natural gas ( C N G ) symbolE85 Ethanole85 gas ethanol fuel symbolElectricelectric charging stations plugin symbolHydrogenhydrogen fuel symbolLNGliquid natural gas fuel symbolLPGliquid propane gas fuel symbol
Average Current Gas Price by State + Increasing/Decreasing Indicator & by Major City/Metro Areas (
Diesel Fuel: Daily Fuel Prices (ProMiles) & National Diesel FuelPrices (,
El Centro, California: (reported) Regular Gas Prices · Mid-Grade · Premium · Diesel & map (src:
El Centro, Imperial County Cities & California by County ( plus:
   Imperial County:  Brawley · Calexico · Calipatria · El Centro · Heber · Holtville · Imperial · Niland · Ocotillo · Palo Verde · Westmorland · Winterhaven (src:
Find cheap gas prices & gas stations with the lowest prices (by state, county & city;
Find cheap gas prices at stations in your area (by state, county, city;
Find the lowest gas prices near you (each grade's lowest price is highlighted) (by state, county, city;
Fuel Me Up - Gas Prices by City, State, Zip + ELC stations reported by (+ chart hi/lo states)
Gas Buddy - US & Canadian Gasoline Prices, Low & High · Join Now · GasBuddy login
    · (mapped, + cell phone/text msg prices, Master Station List) [Time Magazine's '50 Best' Web Sites]
Gas Price Watch (by zip, city, state, exact address, fuel type, price ages 8hrs→72hrs old) Spotter login
    · (US high/average/low, search by zip code, address, 128K+ station names or lat/lon; & you can submit info)
Gas Prices Worldwide (CNN)
Gasoline Prices by Zip Code (
Gasoline Prices by Zip Code (mapped, MSN) (link src: jrp)
Gasoline & Diesel Prices in California
    · Retail $ Graphed (
Gasoline - U.S. Retail Gasoline Prices (
Gasoline - Daily Fuel Gauge Report
Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Prices (
Gasoline Prices in Today's Dollars
Gas/Diesel prices by State, U.S. Cities & County (
     · Federal income tax incentives for hybrid vehicle purchases
Local Gas Prices by Zip Code (
Map (color coded for average of regular) + List of Average Prices by State, Major City, Province (
MapQuest Gas Prices mapped by fuel type, address, city, state, zip code Gas Prices by Zip Code
Racing Fuel, Unleaded (Cal & LV)
    ~ and ~ Egg Prices and Gas Prices (a message worth reading)
    Auto Advancements: An article re replacing Gasoline with Alternative Fuels e.g. Hydrogen, Solar, Electric, BioFuels (H/T Lisa, per Kayla Russell at: new item animated gif.

Lowest Gas Prices in El Centro
View all EL Centro, Ca. Gas Prices as reported to & provided by Login
+ All ELC stations reported by

Price Trends for California
California Gas Prices as reported to & provided by Login
Gas prices (in local currency) for Los Angeles, Houston, Toronto, and New York from
For prices in more cities across the U.S. and Canada, click here.
Find low Gas Prices at
Lowest Gas Prices in California
California Gas Prices as reported to & provided by Login
Today's Gas Prices
Gasoline Prices
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joke images of gas prices sign
...   Total Fossil Fuel Imports
Current world oil production rate
difference below peak.
Peak Oil Theory - What is it?

also Crude Oil 1 Year Spot Price chart View $WTIC
(Oil - light crude - Continuous Contract (EOD) INDX)
WTRG Economics News
W T R G Economics: Crude Oil, Gasoline and Natural Gas Futures and news
Crude Oil, Gasoline and Natural Gas Futures
+ Gold Price Forecast
Precious Metals Spot Prices
Oil Industry Statistics/FAQs
How many gallons of gasoline come from a barrel of oil?
Each 42-gallon barrel makes about 19½ gallons of gasoline. MORE
Questions & Answers
liquid conversions chart US and Metric source: Conversion Tables at
How to get Better Fuel Economy
gas buddy high and low gas prices in california
Search for gas prices by US Zip Code
or California by City
or Search by US Zip Code or City, State/Province · Join Now · Average Gas Prices by State
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MP$ Calculator [Miles per Dollar]
Trip planning or is it worth driving across town to get cheaper gas?
MP$ Calculator $ Current fuel price
Your miles per gallon
Gas Cost Calculator

My Gas Cost
fuel economy conversion tables Convert Fuel Economy Units & Capacity and Volume Conversion, U.S. Liquid Measure
Trip Fuel Cost Calculator Dist/Econ/Total Cost + Metric/Imp/US conversion table (src:
Gas volumes converter: US Gal → CA/UK Imp Gal → Liters (src:
Gas Mileage Calculator (
Calculate your fuel costs (
Trip Planners (
Find cheap gas with your cell phone
" cars.."
Daimler SmartForTwo a blog
Chevrolet Beat
Toyota iQ
Volkswagon Up!
GM/Saturn/Opal Agila
Nissan Cube
Audi Metroproject Quattro
Ford Fiesta
    (source: " It's a small-car world" by Peter Valdes-Dapena,, 7May08)
How to get Better Fuel Economy
Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
e-Ride Industries: electric transportation & utility
Gem: Global Electric Motorcars (Chrysler)
Phoenix Motorcars FAQs & driving range: 130m now/250m 2008

"Best gas mileage cars"

2008 Fuel Economy Information
     • Fuel Economy Leaders
     • Lowest Models Overall
     • Highest Models within Class
     • Lowest Models within Class
(data source:

US DoE Weekly Retail Premium Gasoline Prices: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, UK & US
Find the lowest UK petrol prices
9K+ petrol stations/8K+ daily updates
Prices are per liter (3.8 liters/gallon) = approximately (Jun08) $8+/gallon [note: a UK Gallon is 4.54609 litres]

Learn more about Peak Oil at Energy and Capital.
+ Peak Oil Theory - What is it?
CNN World Currency Rates
US Dollar Index (USDX NYBOT) (src:
CNN 1-to-1 Cross-Rates $USD (US Dollar Index (End of Day)) INDX
Daily View - Weekly - Point & Figure
US Dollar historical information/Value


Add these dynamic charts to your website
(UK fuel information, per liter)
June 2008 UK petrol breakdown of cost
(image source:
gas prices from 1919 to 2009
Charts of Real Oil Prices -

A Primer on Gasoline Prices
two graphic gas pumps showing per cent of gas components costs

A Kilroy Was Here Horizontal Line Break.
"Foreign oil producers have U.S. over barrel -- 38 percent of gas cost tied to overseas supply"
by Dean Calbreath, Staff Writer, San Diego Union-Tribune,, Su.24Aug08,
(Quote, "Every time Americans spend $50 at the pump, they're sending about $19 abroad.")
graph of foreign oil sources january 	to may 2008 where the gas money goes 		percentage wise Why are gas prices so high?
picture of gas pump as a graph of gasoline components cost

(source: (U.S.))
Quote, "Every time you fill your gas tank, you're participating in what Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens describes as 'the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.' "

Products Made from a Barrel of Crude Oil, 2007 (Gal)

Which companies get oil from where?
Quote, "About 48 percent of our net petroleum imports were from countries in the Western Hemisphere, 18 percent from the Persian Gulf, 22 percent from Africa, and 12 percent from other regions." (source: Official Statistics from the U.S. Gov't)
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  Pres.Obama fuel-efficiency rules 26Jan09

El Centro, California map of reported Gas Prices
California Gas Prices as reported to & provided by Login
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