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"London Central closed its doors this June 2007 after 56 years of operation at three different locations around London."
(from Sean Kelly (author of the LCHS BOOK - FROM THE FACULTY LOUNGE and son of former DoDDS teacher & coach Martha Gail Kelly) Class of '78, Friday, June 29, 2007 in .rft doc format)

September 2006: England School Closure (LCHS) - closing ceremony on May 15, 2007, Affects Command-Sponsored Personnel Assigned to UK contact: Closing Ceremony Chairman, Cary Sand, London Central High School (DSN) 235-5720 or 44 (0) 1494-795720
Closed or abandoned airfields:
Ghostbase RAF Upper Heyford USAF Ghosts alternate web site RAF Bentwaters & RAF Woodbridge, Suffolk, England (w/links to Shepherd's Grove) and Bentwaters Cold War Museum, Rendlesham, on the site of RAF Bentwaters - uniquely located in a Command Post on an ex-USAF RAF air base (src: Jim Heck 8Jun07)
(link source: Bushy Park Class '60: )
RAF Lakenheath, England Jet 48 & RAF Mildenhall
Post Reunion Thoughts, San Diego 2003 by
Class Years Calculator (K-12) Take Me Back to the 60's (link from JRP) The cars we drove in the 50'6 & 60's (alt source [At the very end of the video you'll hear the song ' Thunder Road ' sung by the star of the movie for which it was the theme! Not uncommon except this is the one and only song ever recorded, for publication, sung by Robert Mitchum! (src: rapa)], video, sent by PCW, TheFiftiesandSixties.com & oldfortyfives.com
1950's Car Show Game dedicated to American-made iron: old skool, new school, and no school
  A film clip of   BRATS: Our Journey Home (The First Documentary About Growing Up Military)
(link source: Timothy Wurtz, Ankara, class of 1969 - TEWurtz at aol.com)
What Was #1 That Week? Choose by date. REUNIONS INFORMATION

Weather: in London, Teddington/Bushy Park/Kingston Upon Thames Twickenham area  &  Washington, D.C.Travel: Metro Tubes, DLR, Train, Trams Travel
Be Sure to Visit
The Central H.S., RAF Bushy Park, London, England - Alumni Roster 1953-1962
at www.BushyPark.org
Wanda De Vary, Original Creator & WebMaster, Alumni Roster
  • Bushy Park, Alumni Roster 1953-1962 - News & Newsletters (Editor:: )
    London Central High, today & LCHS Middle School + Some Central High, Year Books' Pages 1953-1959 from the DOD UK School District
    Bushy Park High School, (Kingston/Teddington) London, England
    (Formerly a WWII POW facility and Eisenhower's secret headquarters [Camp Griffiss] for planning the D-Day invasion,
    became London Central High School, circa 1952.)
    • London Central HS, High Wycombe 7-12 DoD/USAF 357
    • HE1603 London Central Dormitory, PSC 821, Box 119, FPO AE 09421-0005
    • HE1602 London Central High School, PSC 821, BOX 119, FPO AE 09421-0005
    • Newsletter: Nancie Todd Weber, 514 Eucalyptus, El Segundo, CA 90245
    • Bushy Park, Alumni Roster, 1953-1962
      1. Reunions & Class Representatives, '53 '54 '55 '57 '58 '59 '60 '62
      2. News & Newsletters (Editor:: ) )
      3. "Bushy Tales" - Dedicated in Memoriam to Charlie Andrews (CommoBunker)

    • Class Representatives:
      1953 - Jackie (Brown) Kenny 
      1954 - Betsy (Neff) Cote 
      1955 - Nancie (Anderson) Weber 
      1956 - Edie (Williams) Wingate (Edie's the new '56 Rep per May '09 Bushy Tales Newsletter) 
      1957 - Shirley Huff Dukski 
      1958 - Pat (Terpening) Owen 
      1959 - Mike Hall  (per Ren 20Feb09)
      1960 - Ren Briggs 
      1961 - Betsy (Schley) Slepetz 
      1962 - Dona (Hale) Ritchie 
    • 62-66 - , 606 Linkcrest, Duncanville, TX 75137 early and mid-60's
    • 68-71, Junior High: '74, 8017 Clark Station, Severn, MD 21144; Ph: 410.551.1625
    • 67-72 - '70, 3618 Sugarloaf Lane, Valrico, FL 33594, Phone: 813.684.6669
    • 72-76 - '73, 16310 Banbury Lane, Bowie, Maryland 20715-4363, Ph: 301.805.8290
    • 77-present '78, 1515 South Melrose Drive #49, Vista, CA 92083-7445

      Web Address & eMail Links to Former Students/Faculty/Staff - [old (Mar02) email?]
    • London Central High School Alumni Homepage (London Central High School Network) [ 50's & 60's Bunch1970's1980'61990's and Beyond ]
      ( - )
    • London Central Elementary High School Closing Ceremony
      -sources and courtesy of-
    • Lyn Baskett Fort, WebMaster American Overseas Schools Historical Society, (alt)
      AOSHS, Glenn Greenwood, Communications Director
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    Additional sites..about overseas Americans, including global nomads, military brats, and missionary kids.
    This site "Footprints in the Air" is, regretfully, down per the author. Footprints in the Air
    "Maybe your dad worked for the CIA, KGB, military intelligence or something along those lines. In searching the web there are sites for those who grew up in the military or similar, but for people like us there seems to be nothing. Most people don't even know we exist. This website is an attempt to address that."
    URL: http://www.bluwall.com/fita
    Footprints in the Air was a website devoted solely to those whose parents worked within the intelligence community during the Cold War.
    "Footprints in the Air" Sysop: (29Aug02)
    Bushy Park Alumni Roster 53-62 The Londoner 66-74, Webmaster: - 90-95
    single pixel gif Burtonwood High, Gene Wintersole's scans of Burtonwood American School: section of the 1957 'Vapor Trails' (pages 59-99), Map, DoDDS Overseas Schools - U.K. Isles School District, Schools & London Central High School Home Page, Central Today [Ph: 011.44.1494.79572, Fx: 011.44.1494.795723] , LCHS Central Dormitory, Dorm Director - London Central High (LCHS) Network (founded by Mike Hull '78 in 1988) - and Jay Mercer's Bobcats Database & Chat + Bobcat Photos and Bobcats' database + Bobcats' Chat & London Central.org [ w/links to Bushy Museum & Art Gallery , Photos: Bushy Park, Bushy Hall, High Wycome, South Ruislip, West Ruislip, Peckham Park, Bobcats Carpenders Park ]
    [quote: "Bushy Park, Bushey Hall, High Wycombe, LondonCentral.org, LC.org, Eastcote - ..for all Alumni to find and communicate with fellow classmates. Yearbooks, Reunion information, chatrooms, Class bulletin boards, e-mails, photos, Alumni links, discussion groups..] ( ) + Historical Questionnaire from LondonCentral.org with Vapor Trails & Londoner & Dorm Year Books and the London August 2000 Reunion - (Bushy Park + Bushey Hall then + Bushey Hall now + London Central High School: High Wycombe, England (Formerly Bushy Park High School) Photos: High Wycombe + Carpenders Park + Reunion Photos + Alumni Photo Albums + Prom Night + AYA West Ruislip + Fox & Geese + Links to other Photos + LCHS Yearbooks) and Barry Clapsaddle's Londoner's Links & Reunions Stories & Pictures and Online Newsletters - Home-away-from-Home, Hampton Hall, '56-'59 Bushy Park Map
    Reunion Pictures from Atlanta'99, London 2K, Shreveport/Boosier'01, Branson'01, Biloxi'02 on the Bushy Park Alumni 53-62 Site: www.bushypark.org & the NOLA 11/13Jul02 Contact, eMail: (Info: The Londoner) & the September 2002 LCHS Reunion, Austin, Tx. Hosted by:
    TCK World ...the website for Third Culture Kids (TCKs): Military Brats, Missionary, Foreign Service & Corporate Kids and others who have lived as children in foreign cultures.  The official homesite for Operation Footlocker  (OpFoot - the Mobile Military Brat Monument) and Schools Without Walls (SWW) -- a meeting place for students, faculty, and administrators of TCK schools which no longer exist, such as Central High School (Alumni Roster 53-62,) RAF Station Bushy Park (that was by Kingston & Teddington) London, UK. -- Woodbridge HS, Jr., & Elementary RAF Bentwaters & Woodbridge, Woodbridge, Ipswich, Suffolk, with information about the surrounding area, schools, alumni and reunions.  Also visit the:  DoDDS/DoDEA WebRing that lists 69+ overseas schools alumni sites which is linked in the panel below & The Military Brats and A General School Alumni Locator. -- Use these sites to search/find old friends, classmates, faculty or... enter your own locator data.  Sharpen Those No.2 Pencils...It's Back to School  Then & Now by Stephanie Vollmer (NC News, 27Aug99) Tansey's RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge & Photos & '77 FD Photos & 60's & Ipswich, Suffolk Photo Index
    Great Related Resources at: Department of Defense Education Activity [DoDEA] & others • DoDEA School Alumni Pages - by School - School Transcripts/Records
    and at The American Overseas Schools Historical Society, Archives, & Museum links to:
    Famous Overseas Alumni & Military Brats + Links to More Overseas Brats Sites + Military Brats Resources + Overseas Schools & Alumni Associations + Overseas Schools Associations & Organizations and its additional links to: DDESS + DoDEA & The DODD/DoDEA Web Ring [WWII Orphans, Global Nomads, Sgt. Mom's (Maingate.com), Military Brats: Military-Brats Registry & Online with Brat Life: Alumni contributed articles & Sound Off: Brats Community Bulleting Board + Other Military Brat Websites, Resources, Publications, Books and Publishers & linked to AOSHS The American Overseas Schools Historical Society and Brats Homepage, Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC), Military Youth & Children, Military Family Institute (MFI), Military Family Resource Center (MFRC), Military Relocation Information Network (235+ Installations/Communities' Info), Military Teens on the Move, National Military Family Association (NMFA), Overseas Brats (OSB), Sons & Daughters in Touch (re died or missing in Vietnam War)], Okinawa, JP School District & KHS, List of many DoDEA Schools' Alumni Web Sites (156+)
    OVERSEAS SCHOOLS LISTINGS & Their Alumni Associations
    (link source: American Overseas Schools Historical Society American Overseas Schools Archive & Museum/Wichita, Kansas) [ AOSHS & AOSCA ]
    DoDEA - Districts, Maps, Schools on the Web - Personnel - DoDDS Europe & Job Vacancies - DoDDS Pacific &   Vacancies (+ Korea, Okinawa) - Japan + DoDEA Personnel-Education Links (DoD,Fed., Other Gov. Non-Gov. Personnel, Career Related) & Department of Defense Dependents' Overseas Schools [DoDEA] • DoDEA Area Offices (including Cuba) DoDEA Pacific Area Schools (K-12) • Cuba and Europe Area Schools, DoDEA (source: Military.com's "The Insider", Benefits of Military Service (Benefits, Military Hand Book Index) Top

    animated right pointing fingerOld Time Radio (OTR) Moved Fr.19Sep14 to http://harrold.org/rfhextra/otr.html
    Oldies But Goodies Music
    What Happened in my Birth Year (http://whathappenedinmybirthyear.com) - How Many Days Between Dates? (from Baja4x4)
    The Music Nostalgia Machine A new item animated gif. (from now back to 1960. Clicking on a 'song image' will take you to a YouTube audio/video of the song.)
    (http://www.thenostalgiamachine.com) H/T JoAnn & Les, 19Aug14
    Nostalgia, scenic America, military & patriotic .pps slideshows from OBJflics.com Showtime: (Drude, Nov11)
    If you like Western movies and TV shows, here's a good place to watch a bunch: http://www.westernsontheweb.com
    Decade of the '40sGrowing up in the '50sTake me back to the '50s

    "'I Like Ike': 1952." The 1950s, An Eyewitness History
    Music Videos from the 50s & Early 60s + Old TV Shows & Videos from '32, '49 and the '50s
    (source: Bladensburg, MD's H.S. Class of 1959, 300+ Hits)
    750 Oldies Singles Jukebox "Music Nickelodeon" by Farminton H.S. Class of '61 (Play Consecutively) A new item animated gif.
    1956 to 1960 Juke Box - 450 songs from our high-school years ! : New Format
    ( link source: The Briarcliff Manor High School Class of 1960 Reunion and Juke Box website, Juke Box Design, Images & host Bob Forrest. Original "Swazzo's Drive-In" Graphics 2002-2006 Les Swazzo, Jr., & Les Swazzo, Sr.'s The Top 100 Doo Wops of All Time + the online 24/7 streaming Doo Wop Cove Radio [ alt URL: Bill E Rocker's Jukebox Jewels from Scotland ] )
    And, Playa Cofi Jukebox playing other genres 24/7, including the best of the top 100 from 1950-1989
    Years Swing Era •   50-54 •   55-59 •   60-64 •   65-69 •   70-74 •   75-79 •   80-84 •   85-89
    + Take me back to the 60's  and  Back to the 50's  from  OldFortyFives.com  ( includes: What we drove, Growin' up in the 50's, Do You Remember These?, Old Westerns, When Life was Black'n White, and more nostalgia plus link lists to the Top 100 songs/statistics for:  1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959,1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, and 1969 )  and  Indy 1957 Jukebox Special
     • Or, List the Top 10 by year from: 1939 to 2003 (source: 'Fourth Estate Audio' at discjockey.org)
    and PopCultureMadness.com 1950's Music's & The 60's 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, All Time Top's, + by year:
    Source:PopCultureMadness.com + The 1800s Hits
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    2006 Hits
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    Pre-decimal Sterling
    Coins, values, names, slang


    Doo Wop Oldies Quiz
    received from bebopmetz We.22Dec10 via email -->
    Josh Hosler presents ... updated weekly ...
    THE #1 U.S. SONG ON A DATE IN HISTORY from 1891 to 2000's



    To look up and listen to Billboard's #1 song on a specific date in history, select a month to the left.

    What was the #1 song on ...
     - the day you were born?
     - the day you graduated from high school?
     - the day you were married?
     - the day your child was born?
     - the approximate date you were conceived?

    New feature!
    The top 40 songs 25 years ago this week











    Frequently asked questions
    Current Billboard Hot 100

    musical 			notes icon Plus Stephen Ricciardelli's:
    Jukebox Page of Midi Music: Rock'N'Roll, Classical, Marches, Anthems, Birthday Songs, Christmas Carols, Country/Western,Movie Themes and the Big Band sound
    musical 		notes icon

    Take Me Back to the Fifties - Those Old Westerns (src: John Watt)

    Take Me Back to the Fifties - An Audio & Images Compilation (src: bb)

    Old Time Radio Links (src: rfh)

    LISTEN to the Josh Hosler show:
    The Billboard Pop 40 on Live365.com.

    Go to: Http://www.joshhosler.biz/NumberOneInHistory/SelectMonth.htm   

    From: bebop Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 Subject: Both Sides Now...AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
         If you don't know about 'Both Sides Now', it's an amazing site for vinyl junkies, for old record biz people and even for just plain nostalgia folk.  The discographies, Label Profiles, Pictures, Covers, etc. although mostly LP and not Singles are a great addition to anyones desktop.  They certainly didn't include all labels but there are enough to play with.  I can't believe I didn't know about this site, before now.  Click and enjoy on either the attachment or the site 
    Album Discographies: Labels A-Z
    By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
    Last update: November 3, 2011

    WillieCs RnB Jukebox - Beach Music Cafe

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