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Links to Information On Health & Cancer*
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General News: Medical & Health
Cancer News Headlines from
and from
The BBC: Breast Cancer News
Breast Cancer News Headlines (src: Aetna InteliHealth NYT/AP)
Reuters: Breast Cancer News PLWC: Breast Cancer News Canadian Breast Cancer Network Updates & News
Health Scout: Breast Cancer News BCN: Breast Cancer Research News BioImmune: Cancer Headlines
Yahoo: Cancer Research JNCI Cancer News
MSNBC Breast Cancer News & Survey Infinity B2B: Breast Cancer News Headlines Oncolink: Breast Cancer News & What is it?
Teen Span: Daily Breast Cancer News Yahoo Daily Breast Cancer News CellScience's Cancer News Links
Reuters: Breast Cancer News PLWC: Breast Cancer News Canadian Breast Cancer Network Updates & News
Breast Awareness from MSN Health & Breast Cancer Resources
Medical News de & Medical Journals
Canada United States - France/française - Maroc - Québec - Suisse - Tunisie
WebMD Health Medscape Hematology-Oncology News (registration) Oncology World
NurseZone Hematology Oncology News Reuters Health Oncolink Cancer News
Source: JNCI Cancer News Links/Oxford University Press
JAMA -- Terry et al. 291 (20): 2433, JAMA. 2004;291:2433-2440 "Use of aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) has been associated with a decrease in the risk of several cancers, including breast cancer." • cite: JAMA [Terry et al. 291 (20): 2433, "Association of Frequency and Duration of Aspirin Use and Hormone Receptor Status With Breast Cancer Risk", JAMA website [online], ( Vol. 291 No. 20) [accessed: 31May04]
Peter Russell's: Life Expectancy Calculator Three Minute Meditation Mindful Reminders Meditation for Air Travelers Your Age in Days
    Links to Resources:
  1. A-Z Medical Cancer Directory
      Source: Cell Science (+ Aids/HIV, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Nervous Disorders)
    1. Basic Cancer Information, Fundmentals, International Associations
    2. Chat Rooms Online
    3. Funding Agencies, Cancer
    4. Oncology Clinics, Cancer Hospitals & Medical Centers
    5. Research Centers & Cancer Institutes
    6. Support Groups & Charities (Between Women is listed in U.S., Ca., Regional)
    7. World Authorities, Experts re Cancer Research/Treatment
  2. Abortion & The Increased Risk of Breast Cancer (ABC) - FAQ - ABC - Statistics
    Bias 1 & Bias 2 - ABC & Black Women DeathsOhio Right to Life)
  3. American Cancer Society (ACS), The
    [click on 'Types of Cancer']
  4. The American Cancer Society's:
    ACS Breast Cancer Resource Center
  5. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists y Información en Español
    (w/food choices that can be saved to your PDA or printed as a shopping list)
  7. American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO),
    People Living with Cancer: (alt)
    1. Find an Oncologist
    2. Search by Diagnosis
      1. Search by cancer type or keyword
    3. Clinical Trials
    4. Patient Guides
    5. Web Resources
    6. Advocacy Program
    7. Cancer Advances
    8. Today's Cancer News (Reuters)
    9. News Archives, Previous News Stories, Articles Specific to Cancer Type
  8. Asbestos:'s-Mesothelioma Cancer Center Resources:
    1. Mesothelioma
    2. Treatments
    3. Asbestos Cancer
    4. Asbestos Exposure in Jobsites & Occupations
    5. [Navy] Veterans and Mesothelioma
    6. Mesothelioma Lawyers & Your Legal Rights
    7. Mesothelioma Doctors
    8. Cancer Centers
    9. Clinical Trials
  9. Association of Cancer Online Resources
    1. Breast Cancer Electronic Support Group (BRCA)
    2. Cancer de Mama (Lista Electronica para Cancer de Mama)
    3. Cancer-ESP (información para pacientes y sus familiares)
    4. Related Links (resources created by patients, their supporters, cancer advocacy organizations or professional organizations)
  10. Battling Breast Cancer (Dateline NBC, April 20, 2001)
      How to do a breast Self-Examination (5 Step Graphics Display)
    1. Quiz - Are You At Risk?
    2. Test Your Knowledge
    3. How do you know if you have a breast mass that need further examination?
    4. Dr. Donnica Moore, M.D.: How to do a Self-Exam
  11. " Breast Cancer" Y-ME search results via
  12. " Breast Cancer Information Clearinghouse" search results via
  13. " Breast Cancer Support Groups" search results via
  14. Breast Cancer Answers - Public Health Institute
    1. Clinical Trials Matching System - New Treatment
    2. Art from those touched by breast cancer.
    3. Personal Stories
    4. Links to Other Breast Cancer Information
      (general, psychosocial support, personal stories/artwork, internet guides to breast cancer info, online brochures, hotlines)
    5. Online Survey, Please Take
  15. Breast Cancer Profiler™ (a treatment decision tool sponsored by Y-Me & NexCura)
  16. Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)
  17. The Breast Site: Breast Health Info for Women
      Breast Health Products, Services, and Information re
    1. breast cancer, breast reduction and
    2. augmentation/enhancement, plus products for
    3. breastfeeding mothers, and
    4. bras (including bra history, fitting, & types: sports, nursing, teen, mastectomy )
    5. womens' health.
  18. Brigham and Women's Hospital, The (BYU)
    " Breast Disease", Anatomy, Physiology, Risk Factors, What is Cancer?
  19. Calorie Calculator + online food diary (printable w/sample)
  20. Cancer Guide (Steve Dunn's extensive resources "..dedicated to helping you find the answers to your questions about cancer..")
  21. Cancer News Online Video & Audio Shows re Breast Cancer plus Recent Articles, eMail updates
    (Healthology - Cancer Topic Specific Articles & Webcast Searches )
  22. Cancer Screening Information, state-by-state interactive map
    (National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
    A. Cancer Screening Centers, listed by state (61)
    B. The Great American Health Check (interactive, online) [American Cancer Society, ACS]
    C. source with more related links: CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta & Lance Armstrongs' fight against cancer: Saving Your Life)
  23. Cancer
    (interactive tools & resources to find cancer information for:
    Patients/Consumers - Nurses - Physicians/MDs - Kids'n Teens)
    Search by Cancer Type, Resources, Topic Areas.
  24. Cancer Treatment, Personalized, Treatment Decisions [src:]
  25. Cancer Treatment Centers of America
      Breast Cancer Search Results :
    1. Breast Cancer Treatment Listings and Overview
    2. Need help immediately? Chat with an Oncology Information Specialist now.
  26. Cancer Types, alphabetical list of (src:
  27. Cancer Tumor Markers Found (Kristen Philipkoski, WND, 19Aug00)
  28. Cancer Web Project, The (UK), Library & Information for Patients & Families
  29. CanSearch: Online Guide to Cancer Resources
    (Research, Clinical Trials, Pain, Grieving, Publications, Breast Cancer, eMail Lists, Chat)
  30. Chinese Medicine Directory (Chinese, QIGONG, Alternative)
  31. Clinical Cancer Trials (NCI)
    1. Breast Cancer News & Other Resources
    2. National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institute of Health (NIH)
    3. Search for Clinical Trials by type of cancer, trial, status, protocol, location (NCI, NIH)
  32. Clinical Trials Matching System, Breast Cancer, California (California PHI)
    More Breast Cancer Links - Survivor Stories
  33. Clinical Trials Listing Service - Clinical Trials, What are they? - Current Trials News (FAQs answered by the NIH, NIAID)
  34. Clinical Trials Database (NIH)
    1. Extramural - at Clinical Centers Nationwide
    2. Intramural - in the NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda, Maryland
  35. Clinical Trials, Federally Funded (National Library of Medicine & NIH) [searchable]
    1. Breast Cancer Trials (includes recruiting, not yet recruiting, closed)
  36. Clinical Trials, Oncology (Center Watch)
    1. Breast Cancer Trials
    2. Index by All Medical Areas
    3. About Trials, FAQ, Should You?
    4. Notification Service (public, patients, family, advocates, professional)
    5. Patient & Advocate Resources - Oncology)
  37. Coping With Cancer Diagnosis
    (Internet Resources, books [including our September 30, 2000 speaker's book])
  38. Cosmetics & Breast Cancer
    (Cancer Research Center of America, Inc.; James Coleman, Ph.D., President/CEO)
    1. Cosmetics, Positive Associations with Illnesses
    2. Potential Cancer Causing Agent in Cosmetics (U. Tx, Houston)
    3. Cancer in Cosmetics
    4. Petitions to the FDA, Cosmetics/Cancer (CPC - Cancer Alerts)
    5. Cosmetics General, FDA - Cosmetics, Special, FDA - Cosmetic Help for Cancer Patients
  39. Department of Defense - Breast Cancer Decision Guide...for military & civilian families
  40. Doctor's Medical Library, The; Cancer Prevention, Breast Cancer (Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, Ca.)
  41. eMedTV - health and medical information (articles, diseases & conditions, medicines drugs & supplements, tests & procedures, symptoms, videos)
  42. FDA Oncology Tools
    (Food & Drug Administration, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research)
    French/Francais   German/Deutsch   Dutch/Nederlands   Japanese/japanese word graphic   Arabic/The word Arabic as a graphic image
    1. Approved Oncology Drugs
      1. Access to Unapproved Drugs
      2. What Drugs are Approved for What Diseases
    2. Cancer Information Resources, links
    3. Cancer Liaison: patients, drug approvals, cancer trials, articles
    4. Disease Summaries
    5. Regulatory Tools, Publications,
    6. References: toxicity, staging..malignancies, dose/dosage calculators,
  43.'s Breast Cancer Awareness Links List
  44. Health on the Net Foundation (Non Gouvernemental Organization, NGO & UN)
  45. HealthAware's 'Breast Disease' Main Page to:
    Anatomy, Physiology, Risk Factors, What is Cancer?
    Screening, Tests, Treatment, Lifestyle, References
  46. Health Finder ( y Información en Español
    (plus Online Checkups)
  47. Health Watch Center Blog/News
    ( information, news & tips re allergies, cancers, heart diseases, STDs; disorders of the skin, blood, eating, heart, men’s, mental, nervous system, sleep and more. )
    ( news, articles re: Mesothelioma, Prostate Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Skin Cancer, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer, Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis )
  49. Healthline dot com favicon
    1. Learning Centers
      1. Including: (doctor reviewed)
      2. Allergies Relief, symptoms, treatment
      3. Breast Cancer Learning Center
    2. Diseases and Conditions
    3. Drugs & Drug Directory
    4. Symptoms
    5. Videos
    6. Health Tools:
      1. calculators from A to Z
      2. drug interaction checker
      3. pill identification (by color, shape, markings)
      4. quizes
      5. risk assessments
      6. symptom search
      7. tools by disease
      8. vendors/ads by health category
  50. Hopkins Medical News
    1. The Marvels of Telomerase & the Side Effects of Chemotherapy
      (by Rebecca Skloot, Praxis Post, Fall 2000)
    2. More Hopkins Breast Cancer Articles & Search
  51. Hospitals & Nursing Homes rated by type of illness_care + Health & Mortality Statistics
  52. Journal of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)
    1. Journals & Abstracts (JNCI Cancer Spectrum)
    2. Cancer Statistics (probability, incidence, mortality)
    3. Databases
        NIC's PDQ re: cancer treatment, screening, prevention, genetics, supportive care, & clinical trials.
        Cochrane Reviews: effects of healthcare interventions.
        PDR: information about cancer drugs classed as antineoplastics. (published by Medical Economics Company, Inc.)
      1. Physician Data Query (PDQ)
      2. Cochrane Reviews ($ subscription)
      3. Physician's Desk Reference (PDR)
    4. Calendar of Events, Seminars
    5. Other Cancer Links
  53. Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC)
    (Whether you need information on breast cancer treatment, testing or side effects, we are dedicated to assisting you by offering easy access to a wealth of information specific to your needs. Read updates on clinical trials and the latest news on surgeries like mastectomy, lumpectomy and reconstruction; medicines like tamoxifen, Femara, Arimidex and Aromasin; targeted therapies like Herceptin and Tykerb; and a variety of medical and quality-of-life issues.)
  54. MAMM Magazine Articles
    1. Newly Diagnosed?, Genetic Testing, Insurance Coverage, Support Groups, Treatment Options, Trials
    2. Support Organizations, Includes Y-ME - About MAMM, Guest Speakers
    3. Audiocast - "Living With Advanced Breast Cancer" - Read - Listen with Real Player or Windows Media Player
  55. MD Expert
    2nd opinions from a physician-to-physician network of cancer experts [oncologists.]
    Not Free $800-$1,250 (April 2001)
    (From news article, Imperial Valley Press, page A9, April 19, 2001)
  56. MDJunction [ ]
      Breast Cancer Support (Free Registration)
    1. Breast Cancer Support Forums
    2. Breast Cancer Articles
    3. Breast Cancer Lexicon
  57. Medical Tourism Operations: Cancer Treatments Abroad (TicketMed: receiving medical care across national borders) new item ani gif
  58. Medline plus Health Information, Breast Cancer
    (latest news, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Overviews: What is Breast Cancer? [y en español], Clinical Trials, Coping, Diagnosis/Symptoms, Disease Management, Nutrition, Pictures/Diagrams, Prevention/Screening, Rehabilitation, Research, Specific Conditions/Aspects, Treatment, Directories including freed or low cost mammagram & Pap tests, Law/Policy, Organizations, Men, Statistics, foreign language (Chinese)
  59. (therapy, The North American Menopause Society: newsletter)
  60. National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations, The - Breast Cancer Links - Clinical Trials
  61. National Breast Cancer Coalition
    1. News from Capitol Hill
    2. State Activities (Breast & Cervical Cancer Treatment Act)
    3. Guide to Quality Breast Cancer Care
  62. National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland (
    1. Cancer Information Service & News
    2. Phone Toll-Free (US): 1-800-4-CANCER) [English, Español]
  63. National Cancer Institute (NCI) Breast Cancer Resources and Breast Cancer Websites
  64. National Foundation for Cancer Research , Breast Cancer Research & Discovery
    1. Prevention & Treatment (PR News & Reuters)
    2. All NFCR Cancer Projects Index
  65. National Women's Health Network
    1. Health Information, including:
      1. Breast Cancer Detection & Diagnosis
      2. Fibrocystic Breasts
      3. Ovarian Cancer
      4. Breast Cancer and the Environment
    2. Breast Cancer Organizations (phone, address, description, web site) [including Y-ME Hotline Numbers]
    3. Fact Sheets, including:
      1. Abortion and Breast Cancer
      2. Latina Women and Breast Cancer
      3. Breast Biopsies
      4. Native American Women and Breast Cancer
      5. Raloxifene
      6. African American Women and Breast Cancer
      7. Tamoxifen for Healthy Women
      8. Asian American Women and Breast Cancer
      9. Unnecessary Mastectomy
    4. Mammography as a Screening Tool for Cancer
  66. Neoplasms, Breast; General Articles, Cancers; by Body Site & Histologic Type; Cysts
    1. Search Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), National Library of Medicine
    2. Alphabetical List of Specific Diseases/Disorders (Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden)
  67. Oncolink, Abramson Cancer Center (U. of Pennsylvania)
    (cancer types, treatments, coping, trials, resources, Ask Experts, library)
  68. Oncology, Hematology; Cancer Journals, Articles and Clinical Reviews
    (MedNets - Search Medical Specialties - Physicians Links - Patients)
  69. Oncology Related Web Sites & Medical Links Index (U. Iowa)
    (Breast Cancer Tumor Prevention, Screening, Diagnosis, Staging, Treatment; resources from Elsevier’s OncologySTAT the authoritative source for: Breast Cancer which is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancer types that affect the world and we want to give [you] your students a direct link to our spotlight page on this topic. OncologySTAT is committed in providing up to date news, journal scans, chemotherapy regimens, interviews with reputable doctors and informative videos. OncologySTAT's mission is to improve worldwide cancer care and prevention by providing healthcare professionals with immediate integrated access to the most authoritative evidence-based information available.)
  71. Online Cancer Guide & Cancer Information Guide
    (A comprehensive resource providing complete information on various types of cancers such as prostrate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, throat, blood cancer, brain cancer, bone cancer, etc. Also know about the causes of these cancers, symptoms, various treatment methods.)
  72. Organizations, Breast Cancer (search results via
  73. Pill to Stop Cancer? (BBC News, 4Apr01) + related links
  74. Sleep Disorders Guide
  75. Support Groups & Clinical Trials News Links (CancerHelp)
  76. Texas Cancer Center
    1. Breast Cancer
      (Breast Cancer: Introduction, TCC Analysis, Stages of Disease, Treatment Options, Types of Treatment; Medical Research, references, links)
    2. Links to other cancer sites
      (bladder, breast, cervix, melanoma, prostate, rectum, sarcomas, all cancers)
  77. Wrong Diagnosis? (
    ( Symptoms, Diseases & Conditions, Diagnosis, Dictionary, Boards )
    Searches and Other Sources:
  1. DMOS Directory Links: Health/Conditions and Diseases: Cancer (1200+, categorized)
  2. DMOZ Directory Links: Health/Conditions and Diseases/Cancer: Breast (250+, categorized)
  3. Google Search for Online Medical Dictionaries & Related Resources
  4. HealthCare Job Bank
      HealthCare Job Bank's index of related & other Jobs Search links
    1. Nursing Links
    2. Medical/Health Links
    3. Career Links
    4. Other Related Jobs Links
  5. medical search engines (Les moteurs de recherches médicaux.)
    and de la thérapeuthique et de l'information médicale (English & French)
  6. Search MEDLINE for recent research articles on Breast Cancer:
    Paget's Disease of Breast
  7. Search Engines, Medical Related
  8. Vivisimo's Breast Cancer Information Search (also gives table of closely related sub-topics, meta-search)



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  1. Pink Ribbon Library of 25 'Breast Cancer Awareness' Icons (source: Carol Sutton)
  2. Download: Download 'Painting With Shadows' or "The Tavern At The Edge Of Nowhere" e-Books from Bryan H. Joyce and Dave Burns who have collected short stories and poems from around the world to generate funds for cancer research. You can download the books ("Painting with Shadows" & "The Tavern At The Edge of Nowhere") for free, and the authors encourage you to donate money to your local Cancer charity in return.
  3. Download: United Devices' peer-2-peer cancer research virtual computer program - Background from ZDTV

  4. More Background & Articles about #3.
    Intel, U. of Oxford, & UID's Peer2Peer compute against cancer project and screensaver
    National Foundation for Cancer Research, Oxford, Intel, & United Devices
    To review a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Intel Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program and PC philanthropy, visit the Help section for FAQs. (Frequently Asked Questions)
  5. nano Technology fights cancer (.wmv movie, online)
  1. Download Free 40 minute audio "Healed from Cancer" (1.1MB, RA)
    from Catholic Focus
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    Clinical Trials, NCI
    Chat Online w/the National Cancer Institute (NCI)
    Types of Cancer
    Breast Cancer Research Foundation United Devices background on the anti-cancer program that runs on your pc

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