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AERC Harrold's recommends: How to Clean Infections from a PC + The Laptop Lock PC theft trace
DNS Stuff report: DNS 'health' or identify problems or issues, WHOIS Lookup, Reverse DNS lookup [Also look at bottom of the DNSstuff page.]
You are here: Your IP: [] (FAQs, Tweak Test, Speed Tests, Line Quality, Line Monitor, Whois, Doctor Ping »» Router Watch, Port Info, Smoke Ping, Calculator, Phish Tracker, DrTCP)
Test de Velocidad en Español
BeamSpeed Bandwith Test Yuma, Az & Imperial County, Ca. Wireless Internet
English y Español
Dotcom-Monitor (ICMP) Ping Test from 20+ world locations A new item animated gif.
Time Warner Speedtest Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix
TW Cable Wisconsin Speedtest
To try the speed test again, you may have to empty your temporary Internet files tests: MetroBridgePhylogyDirectLinkXanadooBresnan (WY, MT, CO)
Speak Easy (WA, CA, TX, IL, GA, NY, DC) • LimottaEverything (SF,NY)

AT&T/SBC Speedtest & 2Wire Test
Clear your browser's temp files/cache before speed testing. Test your Internet connection speed at Clear your browser's temp files/cache before speed testing.
Show my IP, host name, browser + Broadband Provider (ISP) Charts - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly + MSN (non-active x) Internet Speed Test +'s TCP/IP Analyzer & Speed Test & Bits/Bytes Conversion Calculator (bits/kb/mb/gb/tb <> bytes) + Bit, Bytes, Bandwidth Reference Guide w/tables + RWIN/BDP Bandwidth Delay Product Calculator
Verizon Speed Test

Youtube Video Speed Test
Estimated Time for File(s) Download
Speakeasy Speed Test (WA, CA, TX, IL, GA, NY, DC)
Dialup & ISDN
Modem Tests
Dialup & ISDN at:

(Up & Down)
Net Speed

BandWidthPlace internet speed testRun Speed Test Band Width Place
Bandwidth Place
Band Width PlaceSpeed Test FAQs
Toast.Net Bandwidth Test
Broadband Reports (speedtest, port scan, packet loss, router, TCP/IP, WhoIs, Ping)
CNet Bandwidth Meter
T1-T3-DSL Test
speed Test . com
More Test Places
56K-Cable Tests
Internet Traffic Report
Test My Speed: US & Foreign
SBC Internet Throughput Test
MSN ZDNet Speed Test
DSL Reports Speed Test both up/down
PC Pit Stop
(Adjust Modem)
Road Runner
McAfee's Internet Connection Speedometer Calculates Your Internet Speed/Bandwidth: (0150 KB 600 KB 1500 KB 3000 KB )
PC Pitstop's Internet Center Map Download TestUpload TestPing TestSatellite Ping TestTrace RouteiCheck ConnectionnslookInternet Home
Optimize your internet connection.
Definitions, Internet Connectivity: CableDSLFrame Relay T-1SatelliteT-1Wireless
(src: Colorado State Library Technology Resources: E-Rate Funding, Broadband Matching Grants, Library Automation, Standards)
28.8Kbs to T3 (10Mbs) Chart Dialup (56KB) versus ADSL/T1 (1.5Mbs) Speed (src: Telus [CA])14.4Kbs to T1 (1.5Mbs) Chart
SG WLAN WEP/WPA Key Generator.
Note: Many web sites work best using a high bandwidth connection.
What is a high [speed] bandwidth internet connection? About bandwidth/Internet speeds.
Devices that can be used to connect at the various speeds, include:
A Modem , High Speed Dialup , ISDN , DSL , Satellite , LAN (local area network) , and a Cable Modem.
What are their connection speeds?
Typical transfer speeds for a 1MB size file using a:
dial-up modem: 145-282 secs, ISDN: 63-127 secs, Satellite: 7-32 secs, DSL: 5-32 secs, Cable: 2-32 secs
What internet bandwidth do you have? Test your current internet connection speed here . ( alternate tests )
A commentary on speed: "Watching Grass Grow at Internet Speed" (by Joel Tucker)

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