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Lincoln: 200 years
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Red versus Blue States & Electoral geography + Animated Electoral History & Presidential Election Maps & POTUS · 1789-2004 History · Rhetoric + EXOP · GOV · SOG & Voting Laws: An Employer's State-by-State Guide (src: Wildman Harrold, Attys)
Issue: "A weak currency is the sign of a weak economy, and a weak economy leads to a weak nation." (H. Ross Perot)
What the candidates don't tell you: Charting Government Fiscal Irresponsibility (
Watch: Suicidal Spending - A Presentation   plus, view T. Boone Picken's Plan for Energy still pictures movie or video video sound or narration
video clip of Ross Perot for President
TruVeo Videos: McCain · Palin and Obama · Biden

Be Heard: Contact Senators/Congressman by phone or fax Use Zip+4 to Contact Your Elected Officials via + Online Directory for the 110th Congress y ¿Quiere ponerse en contacto con miembros del Congreso en Español? •  National & Local Radio/Talk Shows' Contact #s (ACLJ) and AFA: Find and contact national and local media; Editors, Reporters & Producers; Newspapers, TV, radio and Find and contact national and local media (Roll Call & Federal Candidates, Campaigns, Elections, Congressional, State Parties, Incumbents, Local News Sources & News Contacts
Betting Odds, Predictions: Betting OddsBuy-Sell-Trade on InTrade's Political Prediction "Stock Market"RealClearPolitics Fantasy '08, a market-based game for the 2008 election powered by Intrade

Candidates: MSNBC's News re: McCain & ObamaThe Obama File: about (Barry) Barack Hussein ( Soetoro ) ObamaContact the Presidential Candidates by phone, mail or eMail AP/Washington Times "Candidates' contact information" & biographsList all 250 of them? + Candidates ( alphabetical ) + Principal candidates' Profiles + CNN List + YouTube: You Choose '08 + NPAT + Candidates@Google + HRH: Pro-HRC & Anti-HRC Fund Raising allegations accountability + Ron Paul·2nd Amendment·Videos·on YouTube·(R-Tx) & Alan Keyes Renew America icon movie or video icon video icon sound or narration + AARP's Presidential Parents Trivia Quiz
What's in a Name? (CNN/YouTube, 2m42s) Obama and Bush are 11th cousins (Interactive Family Tree, Chicago Sun Times) · Barack Hussein (Barry) Obama, Jr.'s genealogy · "Hussein:" Meaning & Origin: From the Arabic personal name, Husayn, derived from the Arabic hasuna, meaning "to be good" or "to be handsome or beautiful." Hasan, for which Hussain is a derivative, was the son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. - Surname Origin: Muslim ( · Barack Hussein (Barry) Obama, Jr. (Hussein = handsome one), Barack= (African and Hebrew) Blessed · How to pronounce "Hussein" properly (play in .mp3 format) John Sidney McCain III (Sidney = contraction of St. Dionysius, who was a martyred saint beheaded with a sword also wide, well-watered land), John= God is gracious, merciful - Hebrew, YAHWEH is gracious. Yahweh is another name for God.) • Michael Dale Huckabee (Dale = a broad valley), (Mike= Who is like God?, Hebrew) • Ronald Ernest Paul (Ernest = truth), Ronald= (English) Advisor to the King • Robert Laurence "Bob" Barr, Jr. (Robert = bright fame, English) (Laurence = Laurel-Crowned, French) • Charles O. "Chuck" Baldwin, Dr. (Charles = manly, farmer, German) [ source(s): WCSC News5 & Yahoo & & Search for Ancestors & Zimbio blog & Top 10 Worst Presidential Middle Names ] + "Malice in the Middle" Barack Hussein Obama and the history of bad middle names in politics. Listen in .MP3 format icon sound or narration (By David Wallis, Slate, 27Dec06)Good Magazine: Meet the Candidates (videos) [McCain, Obama, Clinton] movie or video video
Candidates' Positions on Issues: American Family Association: Voter Issues Guide for the 2008 Presidential Election Candidates' Positions on Issues(McCain vs Obama) Candidates' Positions "compared Side-by-Side" on many Issues and "How to Contact the Candidates" • Compare them on abortion: Obama · 24 quotes - McCain · 30 quotes on the 2nd Amendment: Obama · 11 quotes - McCain · 21 quotes and core Principles+Values: Obama · 150 quotes - McCain · 84 quotes also see their issue positions at these sites: Abortion / Life + Abortion (CNN) & Life (NYT)2008 Presidential Candidates' Gun Rights Score Card (POTUS: NAGR) + 2nd Amendment (GOA) + GunBanObama (NRA) + Guns (CNN) + Gun Control (OTI)Climate Change (NPR)Constitution Changes (ProCon)Cuba Embargo (ProCon)Death Penalty (ProCon)Draft (ProCon)Economy (NPR) + Economic Stimulus (CNN)Education (CNN)Election Contributions Reform (ProCon)Energy (CNN) + Environment (CNN)Faith Based Funding (ProCon)Free Trade (CNN)Health (NYT) + Health Care (CNN) + Health Care (NPR) + Health Care (OTI) · Health Care & Financial Security (AARP) + Homeland Security (CNN) + Housing (CNN) + Iran (CNN) + Social Security (CNN) + Stem Cell Research (CNN)Immigration/Illegals (NPR) icon sound or narration + Immigration (CNN) + Immigration (OTI, FT)Iraq (NPR)Iraq (CNN) + Iraq (NYT)Medical Marijuana (ProCon)Social Security (CNN) + Social Security (OTI)Same-sex marriage (CNN)Tax Reform (OTI) + Fair Tax (MH) · What is a Flat Tax (FW) · Quickly compute Your Flat Tax ( · Fair Tax: Candidates' PositionsTaxes & The IRS (CNN)Open Washington Post Candidates' Issues window, interactive (alt below) and All Issues (OTI) + by topic (OTI) and Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues ( plus Issue Guides from :
an issue, Life: Pro-Life:    Chuck Baldwin Sarah Louise Heath Palin Ron Paul Alan Keyes Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee icon movie or video icon video icon sound or narration John Sidney McCain III NRL PL OTI Not prolife:    (Barry) Barack Hussein (Soetoro) Obama, Jr. nor Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr.
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an issue, Guns: Presidential Candidates' 2nd Amendment Positions both Republican & Democrat

Debates: Presidential Debates 1960-2004The American Presidency & Debates History '60-'04 & CNN Presidential DebatesCommission on Presidential DebatesHistory of Presidential Debates
Election Process: States' Election Information (AL-WY) • Election Process & Elections 101What is a delegate? ( Presidential Election 2008 (Wikipedia) & Supreme Court Justice Selector (SCOTUS), 2008 + Register to VoteRepublican Primaries & Caucuses 2008 & Democratic Primaries & Caucuses 2008 · (Source: Electoral College ( Electoral Vote Calculator, state-by-state and NPR NewsHour Electoral Outlook: Vote 2008
Humor, Politics 2008: Wonkette ( humoresque D.C. Gossip by Ana Marie Cox, fairly risqu ) • About Wonkette by Michelle MalkinBarack Hussein Obama ~ other view ~ MadTV + John Kerry Mockommercial ('04) + HRC 1984/2008 ~ The Hillary Show & 'toons + Cagle Cartoons ~ Search 'toons and Cagle's Campaign 2008 Cartoons + RNC on the DNC + The Onion News: "War for the White House" with Candidate Profiles, Key Issues, The Election Process, Political Terms, Glossary, & Definitions, Videos still pictures movie or video video sound or narration text's Political Humor: 2008 Election JokesAmos & Andy, 1928 - Is you gonna be a Democrat or Republican? A Speaker GIF Image (link sources: SeeqPod & [] Bob Hope, clip from the 1940 film classic "The Ghost Breakers", "..maybe you know what a zombie is." movie or video
~ and, not humorous: Remember 9.11.2001 & The Victims of those who would kill us. + 'Daisy ad' in 1965 (alt) and in 2008 + Freedoms Watch + The Clinton Legacy + Their Secret Life from the 60's to Fahrenheit 911 + Citizens United: 'Hillary the Movie' = watch Previews & 'Hillary 1984' + Obama, "That was the point", background? from both sides of the aisle, negative views. ~ Wolves ('04) + "Juan McCain" & "John 'Juan' McCain" & "Two McCain Moments, Rarely Mentioned" (by Elisabeth Bumiller, NYT, 24Mar08) + Freedom's Enemies: The Obama File & in timeline print format + Obama's Voting Record, Obama & Race, An ExPat in Southeast Asia, The Jeff and Mike Rant Radio / Podcast + Obama's Money Cartel & the video on YouTubeATLAH Ministries Opines & ATLAH Pastor Manning explains small TV set image or narration
News: Political News sources: Live News Cameras and LiveTV • AP Politics: Alphabetical list of Conservative ColumnistsNew York Times/AP PoliticsAP Political HeadlinesCNN: CNN Political & CNN Election News & CNN Latest Political News Ticker & CNN Politics Video 2008C-Span Candidates' & Political News Videos and C-Span Streaming Live Video/Audio (C-Span, C-Span2, C-Span3 & C-Span Radio small TV set image or narrationDaily ElectoralEye Blast TVFox News 'America's Election HQ 2008' video clips & Fox Political News & You Decide Election 2008Google Election News & Google 2008 U.S. Election News on McCain & Obama: YouTube, Blogs, Quotes, and News by StateGOPUSAMSNBC: Top Stories, Videos, First Read, Analysis, Maps & Info, Live Votes, McCain, Obama, White House, Capital Hill, Conventions & Live Coverage of the Democratic ConventionHotAir Political News & news linksNational & State Pro-Life NewsNewsmax: Election 2008 + Political News Archives Jun07->TodayNewser Political NewsNRO: National Review OnlineOnion News Network: videosPBS: the Online News Hour, Presidential Election Coverage: Vote 2008 & Lesson Plans and PBS News for Students & Resources for Teachers, Grades 7-12Political News's Election Campaign 2008PR Newswire Public Interest Services: Congressional, Senatorial, Gubernatorial and Presidential Campaigns NewsReal Clear Politics: Political News Washington Post's Candidates Election News Collection, interactiveReuters Politics & Political NewsWashington Times Election 2008 News Yahoo Election News & Yahoo Political News small TV set image or narrationWashington Times 2008 Election NewsElectoral college bypass approved by 2nd state (WND, Tu.15Jan08) [Historical Documents (Wallbuilders) ] • 'New York Times' political sites guideMSNBC Political News and Cagle's Campaign 2008 CartoonsClick here to read more election news. & Visit the "web cloud" Political Blogosphere Map - Wonkosphere - Trends - SIPP Index plus Convention Videos:Convention Daily 2008RNC Hotline TV by Atlantic Media Videosother conventions videos
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Governor Mike Huckabee, radio talk show archives & Twice Daily Commentary: Morning & Afternoon (about 02Jan09) A new item animated gif.
Information Radio Network, Programs Schedule & Streaming News
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"We failed to react appropriately to them and, instead, displayed weakness. And the weak are always beaten."
Vladimir Putin
Source: Reuters, Sat 4Sep04
by Richard Ayton/Oliver Bullough

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Freedom's Watch
English in America
Jackie Mason opines on Hillary and Obama's pandering for votes by denegrating English as an offical language

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Election Enthusiasm icon sound or narration (source) y en Español Entusiasmo electoral
Playlist: This is Abortion
This series of videos reveals the reality of the various methods of abortion, using the words of abortionists themselves.

Fr. Frank presents various responses to the slogans and arguments some politicians use to defend legal abortion

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Priests for Life Podcasts
Howard Phillips, U.S. Taxpayers Party
The Christian Foundations of Civil Government (videos):

The Christian Foundations of Civil Government (1 of 4)
The Declaration of Independence & Constitution (2 of 4)
Separation of Church & State (3 of 4)
Freedom & the Christian Republic (4 of 4)
McCain & Obama
Belief net's God O Meter gauge of McCain and Obama
Sarah Palin & Joe Biden
    Conservative and Pro-Family:
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  2. Election Resources and Information: Voter Registration, Voting Guides, Candidates & Issues, Resources for Pastors & Churches including IRS info
  3. Information and Quotes on Voting and Issues
    1. Read a collection of the Founding Fathers' quotes on voting here at "WallBuilers."
    2. Compare the Democrat and Republican Platforms on four Biblical issues: Read Comparison (.pdf)
  4. Scripture passages used in Oaths of Office (
  5. Christian Heritage of America (.swf)
  6. Congress and Religion

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." - - George Orwell President, Senate, House Updated Daily
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Opines: and the God-O-Meter Ratings for McCain & Obama • "Civil Tongues" (by Cal Thomas, 9Apr08, Washington Times)Commentary by Alan I. Abramowitz (biograph) & Forecasting the 2008 Presidential Election with the Time-for-Change Model (references, Google) " Abramowitz’ call for November: A popular vote of 54.3 percent for Obama versus 45.7 percent for McCain (Th.11Sep08, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) • "Malice in the Middle, Barack Hussein Obama and the history of bad middle names in politics" (by David Wallis, 27Dec06, • "What's in a name?" on Obama: "What brought us here?" (Victor Davis Hanson) · Bill Cunningham mentions Obama's middle name alternate video source (WWL, YouTube) + (wmv) video_wmv  Download  | Play or (rmp) video_mov  Download  | Play ( ) & Cunningham replies to McCain ( 6m37s,, FoxNews, YouTube with political news links ) & McCain Threw Me Under the Bus! (5m49s, CNN)Ann Coulter opines on Obama (YouTube, FoxNews, & on Nader: Before Obama...Nader ( Lawyers' Party (by Bruce Walker, in the "American Thinker" 17Mar08)Daryl Cagle's "The Cagle Post"SM Cartoons & Pundits, Columnists, Commentary & Cartoons
Parties, Political History, POTUS: Guide to American Political PartiesThe Party Matters . ( Fr. Frank Pavone, M.E.V. & videos ) A collection of over 500 public domain images of American Political History (example: Map of the Presidential Election of 1860) Third Party WatchAmerican Flag & The Pledge of AllegianceBirth of the Two Party System, 1800History of American political parties (democrat, republican, federalist, whig)CampaignsThe Presidency & CabinentVice-PresidentsHistory of POTUS · links (President Of The United States) • Historical Outline of American Political PartiesList of Political Parties in the U.S. (now & then)Political Parties: list of, web sites, history of current & former, • Political Parties, U.S.Presidential Campaign Slogans 1840-2004Speeches, Historical Presidential (1790-2001)The 1st Presidential Election, 1789Meet the Presidents: George W. Bush - Bill Clinton - Ronald Reagan - George H.W. Bush - John F. Kennedy - Herbert Hoover - Richard M. Nixon (src:, NBC 'Meet the Press') Voice Library of U.S. Presidents from Harrison to Bush (lib.msu.ed) icon movie or video icon video icon sound or narrationQuotations: The Chief Executive of the United States of America from G.Washington, 1789 - G.Bush, present & The 14 "Lost Presidents" of the Continental Congress & the Congress of Confederation (
[ sources: Associated Content, Harrold's index of History links,,, Priests for Life, The History Guy, Wikipedia ]
Presidential Trivia: List of United States Presidential NamesNames of Presidents & First LadiesWhat are the middle names of all the US presidents? • A short Quiz: President's Middle NamesQuiz on US Presidents -- Washington through Tyler (from 1789 to 1845)Test your knowledge of the Presidents (
[source(s): Harrold's links to Online books,,,, & Look, Listen, Learn ]

"When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I`m beginning to believe it."
-- Clarence Darrow

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Perception: analysis of candidates' political themes / concepts, sentiment / tone in social networks
i.e. blogs and other online forums, blogosphere's buzz ( & by Jeff Catlin)
and from's "Truth-O-Meter" are Candidates' or attackers' statements: on AbortionConstitutionGovernment SpendingGun ControlImmigrationIraqMilitaryTaxesTerrorism
... and more including Politifact's "Pants on Fire" rulings
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U S A Election Polls National, by State, political web sites list
USA Election Polls: by State, National, Senate, City demographics, Pollsters

Polls / Polling Results:
Dem versus Rep, head-to-head ( src: Polls by state, by region [mapped] ) • CNN Polls 2008Electoral College, Money / War Chest, President, Governors, Senate, House (mapped) • Fox PollsGallup Polls & NewsPolling Report and's Whitehouse Polls for the General election, Democratic nomination, Republican nomination Congressional seats, & Ratings of Political Figures, People & Candidates + QuotationsMSNBC: Live FAQs about Polls, List/Links to Public Pollsters from A to Z, Poll Blogs & Sites, Research Organizations and Academic SurveysRasmussen Reports (Yahoo) + Rasmussen Reports: Presidential Tracking daily Today · Democrat versus Republican, Presidential · Latest Polls, listed by state & mapped, State-by-State + Delegate counts: Democratic & Republican + RCP National Polls & RCP Latest PollsUSAStrawPolls: Presidential Straw Polls plus Sample Size & Margin of Error ( Review Poll: (Federal Review 2008 Composite Poll and Electoral Vote Composite, A Statistical, Weighted Meta Average of Polling )

Polls on Issues: AbortionWarImmigration + Center for Immigration Studys: Poll 12-13Mar08Global Warming + Register to participate in Zogby online PollsInteractively compare your postions against the candidates'Participate by voting online in a variety of Political BuzzBite Polls (On this page is a BuzzBite poll example, above & to the right of "Opines") [source: BussDash]

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A Real Change
Who is ahead in the delegate count (Dem) and Head-to-Head Nationally (Rep/Dem)

Surveys; take, compare & match candidates on Issues: Compare candidates by 20 CriteriaRank candidates by your issues · Compare CandidatesOn the Issues (OTI) + Take a survey at PollingPoint.comVA Joe candidate calculator: find a candidate supporting your issue positions (current) 2008 Presidential Candidates Quiz: Find out which one most closely matches your Quiz yourself and candidates on positions important to you. • ABC's 5 Question Politics Trivia QuizPBS: Vote by Issue Quiz (Learn about the candidates through their platforms, not their personalities.)1994 versus 2008: The Political Quiz Show, 25 Questions to see where you stand e.g. left or right

Leadership History Duty, Honor, Country Service 9.11.2001 The Long War Values 2nd Amendment & Privacy Economy Crime'n Punishment Life & Values

"War has rules, mud wrestling has rules - politics has no rules." -- Ross Perot (source:

Title 36 USC Chapter 3
United States Flag Etiquette
Respect & Honor

Pledge of Allegiance

by Red Skelton (1913-1997)
Red's story 1945-1952

Story of our
"Star Spangled Banner" A Speaker GIF Image.
(1.8MB narration, .wma 11m35s)
Why Americans honor it!
Baxter Black: "So Lucky to be an American"

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America."
Then there's Change

Is it Change? Hope? or
Click on photo to observe Barack Hussein Obama refusing to honor the United States and its symbol..the American Flag
Shame? Embarrassment?

Maubus & Other Views
"By peace he shall destroy many."
Hope-Nosis small animated speaker image
"He shall change times and laws."
"The 27 - Characteristics"
Sources: Snickering Hound · Posts at & Stem Publishing & POGM

GunBanObama (NRA)
The Worm grubs for abortion $$$
Mis-guided Defense policy
All Obama Quotes A new item animated gif. on Obama

National Association for Gun Rights
POTUS: 2008 Presidential Candidates' Gun Rights Score Card

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Find out where candidates stand on immigration issues
Click Here to see a Report Card Locator Map where you can Click on the state of the delegation or Member of Congress whose immigration grades you wish to inspect.
SUBJECT: Overall Increases Through Immigration
By state delegation
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Career Ranking of 535 Members
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Join a Luntz, Maslanzky Strategic Research focus group in your area.
Join a Luntz, Maslanzky Strategic Research focus group in your area.

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Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Name 1 Accomplishment, Part 1

Name 1 Accomplishment, Part II

What Legislative Accomplishments?

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NRA-PVF Launches to Expose Obama's Gun Ban Record

Barack Obama would be the most anti-gun president in American history.  Senator Obama says “words matter.”  But when it comes to our Second Amendment rights, he refuses to speak honestly about where he stands.  In fact, Obama hides behind carefully chosen words and vague statements of support for sportsmen and gun rights to sidestep and camouflage the truth.

But even he can’t hide from the truth forever … his voting record, political associations, and long standing positions make it clear that, if elected, Barack Obama would be the most anti-gun president in American history.

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Politico dot com's  2008 Election news and blogs
A B C News McCain and Obama Match Maker Questions to determine your candidate 2008 Presidential Candidates Quiz: Find out which one most closely matches your views candidate calculator

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Halloween 2007
Obama versus Hillary street fight cartoon
Jackie Mason's
Vlog '08
Vlog #64
Vlog 7 Election Experts
"Who needs all these pundits and prognosticators.."

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Illegal Aliens • Immigration • The Long War against Terrorism • 2nd Amendment Right to Carry & Right to Keep and Bear Arms • Life

Alan Keyes
America's Independent Party candidate
for President of the United States.
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Welfare, Family, Abortion / Life, Economics, Morality, Sovereignty, Border Security, War on Terror, Elections / Media / Money, Politics

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Pro-Life is, pro-choice is not. Abortion- America's Final Solution's holocaust.
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We Choose Life Net--the ISP of the Abortion Abolition Movement
Unlimited Nationwide Anonymous Internet Access
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