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      TV & Movie Sites:still pictures movie or video video sound or narration text narrative small animated speaker image of tv set with rabbit ears antenna
    1. [Family Friendly] FreeTube - Watch Live TV Channels Online for Free
    2. small icon of 2 music notes Avidbox (Your bands, Your tunes, Your playlists; not affiliated with, new: Tu.15Apr08)
    3. animated TV icon WWITV: World Wide Internet TeleVision & movies (EN FR ES DE NL)
    4. ABC News Videos
    5. AmericaFree.TV - movies (uses QuickTime V.7+)
    6. AOL
    7. Atom Films
    8. BabelGum ß (TV like interface; also see, VeohTV)
    9. Break
    10. Bright Cove
    11. ChillOutZone (DE)
    12. Daily Motion
    13. Daily Revolver
    14. DivX "Stage 6" Videos
    15. Endicotsoft's Internet Digital TV 2050 download channels, world
    16. FastPassTV (cartoons, movies, TV shows)
    17. Flixxy
    18. FreeTube live Internet TV channels (
      News | Business | Educational | Entertainment | Religious | Music | Sports | Lifestyle | Web Cams | Movies
      ( MainDiagnosticsFull ListingFreeTube SpyHelp / FAQTutorialsWidgetsContact FreeTube )
    19. Glumbert
    20. (celebrity viral videos)
    21. Google (inf)
    22. Hulu (movies, TV, videos)
    23. (2K TV, 5K Radio, 2K Games, 4M videos)
    24. JibJab
      (Anime, Bollywood, Cartoons toons, Comedy (Stand up/Sketches), Documentaries, Foreign movies with subtitles, Foreign or dubbed movies, Movies, Music, Sport, TV Shows )
    26. Justin.TV iconJustin.TV
      (watch movies & TV series and stream live video from smartphones or PCs)
    27. Live Leak
    28. LiveVideo
    29. MeeVee: Your TV/cable/community listings
    30. MegaVideo (PG/R)
    31. - Live Broadcasts, Live Video with Chat, Stream On Your Website
         (example of streaming video on a website:
    32. MetaCafe
    33. MySpace & MySpaceTV Videos
    34. (Deutsch, German)
    35. MSN
    36. NASA Live TV (National Aeronautics & Space Administration)
    37. News: Live/Streaming News links
    38. NewsTran: Streaming TV & Translated News - Worldwide
    39. Ochevidec (Russian, РЕН ТВ / Очевидец)
    40. Our Country
    41. OV Guide (Onlive Video Guide)
    42. Pentagon Channel (military)
    43. Pentagon Channel: Around the Services
    44. Pentagon Channel: Feedroom 24/7
    45. Pentagon Channel: Full Screen
    46. Photo Bucket
    47. Sonic Bomb (Atomic, Aviation, Aircraft, Military, Explosions)
      ( Anime, Bollywood, Cartoons, Documentaries, Movies, Music Videos, Sport, Stand Up Comedy, Trailers ) TV shows
    49. Times Online TV
      + ( Science & Technology , (news, Sky News, Fox News, off beat, entertainment, games, sport)
      ( animation, anime, cars, comedy, documentary, horror, movie, music, people, sports, trailer, travel, video blog, video games )
    51. Sumo TV
    52. (TV clips & show samples)
    53. TroopTube (Military OneSource 24/7, military, spouse & family)
      (TroopTube: online video site to help military families connect and keep in touch while miles apart.., either privately or the world. Military OneSource is an authorized Department of Defense program for Active Duty, Guard, Reserve and their families. )
    54. TV Guide: Lists cable, satellite, broadcast, US regions & C.A., Carib y P.R.
    55. TV Land TV Shows
    56. TViki
    57. TV online links alternate TV online list & Videos online, links to
    58. (Movies & TV Shows)
    59. TVU Networks TVU online TV favicon & TVU online TV player downloads MS/Mac
    60. VBS.TV - news, music, international short documentaries
    61. VeohTV, portal: full screen, TV like interface, free download (Mac/PC) ß
      Channel Guide & How it works.
    63. VodPod popular, news/politics, comedy
    65. (English/foreign or Arabic)
      (Arabic sub-titled Movies OR With Arabic Translation)
    66. World TV Center (streaming movies/clips, news, sports TV, world + IE/FireFox toolbar available)
    67. As seen on TV small favicon icon (World Wide Internet TeleVision, 2144 Online TV channels listed, streaming TV, world)
      English | Français | Español | Deutsch | Nederlands
      wwwiTV's guide to Live TV webcasts.
    68. Yahoo Videos + Yahoo News Videos (inf)
    69. YouTube:
    70. Zap2It (Guide to TV, Movies, and 'on demand' videos)

    71. visit TV shows, news, clips, movies, videos, full screen or pop-up, shareable's Entertainment Search
    (TV Radio Webcams Games Podcasts Video RSS News People)
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    e.g. Romania TV Antena 2
           India TV/Radio stations
           Deutsche Welle Radio News
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      Viral & personal videos
    1. AOL Uncut Video
    2. AOL Video
    3. ARES P2P File Sharing
    4. Blinkx
    5. Blip T V favicon ß
    8. DivX Stage6 (Stage6 closed, see Veoh)
    9. DotSub ß sub-titled videos (dotSUB tool..translate[s]..[adds subtitles] content into multiple languages..over the [video's] bottom)
    10. Flickr Video
    11. Fliggo video favicon icon
      ("Create a video site in seconds, Build a video blog, the next YouTube or just a private place to share videos. Let your viewers comment, share, and interact.")
    12. Google Video (inf)
    13. image of tv set with rabbit ears antenna
    14. LiveLeak (FAQ)
          ( News | Iraq | Afghanistan | Iran | Politics | Entertainment | Celebrity | Education | Citizen Journalism )
    15. Lycos Cinema
    16. MeFeedia - viral videos, create your own, meet & share, web shows, podcasts, meeps (media peeps) & vlogs (video blog)
           ( categories, locations/places, events, how to [Chinese, English, French], kiosk, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Second Life )
    17. (ipod oriented)
    18. Movies:
    19. MSN Video
    20. Pandora Music Portal (search'n play, 'The Music Genome Project')
    21. + V Cast Videos (Verizon Service)
    22. Russia TV: Free Videos, News Clips, Documentary Excerpts A new item animated gif.
    23. Sequential Pictures
           ( independent short movies, parody trailers, commercials, music videos, podcasts )
    24. presentations (with slide transcripts)
         e.g. "Are You Legal? Copyright & Plagiarism in the Classroom" [ about SlideShare/FAQs re slidecasts, ppt, pps, pdf, odp ]
    25. TEDTalks: 'TED' stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design
           Themes from A to Z
             examples: Achitecture, Design , Animals , Art , Entertainment, Performance , Invention , Next in Tech , Predictions, Warnings , Theology , Technology, History, Destiny
    26. Music: UK Music News (
    27. Veoh Stage6's replacement (replaces Stage6 above)
    28. Video Jug (
      (Life explained on film. holidays, food and drink, beauty & style, love & sex, sports & fitness, health, leisure, hobbies, technology, DIY do-it-yourself, more)
    29. Windows Media: (radio, music, tv/celebs, movies, games)
    30. Yahoo Video (inf)
    31. ZDNet IT Videos (Information Technology, whiteboard, CIO sessions, green, news, techies, webware)
    32. Ziddio: create, watch, broadcast and share videos
    33. animated image pointing down

    A Kilroy Was Here Horizontal Line Break. Radio/TV & other streaming media
    1. Locate Radio Stations on the Internet (Radio-Locator US, Canada, world)
    2. small icon of 2 music notes Artists | Channels | Charts | Genres (Search & listen to your favorite artists, songs and music channels, FREE)
    3. 2MillionDollarTV Living Room - newsticker, news, photo and product galleries, TV and Video on demand, streaming radio free
    4. AOL Radio - Online Streaming Music/Radio
    5. Aloha Joe Radio (src: Hawaiian Music Radio Station, Hawaiian Coffee and Recipes)
    6. Ambient, Slackline-Radio, ez/smooth jazz/new age from Online Music Radio Stations AutoTune
    7. free internet TV channels.
    8. BesTV free
    10. Canadian Radio Stations Online (searchable map)
    11. Christian Media Online
    12. CinciTV free
    13. Classical Music Radio Stations (24/7) Timeline & Classical Music Guide
    14. small icon of 2 music notes Deezer Internet Radio Music
    15. Digital TV 2050 (download, uses MS Internet Explorer, from Endicosoft)
    16. ComFM Live Radio/TV (French oriented)
    17. Conservative Talk Radio online (traditional values, satellite/internet, streaming, podcasts & 24/7)
    18. CoolCube TV - delivers full screen high speed channels for Windows Media 10 & Windows Media free
    19. BlueMars Ambient music, streaming 24/7 (tranquil trancendental calming relaxation meditation peaceful)
        Listen Now to:
      1. BlueMars
      2. Cryosleep - Zero Beat Guaranteed
      3. Voices F. Within
    20. Danmark Net Radio (Denmark, Danish radio and TV)
      ( Andre DR-Kanaler, P1 P2 P3 P4, Allegro, DR Barometer, DR Barracuda, DR Boogie radio, DR Country, DR Dansktop, Electronica, Evergreen, Folk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern Rock, Oline, P2 Klassisk, P2 Plus, P4 Danmark, P4 Hit, DR R&B, DR Rock, DR Soft, DR World, DR X )
    21. DI FM - Digitally Imported Radio ( [..scroll below ads] free internet radio stations, streaming 24/7 )
      ( ambient, breaks, chillout, classic electronica, DJ mixes, drums and bass, Euro dance, Gabber, Goa-Psy trance, hard core, hard dance, house, lounge, progressive, replay, soulful house, techno, trance, vocal trance + Sky FM Radio channels: 70s, 80s, alt rock, bossa nova, classic rock, classical, classical guitar, contempary Christian, country, DaTempo Lounge, Indie Rock, modern jazz, new age, oldies, piano jazz, rap, reggae, salsa, smooth jazz, solo piano, sound tracks, top hits, uptempo smooth jazz, urban jams, world music )
    22. Easy TV - live & record onlinevideo free
    23. small icon of 2 music notes [ note: 25/month free limit (or reset cookies/clear temp files] (examples: Link Wray and his Wray Men's "Rumble '65" and Bert Kaempfert's "Wonderland by Night" from the Starlight Orchestra album "Strangers in the Night"
    24. French Internet Radio and Online News Radio
    25. Free News/Radio/TV feeds (+ links to players & plugins)
    26. FreeIPTV - Internet TV Player features radio stations live TV, on demand and learning resources free
    27. FreeTVOnline - free streaming Internet TV, world wide video. You can group channels by genre, country, or content free.
    28. small icon of 2 music notes
    29. GSpot - determines what codecs you have/need free
    30. HalpTV - online TV and radio stations, music, movie and live cam free
    31. Ham Radio - Amateur Radio Sites on the Web
    32. Hypersoft Live Tv - Satellite TV, news, sports, movie, comedy, religious free
    33. Icons Radio Hour: Classic Hollywood Talk Radio
    34. Internet RAdio 3.0 (support for IE7, from Endicosoft)
    35. KPBS Radio ( 89.5 FM San Diego & 97.7 FM in Imperial Valley, California ( Calexico )
    36. LastFM (streaming audio/viral videos)
    37. LoudCity (listed by genre alt)
    38. Live365 (7K+ stations, including "niche" genres)
    39. LyngSat Net Radio ( Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Pacific, South America, North America )
    40. MSN Radio - Music Portal (online streaming audio, 3K+ stations)
    41. Native American Indian (Indigenous)
    42. News Radio, TV news, Television News Feeds, News Videos Online
    43. Portugal, RDP Internacional - Centro Multimédia (Radio/TV, Portuguese & English)
    44. NFT-TV free
    45. OpenFX - is an Open-Source 3D modeling, animation, and rendering suite. free
    46. Pandia Radio/TV Search/Play (rp/wm)
    47. small icon of 2 music notes Pandora Internet Radio Music (Music Genome Project)
    48. PULPceiver iTV - online-TV-broadcasters free
    49. Radio Stations on the Web, listen to (by call letter, station ID, state, format, country, or only internet based)
    50. Radio Sawa (English page) (Arabic news/music/talk radio, Arabic, Arabic main page The word Arabic as a graphic image )
           [24/7 Arabic-language radio network] ( Listen now, live: Egypt, The Gulf, Iraq, Levant, Morocco, Sudan )
           also الحرة Alhurra TV, English page, archived videos, الحرة Alhurra TV, Arabic page
    51. Radio Station Plus (hundreds of streaming stations, from Endicosoft)
    52. Radiorama Online (Lebanese Arabic Radio, Music from Lebanon and the Arab World) The word Arabic as a graphic image
    53. Raima Radio Raima Radio icon (download, play & record streaming online radio)
    54. Real Radio Guide (
    55. Road Runner (Time Warner) Radio
    56. SHOUTcast free Internet radio
           ( quotes: "All you need is a player (we recommend Winamp) and you're set to go! Wanna be a broadcaster? It's Free! Check the online docs to get started!" )
    57. Singing Fish
      ( [ now part of ] audio/video search engine - "Find free Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, and mp3 media in music, news, movies, sports, TV and radio, and finance categories." - family filterable )
    58. Sky FM (streaming, 24/7)
    59. Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast Ambient music, streaming 24/7 (tranquil trancendental calming relaxation meditation peaceful sleep-worthy)
    60. SWCast Network®, Music Radio
      Alt Rock
      Classic Rock
      Heavy Metal
      Pop Rock
    61. Super Internet TV [AhuSoft] (800+ TV channels & 1000+ online radio stations from 100+ countries) [source: DeepBlue]
    62.'s links to Radio Stations and Web-TV broadcast live Worldwide
      (including Germany, Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Oceania, Format, Internet Radio, Broadband Radio, and police scanners, ATC, Web-TV, MP3)
    63. TagTélé - Le portail vidéo du Québec
    64. Tele-Cap free
    65. Television Appooo free
    66. TV and Videos Online, More Links to
    67. TV24/7 - world TV and Radio free
    68. TVNet - live broadcast tv free Turkish Turkey kanal free
    69. TVolution (internet TV browser/player, 2K+ stations) [source: DeepBlue]
    70. TVU Player - broadcasts TV programs live over the Web free
    71. Twin Cities Radio small animated speaker (streaming)
    72. U.K. - United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) Online Streaming Radio
    73. U.S. Live Radio (sort by station ID, city, state, format)
    74. U-Broadcast - Web cam viewer, TV-tuner viewer, video capture, live-stream server application free
    75. Virgin Radio:
        home (UK)
      1. all genres
      2. News/DJ Talk/music, listen now
      3. Classic Rock (listen vc)
      4. Groove - Motown, classical soul, disco (listen gr)
      5. Extreme (listen, now)
    76. Virtual Tuner - Streaming Audio/Radio Stations (ignore pop-ups on main pages)
    77. Warp Radio, online streaming radio stations: Advanced Search ( alt )
    78. WebCams TV - worldwide free
    79. Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio ( 24/7, a Live365 channel )
    80. Winamp Media Player includes streaming radio/music/video (also see 'Shoutcast' above)
    81. WTOP Radio (Federal News Radio) (WTOP News, Washington, D.C.) • Listen Live
    82. XM Radio: POTUS '08 (President of the United States, Election 2008) Channel 130 (also see: Election 2008)
    83. YoncaTV PLUS - tv & radio around the world free
    84. MediaChannel ™ , The Guide for Internet Television & Video:
             | Business | Educational | Entertainment | Handheld | Health | Kid's Stuff | Live | News | No Plug-in |
             | Persons | Politics | Products | SciTech | Spiritual | Sports | Travel | Unique | Weather | WebCams |
             | Top 10 | Submit URL/Event | MediaChannelGuide | MediaChannelTV | Featured |

    85. (above links source: Windows Market Place & Google)
    86. More links to music related sites and More links to some '50s hits from the Fifties.

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    Podcasts & Podcasting Software

    What is a podcast? • How do I get podcasts?    (source: American Public Media's Podcasts web page & iTunes for the Mac or PC)

    What is a podcast? (source: Priests for Life Podcast) Podcasting is making audio files available online in a way that allows users to automatically download the files for listening at their convenience using the RSS 2.0 file format. Once a provider, like Priests for Life, serves the data as a Podcast feed, users can listen to it on their PC or Mac by using Podcasting software. Since Podcasts are MP3 audio files, you also can transfer feeds to your portable MP3 Player.   To listen to the syndicated feeds (XML) on your computer, you need to download Podcasting software. There are many free or commercial Podcasting applications available for download.   Priests for Life's podcasts are offered at no cost. The podcast consists of Fr. Frank Pavone's daily one-minute radio spot as well as his bi-weekly column.

    Podcast Sources:
    G. Gordon Liddy Podcast: Podcast Software Sources (
    IndiPodder - (directory of podcasts)
    MeFeedia - MeFeedia (Web Shows, Videoblogs, and Podcasts)
    Odeo - Odeo (podcasts & .mp3 direct downloads)
    Podshow (free registration)
    Priests for Life - - (see what's changing in realtime, a listing of podcast changes)

    Cross Platform
    iTunes -
    Perl - renko -
    PodCast Alley -
    Windows, Mac, Linux - iPodder -
    Yahoo Podcasts - & (search)

    Nimiq -
    iPodder.NET -
    Doppler -
    jPodder -
    Now Playing - A windows iTunes Plugin -

    iPodderX -

    bashpodder -

    podcast HTML code source:
    "The Writer's Almanac ®" with Garrison Keillor of The Prairie Home Companion (PBS) (Lake Wobegon)

    Save Internet Radio
    Quote, "The Senate's passage of the "Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008" will likely save many Internet radio "stations" from going the way of the dinosaurs."
    pulsing icon was 20x20   Th.2Oct08 - Update: Internet Radio Lives To See Another Day by Jennifer Bosavage   pulsing icon was 20x20

    Click here to listen to a Grassfire audio report

    MP3 File
    Read article on Planned Parenthood
    Gun Laws
    NRA NewsDid You Know?
    2nd Amendment Issues
    ( sources: Cap'n Bob & The Damsel & The NRA )

    Instant Congress Phone Number Lookup
    Street number and name only:
    Zip Code (5 digits):

    eMail Your Representative
    + Print List of Senators' Phone/Fax #s (update in '09) or more Contact Info below

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