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Christian Churches in North America
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Bishop Fulton J. Sheen's last Good Friday homily, NY, 1979 [born Peter John Sheen 8May1895–9Dec1979] (in 5 parts, 9m each)

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  22. Pastor Melissa Scott
    + Dr. Gene Scott TV 24/7 (wmp) & streaming audio 24/7 (wma)
    (src: Dr. Eugene (Gene) Scott, biography, Los Angeles University Cathedral)
  23. Priests for Life Podcast & Media Schedule
  24. Radio Maria Radio Maria favicon icon Radio Maria in the World: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, N.A., C.A., S.A.Listen Now (US)
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  27. Tangle (GodTube.com)

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Plus, some "Old Time Radio" (OTR) Christmas shows are online at: The Internet Archive - Christmas audio & radio programs
...and, click here to visit many family friendly online OTR stations
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Christian Tuner (684 live or online Christian radio and Christian TV stations)

•: Gregorian Chant Music

glossary of folk music & definitions of folklife, folklore, traditional music (source: LousianaVoices.org)
A traditional music library
A short history of Appalachian Traditional & Tonal Music & What kind of music is that? and "A Community of Sacred Song" by Jeff Todd Titon

Quote from Smithsonian Folkways (play excerpts), "The oldest English-language religious music in oral tradition in North America, the lined-out, congregational hymnody of the Old Regular Baptists, is heard in the heart of the coal-mining country of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  This music of worship once was the common way of singing sacred song in the American Colonies."

Listen to the sounds and harmonies of the Indian Bottom Association of The Old Regular Baptist Church Lined-Out Hymnody. And, A history of the Indian Bottom Church 1810-1974
example: I'm going to a city (3m18s)

And, a sample from the Dr. Watts Singers Worship Music, Meridian, Mississippi
186 Sherburne" by w:en:Daniel Read (1783) from The Sacred Harp, performed by the Alabama Sacred Harp Singers (showing the 4-note shape-note notation, and the traditional horizontal 4-line format)

Valdosta State University Radio Archives (VSU, Georgia, US): Fiddle Traditions, Sacred Harp Singing School, Making Cane Syrup, Gospel Anniversaries, Palmetto Brooms, Fiestas Guadalupanas, Sacred Harp Singing, Tobacco Auctions (Planters Warehouse, Nashville, Tn 1997), hymn lining singing, Lowndes County, Boston, Ga.Mt. Zion Music Hall, Turpentining, Folkston, Ga 1998, Mayhaw Jelly, Hollering - Historic photo of Hamp Mizell and his two-mile swamp holler, Okefenokee Swamp, first half of 20th century, 1944, and Hymn Lining

VSU Radio Archives, including: Singing from Primitive Hymns, Sardis Primitive Baptist Church, Folkston, (Ga) 1997, Big Meeting at Rome (Georgia) Primitive Baptist Church, Migration stories - interview with Lawrence McIver comes from a 1983 (South Ga & Valdosta), Fiddlin' Bud Zorn, Valdosta, Ga 1999, (shape notes singing) White Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition, Hoboken, Georgia, 2001 and Hoboken (Ga) Sacred Harp, singing 1997 and how lead is organized, Thomasville (Ga) Fiddle Traditions
also source: http://www.valdosta.edu/library/find/arch/folklife/reports/96-97.htm

(Appalachia music traditions) Lined-Out Hymnody and Psalmody (a style of Appalachia music, yesterday & today)

Quotations from AppalchianCoal.com:
"This ancient style of singing religious music involves a leader chanting each line of text prior to its singing in unison by a congregation lacking hymnals or Psalters.  This style was used in some British churches in the 1700s and before and was brought to North America by colonist[s]".

"The oldest English-language religious music in oral tradition in Appalachia and North America, the lined-out (wikipedia.org), congregational hymnody of the Old Regular Baptists [Though Old Regular Baptists are not the only group to retain lined-out hymnody, theirs may be the purest, since it is the only form of singing used in their churches.  Having said that, Gaelic-speaking congregations in the Scottish Highlands and Islands sing in exactly the same way (only in Gaelic).  See Salm vols. 1 and 2, which has recordings from the Hebrides.] , is still heard in the heart of the coal-mining country of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  This music of worship once was the common way of singing sacred song in the American Colonies.  In this rare and beautiful music lies the roots of the high, lonesome mountain sound of elaborate melodic turns and graces portraying the people, their beliefs and practices, their history and theology, through their music.  This ancient style of singing religious music involves a leader chanting each line of text prior to its singing due to lack of hymnals, in unison by a congregation.  Used during the 1700s in British churches and brought to North America by colonists.  The hymns are usually quite doleful.  It is imperative to stress the importance of the role of religion in shaping the music of the Appalachian people.  Old Regular Baptists, a denomination which sang beautiful, emotional, modal music -- often improvised and "lined-out" by the song leader -- but took a dim view of printed hymnals, harmony and accompaniment."

News Media Radio Talk/TV Video including: movie or video TV or radio image A Speaker GIF Image
ACLJ on the Radio & ACLJ on TV (A C L J favicon icon The American Center for Law & Justice)
American News Network (ANN, streaming video, news)
Internet Radio Network & Conservative Talk Stations on RadioTime.com
Bill Bennett: Radio Stations Guide (transcripts, at Townhall.com)
Bill O'Reilly: Radio Stations Guide
Bill Cunningham ('Willie' 24/7 AM700 WLW)
Blog Talk Radio, conservative · politics · Conservative · Election 2008
C-Span 1 video (RM) or C-Span 1 video (WMP)
C-Span 2 video (RM) (alternate) Listen (RM) or C-Span 2 video stream (WMP) · Listen (WMP)
C-Span 3 video (RM) or C-Span 3 video (WMP) · Listen (WMP audio) movie or video video
C-Span Radio (Real Player) or C-Span Radio (MS WMP) & C-Span Radio ScheduleCNN Radio Political Journal - News Podcast (link sources: SeeqPod & AllMyFaves.com)

Put my show and this player on your website or your social network.
Dennis Miller: WDTK 1400 Detroit, MI (6-9PM ET, KRLA 870AM, Los Angeles, CA)
Family Research Council Newsroom (FRC) & Radio Programs + (Homeschooler Lecture subscription)
Fred Thompson Show, Live Noon-2pm, ET M-F at Westwood One studios, Washington DC
G. Gordon Liddy (weekdays noon-3pm ET, The Edge AM1400 WWGE) & Radio America, Live, (M-F 10-1pm ET) audio streaming & podcasts (w/satellite coordinates & program clock; refeed M-F 1-3pm)
Glenn Beck: 570AM KNS (weekdays 9-12AM/Sat 1-4pm ET)
Governor Mike Huckabee, radio talk show archives & Twice Daily Commentary: Morning & Afternoon (Jan09 & on FoxNews TV
HotAir.com (full-service conservative Internet broadcast network, also see, below: 'Michelle Malkin' & 'Pajamas Media')
Information Radio Network, Programs Schedule & Streaming News
(includes "Live Fire" radio with Larry Pratt, Saturdays at 12:00 Noon Eastern. "Live Fire" is simulcast on the web at http://inforadionet.com and previous episodes are archived at http://www.soundwaves2000.com/livefire/ with a number of listening formats, including podcasts, supported.)
Jackie Mason (WHEP AM 1310 Sun 5-7pm ET, Live call-in 1-800-449-8255) [warpradio.com streaming 24/7]
Lou Dobbs' Radio broadcast live 2-6PM ET Listen Live · Download WeekNights' Shows
Laura Ingraham: WELI 960 New Haven, CT (weekdays 9am-noon, Sat 4-7pm & The Edge AM1400 WWGE)
Larry Elder: 790AM KABC (weekdays 6-9pm ET, KABC Talk Radio, AM790, Los Angeles, CA)
Lars Larson: Todays's Show Archives (Weekdays, 3PM-6PM (PT))
Mark Levin Radio Show (Levin's Home Page) (24/7)
Michael Medved (weekdays 3-6pm/Sun 2-3pm ET)
Michael Reagan Home WYXC Fox News Talk AM1270 Radio, Cartersville, Ga (Listen Live 3-6pm PT, 6-9pm ET Call-in 1-800-468-MIKE)
Michael Savage: Talk 910AM KNEW WELI 960 New Haven, CT & The Savage Nation on True Talk 830 Worcester, MA (src: TalkStreamLive, weekdays 6-10pm ET)
Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin's blog and Malkin's video commentaries on Pajamas TV (blog, also see, above: 'Hot Air' web casts & PajamasTV below)
National Public Radio (NPR) Hourly News Summary · 24/7 audio stream (NPR)
NewsBusters.org: TimesWatch · CNSNews · Biz & Media · Culture & Media · Take Action!
NewsMax TV Minute(s)
Paul Harvey: Listen Now Listen 24/7
ProLife: Multimedia Pro-Life News
ProLife: NPLR & National Pro Life Radio · Listen live to NPLR
PajamasMedia.com (World News | US News | Money | Science & Technology | Lifestyle | Conservatism 2.0 | Podcasts)
and Pajamas TV Schedule:
w/Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds, Hugh Hewitt, Dr. Helen, John Hinderaker, Bill Whittle , including - (conservatism, national security, economy/finance, education & media bias, middle east, sharia & jihad, poliwood, gaza)
(more) ProLife, Christian & Traditional Values Radio/TV Online icon sound or narration
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) : the Online News Hour & Political News Archive (.MP3, Real Audio RM, Windows Media Player WM, streaming audio/video)
Radio America: RA's audio stream 24/7 RA's main feed (Satellites -- ABC Starguide III. Satellite Coordinates: AMC-8 (Transponder 23) ABC NY. Channel ID: RADIOA/SBN (Tune to the Left Channel) Service ID 42)
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The Onion Radio News small round happy face with rolling eyes (see example below)
Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) + Headlines from around the Web
War News Radio (link sources: SeeqPod & AllMyFaves.com) [Swarthmore College]
    WTOP Federal News Radio (FNR) , Washington, D.C
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"We failed to react appropriately to them and, instead, displayed weakness. And the weak are always beaten."
Vladimir Putin
Source: Reuters, Sat 4Sep04
by Richard Ayton/Oliver Bullough

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XM Radio: POTUS '09 24/7 Click here to listen to XM's POTUS radio 24/7®

And, from The Patriot Room: Conservative Radio Station Finder & Streams, Columnists, Active Websites & Blogs, Online Magazines, Newsletters, and Political & Social Activism sites
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(Listen live 9am-10am MST)
Alan Keyes, a former U.S. ambassador, ran against Obama in 2004 as the Republican Senate candidate in Illinois.  In his diatribe against the new president, Keyes calls Obama a "radical communist" and says "he will destroy this country" and warns that unless he is stopped, America "will cease to exist."

Keyes also says Obama has failed constitutional muster to become president, since, Keyes argues, Obama was born in Kenya.

Bush; The Pro-Life President

President's Weekly Radio Addresses
(Incluido Discurso Radial del Presidente a la Nacin)
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News Headlines & Bible Prophecy:

Jackie Mason "The Ultimate Jew"
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This section is from EveryGoodPath.net's Homeschool and Family Discipleship Ideas, Topics & Content
and from An American Minute by William J. Federer:

More 'kid safe' Games'n Diversions (K-adult) are at http://harrold.org/rfhextra/games.html, here are some Christian oriented examples:
    Christian oriented games (K-12): source: Christian Media Online
  1. A Kid's Heart Christian Games, Printable Resources, and Activities
  2. What's your birth Verse? (BIRTHVERSE consists of 366 verses chosen from the 66 books of the Bible. Each verse correlates the chapter and verse with its month and day.)
  3. Bible Diversions
  4. Quizes from LookListenLearn.org's HomeSchooling:
    1. Books of the Old Testament
    2. Books of the New Testament
  5. More Christian games sites
    1. DJ TV Clubhouse (Christian oriented, K-8)
    2. Belief-O-Matic: Religious Personality Quiz (G7-adult)
    3. Kid Explorers: games (ChristianAnsers.net)
    4. ChristianComputerGames.net (Dutch, Spanish, German, Swedish)
    5. Trivia & Games (CrossDaily.com)
    6. Sunday School Network(ChristianCrafters.com)
        Bible Games, Sunday School Activities
      1. Anytime Bible Games
      2. Holiday Bible Games (Fall, Christmas, Easter, etc.)
      3. Ten Commandments Games
  6. Search Google for more online "Christian" Games

Gregorian Chant Music:
listen and view an auto-play YouTube playlist
and another
group from an AvidBox.com auto-play list (source: avid box dot com's web page favi con icon AvidBox.com )
Gregorian Chant 24/7
Gregorian Chant streaming 24/7
and Chant sounds on the Net
(by AP Richard Lee, UARK)
+ Abbaye de Solesmes:
text narrative History of Gregorian Chant
Gregorian chant forms The musical forms of Gregorian chant
Play Gregorian Chants RadioListen to Gregorian Chant + Gregorian, Era, Gregorian Chants, Lesiëm
similar artists/music or ambient, ethereal, Celtic, new age, relaxing (www.last.fm)
Quote from www.last.fm, "Gregorian chant is the central tradition of Western plainchant, a form of monophonic liturgical chant of Western Christianity that accompanied the celebration of Mass and other ritual services. This vast repertory of chants is the oldest music known as it is the first repertory to have been adequately notated in the 10th century. In general, the chants were learnt by the viva voce method, that is by following the given example orally, which took many years of experience in the Schola Cantorum. Gregorian chant originated in Monastic life, in which singing the ‘Divine Service’ nine times a day at the proper hours was upheld according to the Rule of St. Benedict. Singing psalms made up a large part of the life in a monastic community, while a smaller group and soloists sang the chants. In its long history Gregorian Chant has been subjected to many gradual changes and some reforms."
Gregorian Chant plus a listing of all All Masses of the Liturgical Year with Catechism of the [Roman] Catholic Church (ChristRex.org)

Christian/religious News Sources
invalid being searched by airport security

Click here to listen to a Grassfire audio report

MP3 File
Read CNSNews.com article on Planned Parenthood

video source: Priests for Life

related: America's Final Solution
related: America's Final Solution

(source: Poodwaddle's Clocks)

cautionary advice to liberals
Advocacy Center

Many more online news resources:
· Pro-Life & abortion
+ Many more ProLife news sources

Traditional American Values & Founding Fathers Quotes: view quotes at: http://harrold.org/quotes/    

other media and many more online Radio/TV/Podcasts & Viral Video sources (US, World)
not Christian specific TV-Movies Viral-Personal Videos Radio/TV & other streaming Podcasts News: Radio, TV Feeds & Video

This page and other pages that link to online TV/radio/video:
some online Christian Media (this page)
News online
TV/Radio stations online
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One News Now online news
Music study/reference links
Native American
Native News Net
News links (1 column)
News links (3 column)
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