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Pianopedia Search Engine for piano teachers, students, performing pianists. (in English or Français)
(link source: SBC KNE BLue Web'n - "800 composers, 5100+ works, & 14700+ movements. Creator: Dr. Eric Brisson. Grade Level: HS, College, Adult/Professional. Content Area: Arts (Music), Community Interest (Reference Desk) [Dewey #780] Application type: Tools]")
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Ludwig Von Drake presents:
Disney '62 - A Symposium On Popular Songs
( in 2 parts )
Part 1, 9m52s
Part 2, 9m55s
More 'toons & games
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Music Hits:
What Was #1 That Week?   ( Hint: Enter a date on the jukebox. )
1956 to 1960 Juke Box - 340 songs from our high-school years !
( link source: The Briarcliff Manor High School Class of 1960 Reunion and Juke Box website, Juke Box Design & Images by Bob Forrest, hosted Bob Forrest. Original "Swazzo's Drive-In" Graphics 2002-2006 Les Swazzo, Jr., Check out Les Swazzo, Sr.'s site, The Top 100 Doo Wops of All Time and the online 24/7 streaming Doo Wop Cove Radio [ alternate address: Bill E Rocker's Jukebox Jewels from Scotland ] )
and 1950's Music's + by year: 1964 1963 1962 1961 1960 1959 1958 1957 1956 1955 1954 1953 1952 1951 1950 1949  • Or, List the Top 10 by year from: 1939 to 2003 (source: 'Fourth Estate Audio' at
    Music Links:
  1. Music 101x - Fundementals of Music Course (Free-Ed.Net)
  2. 6th to 8th Grade - Mr. Brelsford's course outlines, rubrics; for students to continue and expand their musical study while at home. Links for: Guitar lessons, Music reading, Composing, Piano lessons, Violin lessons, Classical composers, sites to hear music.
  3. All Music Guide Glossary
    An online glossary of music related terms and their definition.
  4. Baroque Music - The Complete Baroque Music Page
    definedperformancetwo hour music samplercomposers & musiciansportraitsLute harpsichordGerman baroque violin bowGottfried Silbermann (1683-1753) Master Organ-BuilderOrgelbaumeister der deutschen BarockzeitOrgan Terminology German-English
  5. Billboard / Play Charts Worldwide
  6. Capistano Elementary School's "Music Room"   (American Composers, Baroque, Classical, Glossary, Medieval Period, Midi Music Sites, Modern, Renaissance, Resources, Romantic, Technology) [Featured in the L.A. Times' Learning Launch Points, ZapMe's Student/Teacher Education Index, & in Yahooligan's Music Directory]
  7. Classical Music Almanac, Significant Dates in Classical Music
  8. Classical Music Pages Content Categorical Indices
  9. Create & Explore - Tips for Making More Music (shockwave, Morton Subotnick)
  10. Da Vinci, Leonardo (also see art & science links)
  11. Digital Librarian Music Links, Index (extensive)
  12. Education Online, Music
    "A guide to Music Education for Grades K-12." plus Lessons Online.
  13. Education Planet's Music Links, categorized for teachers, students, parents, children
  14. ELA's Categorized Index of Links
  15. Elementary General Music
    Includes Classroom Resources (lesson plans for Grades K-6), Curriculum Resources, Research Resources and much more.
  16. Energy in the Air, Sounds from the Orchestra (midi, real-audio)
  17. Ethnomusicology for students in the classroom (email suggestion from Ms. J. Allen, 20121204) A new item animated gif.
  18. Essentials of Music: Eras - Classical, c.450-present & Composers & Glossary - 200 definitions
    (link src: Free Stuff for Homeschoolers)
  19. Folk File, The (A collection of terms related to folk music, plus some mini-biographies, musicology terms, trivia, and miscellaneous facts and figures. Indexed from A-Z, this document is limited to the folk music and folk subculture of North America and Britain, "A Folkies Dictionary")
  20. From the Top - education/music
    (A "non-profit organization that encourages and celebrates the commitment of young people to music and the arts. From the Top provides a platform for young artists to present themselves, share their passion, and develop into important cultural leaders.
    Listen to RADIO Shows small speaker image : From the Top is a weekly, hour-long radio showcase of America's top young classical musicians hosted by acclaimed pianist Christopher O'Riley. Distributed by Public Radio International, and heard on approximately 250 stations across the country by 750,000 listeners each week" )
  21. Instruments, Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments
    (music samples, descriptions, images) plus Music Instrument Quiz
  22. Instruments: Families of and different types
    (learn about & click on pictures to hear the instrument) (quicktime)
       1. Music Tutorials, basic
       a. Learn to Read Music
       b. Information on Music Genres
       c. Other Music Education Web Sites
       [src: Music Education at DataDragon]
    (clefs, time signatures; note & rest types; counting, symbols, shaping) [src: DataDragon, Kevin Lux]
  23. KQED radio's Classical Music Archives (and PBS/NPR radio broadcast archives)
    (b-monthly music concerts plus an archive of classical music pieces in .mid/midi format)
  24. Lessons: Music Theory, free (staff, keyboard, durations, intervals, scales, signatures, chords, octaves, modes, clefs)
    (link src: Free Stuff for Homeschoolers)
  25. Medieval, Ancient: Non-Christian; Eastern Christian; Western Christian Chant; High Middle Ages (circa 100-1300); Renaissance; Reformation; Early Modern Vernacular; Early Latin American Origins, Columbus; Tonal Period (1600 & after) (Univ. N. Florida)
  26. Midi, Broadway Classics (4200 Midi files from 372 Musicals, 56 Movies and 30 Opera/Operetta's! )
  27. Midi, Classical Music Archives (+online player, 9,000+ Files)
  28. Midi, Classic Rock
  29. Midi, For the Young and Young At Heart
  30. Midi, Melody Lane
  31. Midi, Diversified - Jazz, Gay 90's, Folk/Patriotic, Christmas, Jewish, Gospel, Classical Organ/Piano, Harpsichord, Rock, Children's
  32. Midi, Notation Station for Students, Parents & Teachers (midi-music archives, Educational Resources, (tutors, lesson plans, curriculum, publish online, MusicTime notation program) (Win/Mac) (Lyrrus,GVOX)
  33. Midi, Rock'n Roll 50's-70's & 40's-50's Oldies
  34. Midi, Standard Midi Files on the Net Index & Search
  35. Midi, Tools & Resources - Forum - Documentation - Interface - Software - Hardware - Files - Harmony-Central
    1. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) (links source: Barbara J. Feldman's 'Surfing the Net with Kids'© 2004at
    2. Classical Music Archives: Mozart
      "..compositions in MP3, MIDI and WAX (a special kind of Windows Media Audio.)
    3. Mozart Project (biography, compositions, selected essays, bibliography, links)
      "The Mozart Project presents the milestones of Mozart's life in a time line showing concurrent [contemporary]..)
    4. Mozart's Magical Musical Life
      "Once upon a time, ..a baby boy was born in ..Salzburg.. Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophillus Amadeus Mozart. ..Wolferl (for short). This click-and-play biography is a must-see site for kids of all ages. Bravo!")
    5. Mozart Bio Quiz
  36. Music Box Society of G.B., The - Play Selections
  37. Orchestra
    ' The Symphony - An Interactive Guide to the Instruments & Layout of the Orchestra'
    Forms: Layout & Construction of Music pieces
    [src: About the Guide's creators in Gold Coast, Au. & the Queensland Youth Symphony
    plus Timeline of events in the development of the symphony (1750-1950) ]
  38. Orchestra, Grouping Instruments for a Symphony (.pdf) (grades 7-10)
  39. Online Music Resources
  40. Play Music, Learn Orchestra instruments and placement
  41. Practical Links for Independent Musicians and for Progressive Music Lovers
    (provided by "Psyche van het Folk", radio program on Radio Centraal based in Antwerpen, Belgium)
  42. Music - Sprocket Works, Learn to Read & Write Music (train your eyes & ears, shockwave)
  43. Symphonics, Musical Terms/Glossary, Peter & The Wolf, Composer/Symphonic Relations, Instruments, Musicians/Composers, Links to Other Music Web Sites, Listed by Instrument & Music Schools
  44. Theory, 26 Lessons, Quizes, Definitions, Printable Score Sheets (midi-audio, Gary Ewer)
  45. Trouble With Treble, How Music is Written, Hear, Read Sheet Music (shockwave)
  46. Yahoo's Music Education Links

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