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(sources: LBUSD, Grants & Funding Office, Newsletters Vol.1 Issues 6,7,8 & the NEA, ICOE, SBC Pacific Bell & California Department of Education + others)
Grant Information:       Google search results on writing Proposals & Grants new item
      Grant applications for the Department of Commerce, as well as four other agencies, are on the federal government’s new one-stop Web site for grant opportunities.
     On December 9, 2003, HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson unveiled a single, comprehensive Web site that will contain information about finding and applying for all federal grant programs. The Web site,, makes it easier for organizations to learn about and apply for federal grants.    To date, application packages have been posted to the Web site by five agencies - the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, Justice and HHS.      This section will be expanded in the coming months as federal agencies continue to post application information about additional grant opportunities.
     Overall, the site contains information on more than 800 available grant programs at 26 federal agencies, totaling more than $360 billion. To search for Commerce grant opportunities, go to, click on “Find Grant Opportunities,” and then click on the “Search Grant Synopses” link. On that page, you can search for either all Commerce grant announcements, or select the “Community Development” and/or “Regional Development” categories. After you identify a funding opportunity you are interested in applying for, click on “Apply for Grants” to download an application."
Sources: International Economic Development Council (IEDC Home Page) and the Economic Development Administration's (EDA alt) Update, Vol. 1 No. 2 December 2003, EDIC EDA Updates

An excerpt from "10 Most Wanted Government Documents" Website:
" Information on Federal Grants is spread throughout the federal government.   Unfortunately, there is still no way to track down the information without knowing where to start.   There are several sites that have sprung up dedicated to grant information, notably GrantsNet at & GrantsNet Search Results.   The Department of Health and Human Services Web site includes a "Who’s Who in Federal Grants Management."   The best single online source for information is the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), which describes itself as "a government-wide compendium of Federal programs, projects, services, and activities that provide assistance or benefits to the American public."   It is put together by the General Services Administration at:

Reports on Grants available


Also,, the official government benefits website, helps you find government benefits you may be eligible to receive.
  1. Fresh Start Program:
    Microsoft Windows Operating System for your donated PC's. Schools accepting donated computers often find that all software, including the operating system has been deleted. Microsoft is now offering a free operating system replacement for qualifying computers. Districts can participate in the Fresh Start program by applying online at: (Source: Learning Technologies, ICOE)
  2. CDW &’s "Win Technology Tools for Your School"
    11May03: CDW•G and Discovery Channel School have partnered to give away a Wireless Computer Lab complete with 20 Hewlett Packard Notebook Computers, Netgear Wireless Cards and on-site set up. All you have to do is click on the "Enter My School" button and tell us how your school or district uses technology.
  3. Computer Grant Opportunity (, Oracle Help Us Help Foundation) Grant Seekers & Grantee Support
    (Grant opportunity available to K-12 public and charter schools, and non-profit organizations providing educational services to youth. To assist primary and secondary public schools, as well as youth-serving non-profit organizations in economically challenged communities through grants of computer equipment and software. Grant Award: Three grant packages are available: 1) 50 computers, 10 printers 2) 30 computers, 6 printers 3) 15 computers, 3 printers. Eligibility: K-12 public and charter schools with 50 percent or more of the student body qualifying for free or reduced-price lunch programs, and non-profit youth organizations providing educational services in low-income communities. Deadline: February 28, 2003) [sources: 16Dec02, ICOE & SBC Pacific Bell Public Sector]
  4. Breakfast/Summer Foods Grants Program (
    K-12, startup or expanding, up to $15K/school, 1 year: RFA/RFP 15Apr03, Apply 23May03, Notification 20Jun03
  5. California Dep't of Education's (CDE) Links to State & Federal Programs and CDE Funding Opportunities: Current + Additional Funding Sources
    (Sign-up for automatic CDE notification via email re funding updates/additions)
      •   CDE Example: Funding Name: Infant-Toddler Child Development Program Quality Improvement
    Funding Description: One-time resource funds to improve the quality of existing child care and development programs serving infants and toddlers (birth through two years) and provides information on how to apply for these funds. These funds are available to current California Department of Education (CDE) contractors providing child care and development program services through Child Development Division (CDD) program contracts (including General, Family Child Care Home Networks, Migrant, Campus, and Severely Handicapped programs) and California School Age Families Education (CalSAFE) program contracts.
  6. Civic Education, Grants, Vote Tracking, lesson plans, technology (
  7. eCivis Grants Locator Service (local governments oriented; and, grant writers positions)
  8. Federal Register - Announcements: Grant Competitions, Application Notices, Requests for Comment and Grants & Contracts: Finding & Applying
  9. Grants, Funding, Documentation, Managing, Bilingual, Migrant, Special Ed (
  10. Grants, Health & Human Services (announcements, ongoing, archives)
  11. Grant Writers (grant news, funding sources, advice, materials, links to governmental agencies, foundations, corporations and groups.)
  12. NIH Grants: Office of Extramural Research (National Institute of Health)
    1. Career Award Wizard (doctoral, individual awards)
    2. K Kiosk - Information about NIH Career Development Awards
  13. Public Administrators' Grants Network (PAGNet) (Links to federal, state, and private resources for grant seekers in local governmental agencies and other public programs.)
  14. RFP and Grant Writing Resources (templates, guides, HTML/web page design)
  15. Today's Federal Funding Opportunities (
  16. USDA Federal Grants Search Results & Online Search Form (Rural Development is within the U.S. Department of Agriculture and administers Rural Business-Cooperative Service, Rural Housing Service, Rural Utilities Service, and Office of Community Development programs.)
  17. Writing Effective Applications, Plans, & Proposals (CDE)
  18. Aeronautics and Astronautics, American Institute of (variety of purposes, grants to AIAA Educator Associates to implement science, math, or technology in class, up to $2000 individual, $1000 for teams, no deadlines)
  19. Allstate Foundation (highway, home, community, personal safety projects/safeguards, $5000-$10,000, no deadlines)
  20. American Association of School Librarians Association: Awards, Grants, and Scholarships (librarian, library, libraries)
  21. AOL Time Warner Foundation (up to $5000, technology, including equipment; no deadlines)
  22. Anheuser-Busch Foundation, Inc. (up to $5000 + trip to Sea World, students/environment, 2003, deadline Dec. 20)
  23. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education - Grants
  24. Astronomy and Space Science, Initiative to Develop Education Through (IDEAS, collaboration of astronomers, scientists, teachers share knowledge w/students, start-up outreach projects, up to $40,000, deadline October 25)
  25. California Department of Education (CDE): Grants, State & Federal, Funding Opportunities, Proposals, and Applications (can auto email)
      •   Other Funding
  26. Braitmayer Foundation (curricular/reform initiatives, up to $10,000; deadline Nov. 15)
  27. Character Awards, National Schools of (to schools w/character education programs for minimum of 3 years, 10 schools, $2000 prize, deadline Dec. 9)
  28. Character Education Partnership (up to $2000, ongoing character education/projects in existence at least 2 years/school wide)
  29. Civic Education, Grants, Vote Tracking, lesson plans, technology
  30. Coca Cola Foundation (innovative classroom teaching/learning, starting at $5000, no deadline)
  31. Computing in Education, Association for the Advancement of
  32. CongressLink, Dep't of Ed., Funding, Documentation, Managing, Bilingual, Migrant, Special Ed
  33. Corning, Inc. Foundation (curriculum enrichment, classroom-based technology, student scholorships; no deadlines, $ vary)
  34. Creative Classroom Plan-A-Dream (up to $2500 + trip to NY, innovative classroom projects, deadline Sep. 30)
  35. Department of Education, Federal; Grants & Contracts, Funding & Applying, Awards, Accounts, Reporting & Recursos en Español
  36. Education Purchase Program (hand-held computers, spares/replacements, enrolled students learning w/technology)
  37. Eszra Keats Foundation (up to $350, school libraris for initiatives supporting literacy, stimulating reading & creativity, deadline Sep. 15)
  38. GSNF, Collabrative Projects - Communications/Conferencing and Professional Development
  39. Great American Insurance (nominations to honor a "Great American", mentor, coach, teacher, volunteer)
  40. History & Civics, U.S. (WeThePeople) (National Endowment of the Humanities), White House, and Our Documents [National History Day, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Corporation for National and Community Service, and the USA Freedom Corps](.gov)
    (K-12 & university faculty seminars, innovative curricula, lecture series, 9-12 essays, grants, no deadline)
  41. International Reading Association (reading/literacy, to teachers, deadlines between Oct. & Dec., several categories & funding)
  42. International Reading Association's Constance McCullough Award (up $5000 to IRA members, research on reading-related problems & professional development outside N. America, deadline Oct. 1)
  43. Linguistic Resources, Grants, Essays, Jobs, Databases
  44. Math/Science
  45. Mervyn's Department Stores (funding March & October, Avg: $5000; e.g. arts, mentoring, performing arts, after-school, tutoring)
  46. Music: Mockingbird Foundation (up to $5000, music & arts, see 'hotsheets' for info, no deadlines)
  47. Music: National Music Foundation (lesson plans, up to $1000, deadline Sep. 16)
  48. Music: National Music Foundation 'American Music Education Initiative' (K-12 teachers in any subject who use American music in their classrooms, lesson plans, application & guidelines, $1000 finalists, $500 semi-finalists, Open April 1 - Deadline Sep. 16, judging Dec., awards Jan.) [Free online music lessons database]
  49. National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA) (teacher/staff development awards, $500)
  50. NEA Foundation (National Education Association) (up to $3000, professional development, two teacdher teams)
  51. New Deal Foundation (computers/free software licenses to schools/non-profit working w/disadvantaged students; computer literacy/access)
  52. Northrop Grumman-Litton Foundation ($ vary, math, science, technology, literacy; no deadlines)
  53. Pacific Bell: Grants (
  54. Partners in Education (up to $2500, effective teacher-parent partnerships, deadline Sep. 13)
  55. Photography: Starlight Cameras give a complementary camera weekly to a school (email:
  56. Robert H. Michel Civic Foundation (create lesson plans/student social studies, departmental or grade-level collaboration, activities on Congress, government, civics; up to $40,000, no deadlines)
  57. Staples Foundation for Learing (disadvantaged youth, grants vary, deadline Jan.7)
  58. Target Stores (up to $5000, arts programs, no applications after Feb.1, deadline Oct. 1)
  59. Teacher Magazine's Index of Grants & Fellowships available to individuals and schools (check monthly)
  60. Teacher Magazine's Index of application deadlines for Awards, Honors, and Contests available to teachers (check monthly)
  61. Teaching Tolerance Grant Program (also: More, up to $2000, anti-bias, no deadlines)
  62. techLEARNING:  Search (keyword, type, deadline mo/yr  &  Funding Opportunities, Contests, Recognition Programs (Browse All Listed)
  63. Toshiba America Foundation (up to $5000, math/science education, K-12, public/private schools, local educational agencies, youth organizations in US, Canada and Mexico, offered monthy, deadline Oct. 1)
  64. Toyota Camry Music Education Fund (at-risk music education programs or schools unable to provide students w/adequate music programs due to lack of funds if 50% or more free and reduced lunch students, start at $30,000)
  65. US Department of Education: Funding, Grants, Contract Information, and Other Student Financial Assistance, Grants & Contracts Resources
  66. Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds innovative ideas in educations leadership, schools developing technology supporting data-driven instructional decisions, start at $5000, deadline Dec. 1)
  67. Writing, Locating, Related Resources, Tools
  68. Youth Garden Grant Program: Kids Gardening (outdoor campus gardens, child centered plans, by Nov.1)
    Elementary Only:
  69. Lysol/NSTA Science Teachers Association ($1000, science & health, for professional development + $500 for materials + assistance for registration, travel, housing to NSTA convention; inquiry-based projects developed & completed w/students; deadline Dec. 16)
  70. Sam's Club Foundation ($ vary, literacy & teacher recognition, no deadlines; contact Club managers)
  71. ''We Love Books Bookmaking Contest' (mail: Sage Brush, Corp., students/classrooms must create an original book, winners: free books)
  72. Also: Reading by 9 Program, Los Angeles; K-3, supplementary/recreational reading materials, new availability Oct., Library Services, LACOE (922.6359)
  73. Writing contest ("How I get a Heap of Sleep", deadline Nov. 4)
  74. Christopher Columbus (CC) Awards (middle school students, solve community problems, 10 finalists $150 +trip to Epcot Center's CC center, $5,000 Savings Bond to each, 1 $25,000 winner, deadline Jan. 31)
  75. Grammy Signature High Schools (high schools; students/teachers/administrators, music education as key facet of curricula; $5,000 & display award, deadldine Nov. 15)
  76. Mathematics: Mathematica software system High School Grant Program (K-12 teachers worldwide who use Mathematica software to develop computer-based classroom materials, software awards) [Wolfram Research Inc.]
  77. Mathematics: MathSoft software 'Digital Age Math and Science Teaching Grant' (7th-12th, teachers & schools, up to 25 copies/school + stipend toward conferences, September applications)
  78. New Education Freedom Foundation (up to $5000, 2004, job training, only students may apply)
  79. SchoolGrants Grants and Opportunities for K-12 Schools
  80. SchoolGrants Grant Writing Tips & Resources
  81. Toshiba America Foundation (up to $5000, teacher projects, math & science, grades 7-12, no deadlines)
  82. We Love Books Bookmaking Contest (contact by eMail for details & guidelines) (classroom students create books w/letters & poems to favorite authors, winners: free books, submit by Nov. 30)
  83. Fulbright Memorial Fund & Institute of International Education (IIE) (600 primary/secondary teachers/administrators, 3 week study visit to Tokyo, Jun/Oct/Nov 2003, deadline 10Dec02)
  84. International Technology Association (ITEA teacher/school members)
      Educator Awards & Grants, most proposals due by Dec. 1:
    1. Autodesk, Inc./ITEA Elementary Grants (technology advancement in elementary schools, $1000)
    2. Greer/FTE Grant (professional development, secondary teachers, to attend ITEA conferences, $1000)
    3. Hearliby/FTE Grant (K-12, effective technology integration in curricula, $2000)
    4. Program Excellence Award (ITEA) (K-12, national outstanding awards, nominations)
    5. Teacher Excellence Award (ITEA) (K-12, certified technology teachers, nominations)
  85. Japan: United States-Japan Foundation Grants to Imporove K-12 instruction on Japan (teacher training, professional development, Japanese study tours, one year, inquiries by June 15, proposals by July 31)
  86. Presidential Awards for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST) (Ca. State) or Federal
    [Grades 7 to 12 in 2003; K-6, 2004] (teachers must be nominated for the award)
    (Presidential Citation; $10,000 NSF Award, Expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C.; nominations by 1May03)
  87. Regional Studies: 'Stories in the Land' fellowships (K-12 teachers, $1000, year long, US/Canada) [Orion Society]
  88. Teacher Laptop Foundation, The (teachers, free laptop, free lifetime internet & tech support, registration/selection)
    Donation/Contribution Programs:
  89. General Mills - Box Tops for Education (school enrollment, up to $60,000 annually)
  90. Mail Boxes, Etc. - "Pack and Ship & Earn Extra Credit" program funding local schools, customer chooses participating school, plus Mail Boxes, Etc. has :Teacher Appreciation Program" gifts to offset teachers' personal classroomm spending. (Jessica Bongers, 858.455.9882)
  91. Office Depot (5% equal purchase donations to schools of choice at checkout)
  92. Technology4Kids (schools earn free technology through corporate sponsors, parents/communities register the school for points, no deadlines)
  93. Scholarship Help (.org)
  94. Hispanic Scholarship Directory (src: National Association of Hispanic Publications, NAHP)
  95. College Funding Information (middle school through pre-college)
  96. Scholarships Search
  97. Top Tips for Students/Parents, Parents, Counselors.
  98. Loans
  99. Government: Federal, State, TRIO Programs.
  100. Additional Grant/Scholarship Funding Sites, Recommended Coursework, Education Costs

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