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soldier bugler calling to arms after the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese Imperial Navy aircraft Attack At Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
Listen to part of the "Day in Infamy" (ra) small speaker image (au, wav, aiff) Speech
by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
delivered on December 8, 1941 before the Congress of the United States
[Remember Pearl Harbor - full transcript
alternate Online Etext & download (Public Doman Reader)]***
and look at a
'These Colors Don't Run', a Remember Pearl Harbor Poster, 1941
-and- A Japanese View (src)
WSJ, December 9, 1941 - USN Dec. 7th Rememberance & Pearl Harbor Attack, 60th Anniversary News (Yahoo Links)
American Flag - We Will Remember
eagle with tear before WTC, mourning attack of September 11, 2001 by Muslim terrorists
America's Military Tribunals, History & Lincoln's Crackdown, Suspension of Habeas Corpus, 27Apr1861 (by David Greenburge, 5Dec01 & 30Nov01, Slate) - Speech, 4July1861, President Lincoln before Special Session of Congress - President Bush's Executive Order, 13Nov01 - International Tribunals (Groliers) - Readings in U.S. Democracy w/ Ex Parte Milligan (1866) (src: U.S. Facts & History [USDS] ) - Ex Parte Quirin (July 31, 1942) - The Nazi Saboteurs & Justice for Terrorists, Using Military Tribunals Rather Than Criminal Courts (John Dean, 28Sep01, FindLaw)
U.S. Terrorism Laws & Wartime Civil Liberties, Then/Now (interactive, MSNBC) & Current Related News (FindLaw)
Finding & Evaluating Internet Sources: by Janice R. Walker
Internet Sources Citation Guide: Bibliographic, Footnote & Endnote (Melvin E. Page, 1995, E. Tn. State U.)
Clocks, Time & Calendars Links Today in History Eceben's Today, Date, Time & Calendar Links
World Holidays/Celebrations - More
Today's Historic Events & BirthDates - Anyday - Any Year, Month (ScopeSys)
Today's Events, Birthdays, Deaths
Today in Literature, Poetry & Prose (yasuda)
Today's Earthquake History
Today's Disasters
Today in the Civil War 1861-1865
Catholic Almanac Today
Today's Music History
This Day in Military History & February
Shakespeare 400 Years Ago
Black History - Munirah Chronicle
Famous Hispanics/Latinos
Today's Electricity Supply & Demand in California
Historical Calendar Links
Media & Entertainment Birthdays
Space Calendar (JPL)
American Memory, Alt
Today in History (LoC)
Today in History; Multi-Cultural Calendars, Time/Date Forms, Holidays (
Today's Mathematicians' Births'n Deaths
Today in Anglo-Saxon History
The History Channel
This Day in History Alt & What Else Search by Topics or Date
Yahoo:  Today in History
Encarta On This Day
Excite: Today-in-History
135+ Today in History Sites
World History Timeline Click Map + Screen Saver
Learning Kingdom
Today in History
AP press: Today-in-History
New York Times:
On This Day
On This Day
Capitol Hill Blue
Yahoo Index of On This Day Sites
Today in Movie History
Today's North American Indian History - New URL
American Memory Today
( LOC, Home)
World Today (
Today's Womens' History
Those Were the Days
Events, Music Hits, Birthdays
Any Day in History Birthdays, Deaths, MIAs, Religious, This Day, Holidays,
Events This Day
Today in History Searchable
David Tanny's - Today in All Kinds of History (TIH)
Any Day in History (Scope Systems)
D.T.'s - This Day in Aug. 2nd, 1997 [Harrold]
D.T.'s - The Mother of All (TIH) Sites; US, UK, CA, World, CNN, LOC, PBS, AP & More
On This Day in History, IMDb, Movies - Births, Deaths, Marriages
Federal Holidays (U.S.) during 2000
In This Year (1893 - 2000), IMDb, Movies - Indices
The Daily Fix, includes searchable historical/date facts
Today in History - The Learning Center & Search 98/99
Today in History, from A to Z, Timelines, Ancient Middle America, A Walk Through Time (U. Minnesota, Duluth)


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