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ART - eXtras: Course & Study Sources - ART
and Art News: Art News from Around the World (news updated daily)
       more art news links
       'New York Times' Art News, 'Guardian Unlimited' (UK) arts & architecture, 'The Art Newspaper', Absolute Arts weekly, & ArtNet (monthly)
       + Art sales news: Christies & Sotherbys
       and Current Art Exhibitions: Art Exhibitions worldwide, search by keyword, city, country
(sources: theartnewspaper.com, artcyclopedia.com, and John Hagan's Cowdisley art lessons site:)
    Art Links:
  1. 1100-1850 A.D. : The Web Gallery of Art & A Medieval Section (Gothic, 1200-1520, 16th Century A.D.)
       A. Architectural sculptures and tombs
       B. Illuminated manuscripts (1150-1550 A.D.)
    ("..a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical and Romantic periods (1100-1850), currently containing over 13,500 reproductions.")
  2. Artcyclopedia: "Great art online, from over 8,000 famous painters, sculptors and photographers, at art museum sites & image archives worldwide" (searchable)
  3. AAAE, Association for the Advancement of Arts Education
    Includes a Lesson Plan Exchange as well as many interesting links.
  4. A. A. Art
    Alexei Antonov's main focus is the technique used in classical art. He explores the differences between classical and realistic painting, gives the "secrets" of the old masters' techniques, and offers online lessons.
  5. A. Pintura: Art Detective
    You, the detective, can help solve "The Case of Grandpa's Painting" and learn a few things about color, style, composition, and some famous artists at the same time. Fun stuff.
  6. ACE, The Photographers' Place
    ACE (All Camera Equipment) indexes hundreds of suppliers of photography necessities, acting as "a Gateway to those who make life easier for amateur and professional photographers." They also link to 90 online photo magazines from around the world, and they describe them!
  7. Ansel Adams: Fiat Lux
    Dealing mainly with his 1968 book depicting The University of California and its nine campuses, this content-rich site includes numerous photographs by this master of black and white photography, as well as downloadable sound clips of Adams discussing his works.
  8. Apogee Photo Magazine
    This site offers great articles, a whole section on workshops and schools, lots of advice for the professional and amateur photographer, and an onsite search tool for current and archived issues.
  9. Alamkara: 5000 Years of Indian Art
    See and read about the art of India and the history that goes with it.
  10. Art Deco-Erte
    Mark Schachner has run his Mill Basin Kosher Deli and Fine Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York for 21 years. Now, you can get both the food and the art on the web! Read the history and view the works of Erte, Mucha, Chagall and others. And order from the deli delivery menu while you're at it.
  11. Art Gods
    This is a good place to start if you're looking for abstract art. It contains examples of artists' work with links to their pages, making it easy to find abstract art on the net.
  12. Art History Resources: Prehistoric, Ancient, and Middle Ages
    This is a comprehensive list of links compiled by the Associate Professor of Art History at Sweet Briar College. It seems to be updated pretty regularly and is organized very well.
  13. Art Links, general: (BB)
    1. Aboriginal Australia Art & Culture Centre - art links
    2. Art History including: Renaissance, Egyptian, Pop Art, Rococo, Post Modern, & Baroque with lists of Art Schools & Galleries.
    3. Art History Resources on the Web
      (by Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe; Professor, Dept of Art History, Sweet Briar College, Virginia)
    4. Arcimboldo, Giuseppe: fantasy portraits of the seasons [born in Milan, Italy in 1527, died there in 1593]
    5. California Art Education Association Homepage
    6. Ceramics Index: beginning course introduces students to the fundamentals of traditional ceramic arts: the basic processes of pottery, construction methods (pinch, slab, coil ) and surface decoration techniques
    7. Cermaics: advanced, portfolio project
    8. Chuck Close Online [American Photorealist Painter, born in 1940]
    9. Colorado Pictures - Boulder, Colorado Photos, Prints & Images - Flatirons - Arrow Photos
    10. Drawing Light- Dark Values; Gesture, Contour Drawing; Pastels, Charcoal, Ink, Drawing; Parabolic Design
      (plus Teacher Resources including lesson plans & time savers)
    11. Drawing: Proportions of the Figure for Drawing Figure Drawing LAB (src: Ralph Murrell Larmann [Vitae] at the University of Evansville, Indiana)
      (Techniques for Organizing the Figure: primer, measuring, body proportions, facial proportions, skeleton, muscles, shading & texture, construction)
    12. Drawing Tutorials (Tutorials for All Ages, including Oil Painting Tutorials) and Free graphics and clipart
      [Clipart Fonts, Screen Savers, Wallpapers, Free Web Graphics, Interfaces, Buttons, Animated Gifs & Backgrounds]
    13. Grants: Tool Factory Classrom Grants Application form
    14. Learning How to Draw: illustrated lesson notes for teachers and students (drawing lessons)
      (Cowdisley Lessons: A free site for students who want to learn 'how to look' and teachers who require practical drawing and painting lesson notes. )
    15. NBPTS Certificate Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood-Art [National Board for Professional Teaching Standards]
    16. Silk Screen Printing, How to Expose Photo Emulsion for (ehow.com)
    17. Student Drawings: photographs and lesson plans
    18. Worksheets, Teaching Tips, and Rubrics from TeAch-nology.com
      (27,000 lesson plans, Teaching tips and Themes, 6,600 FREE printable worksheets, Games and Downloads, Preformatted rubrics, 256,000 reviewed sites, Printable generators, Webquests)
  14. Art On The Net
    The Art on The Net Gallery includes four "hallways" featuring different styles of artistic works as well as a main "foyer" that highlights the site's current exhibits. In addition, they host more than 110 artists (poets, painters, musicians, and more), all of whom maintain their own spaces. What's New gives you an interesting history of Art on the Net since 1994.
  15. Art Now Gallery Guide
    Information on art fairs, museums, galleries, and artists abound on this content-rich, link-loaded page. Easy to navigate, though a few dead ends turn up now and then.
  16. Art reflects life. ( ..themes in eighteenth century art of Colonial America. 1688-1937)
  17. Studio, Chalkboard
    A technical resource for artists and art students. The focus is on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, color and painting. Pages were compiled and designed by Ralph Larmann, art faculty member in the Southern Arkansas University Art Department.
  18. Arts, Crafts, Music (Surfing the Net with Kids)
    Arts, Drama, Literature, Music - Sciences - Social Studies, History, Government (Kids World)
  19. Arts & Entertainment - Architecture, Animation, Drawing, Dance, Fashion, Museums, Music/History/Instruments, Painting, Photography (index, K-12, ThinkQuest)
  20. ArtsEdNet
    Online services supporting arts education from the Getty Education Institute for the Arts. Includes lesson plans and curriculum ideas.
  21. ArtScene
    A Guide to Art Galleries and Museums in Los Angeles and Southern California. Offers articles, exhibitions and calendar information which is updated monthly.
  22. Association for the Advancement of Arts Education
    Includes a Lesson Plan Exchange as well as many interesting links.
  23. ASIFA Central
    The International Animation Association promotes the art of animation and the furthering of international understanding through animated film. This site offers association news, animation clips, lots of articles which would be of great interest to animators, plus information on schools and membership.
  24. The Art of Sebastian Marquez
    This Swedish artist produces works that look like oil on canvas, but are done entirely on computer. This site is an interesting look at the artist and his work, and includes tutorials on pixel painting.
  25. The Art Stand
    This terrific site, affiliated with the JFK Center for the Performing Arts, offers a wealth of information including a directory of world artists, links to thousands of art lessons and activities, art chat, and writing and music opportunities. Don’t miss Kids Rule! with lots of info and activities for kids!
  26. Studio Chalkboard
    "A technical resource for artists and art students" put up by Southern Arkansas University, the Chalkboard offers instruction in drawing and painting and is happy to answer your questions.
  27. ArtDaily
    "The First Art Newspaper on the Net" is a great source for current art news, exhibitions world-wide, museums of the world, and more. One interesting area is "Art In Motion", where 22 buildings, statues, or famous places are described, with a 3-D animated view of each section. Or check out "This Day in History." Great stuff. We recommend it highly.
  28. ArtMetal.com
    This is a cybervillage for metalsmiths and those interested in their work. You can get advice on working in metal, view works by blacksmiths, whitesmiths, jewelers, sculptors, and bladesmiths, ask your metalwork questions, and catch up on metalworking news from around the globe.
  29. ArtNet Italia
    ArtNet Italia is a wonderful way to keep up with Modern Italian Art, in photos, paintings, and sculptures. The site offers images, studio information, and a well stocked coming attractions area. This site is available in both English and Italian.
  30. ArtQuest®
    ArtQuest® offers a way to buy and sell art on the net. Even if you are not in the market, there's lots to see here, and related links are available in more than 20 categories.
  31. arts.community
    The National Endowment for the Arts offers an online newsletter that's searchable, with information and articles. Events are included, as well as several pages all about the purpose and structure of the NEA.
  32. Arts Edge
    The Kennedy Center created this compelling site, which features all aspects of the arts: music, dance, fine arts, and more. An awesome resource for students, teachers, parents, and art lovers.
  33. ArtsEdNet
    Created by the Getty Center for education, the ArtsEdNet provides several services to Art educators. A few of these services include lesson plans for "those who are looking for clearly defined ways to teach discipline-based art education," listings of projects and grants, contests for art students, and an e-mailing list for discussions.
  34. ArtScene
    A Guide to Art Galleries and Museums in Los Angeles and Southern California. Offers articles, exhibitions and calendar information which is updated monthly.
  35. ArtServe
    The Australian National University offers access to more than 27,000 images concerned with the history of art and architecture. There is now a "recovery fee" for viewing most of the enlargements, but you can visit all of the areas and see 1/16 of the images for free.
  36. Art Studio Chalkboard (art related links)
  37. Asian Arts
    This is "the on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia." Fascinating exhibitions, articles, and galleries.
  38. Barbara Safran Studios
    This attractive site offers very detailed lessons in watercolor painting from Canadian artist Barbara Safran. It also offers a chance to get to know her and to view lovely reproductions of her work.
  39. Bingham Gallery Online
    Bingham Gallery specializes in American artists and there's a wealth of information here on these artists and their work. Don't miss "Bingham's Top Ten Rules for Collecting Fine Art."
  40. Bryant Foundation
    A large online collection of Carribean art. Beautifully done, though some scrolling is required to see the whole image. Bandwidth-impaired, beware....
  41. Burren College of Art
    General information on Ireland's Burren College of Art, including programs and courses, weekend workshops, and a handy index. Not much on graphics, but the ones it has are nicely done, especially the opening page shot of the school's castle and surrounding country.
  42. Carol Jackson Presents Fine Art
    Carol Jackson has developed an incredible resource of fine art. You can search by artist, by artist's nationality, and by time frame.
  43. Cartoon Corner
    Emmett Scott has created a great spot for a child to draw cartoons, read stories and poems, solve puzzles, and enjoy jokes and riddles. A bit slow to load in spots.
  44. Christo and Jeanne-Claude
    Christo, famous for wrapping and tenting on a grand scale, has his works featured on this page, which includes pictures and fairly detailed descriptions.
  45. Cirque de la Mama
    This small but creatively designed site features works from a small number of artists displayed on "The Wall." Exhibits change, so you need to check back periodically.
  46. Classical Drama Locations, Drawings, Research Links
  47. Cloud Gallery
    Just as it says, this site features over 30 clouds images, complete with technical and inspirational commentary. As the creators put it, the clouds are "copyright free and available for download."
  48. The Collector's Guide to the Art of New Mexico
    This site offers a view of Southwestern Art and its history, concentrating on the cities of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos. It provides color pictures of works, museums and their locations, information on upcoming events, as well as useful information about the cities themselves.
  49. Conwy Camera Club
    Come here for some lovely pictures of Wales, or for hints to improve your own attempts at photography, or, if you're in Conwy, for the ambitious winter schedule of meeting topics of the Conwy Camera Club.
  50. The Craft Resource Guide
    This is a great resource if you're looking for schools that offer degrees or nondegree classes in a variety of art and craft areas, like glass and metal work, fiber art, weaving, quilting, sculpting, and more. There are also listings and links to craft organizations and magazines.
  51. Culturekiosque
    "Europe's cultural news site," Culturekiosque offers happenings, features, interviews, and comment on art and archaeology, music of many kinds, international cuisine, business, technology, and more. This is what's going on in Europe and elsewhere, delivered with flair in English, French, and (partially) German.
  52. Cyber Antique Mall
    This lovely "on-line community for lovers of antiques & collectibles" offers vendor booths and an online bookstore to browse, a number of useful articles for the enthusiast, an appraisal service, and more.
  53. Dale Chihuly
    Dale Chihuly is a glass blower and in 1992 he was named America's first National Living Treasure by the 50 U.S. governors. His work is amazing. My favorite series is his chandeliers. Dance, Sapphire Swan Dance Directory
    Links to many dance styles (ballet, ballroom, folk, tap, and many more).
  54. "Linking the Arts and Education through Technology." Includes a Curriculum Studio which offers subject area resources and info on curriculum design. Also includes a section with links for students.
    Da Vinci, Leonardo ('Learning About Leonardo') More Leonardo Links, Da Vinci Music, The Mona Lisa Smile
  55. The Detroit Institute of Arts
    This site is very well put together. You can search the site, check out the gallery, and learn about the exhibitions. Not a lot of the collections are online, but those that are have detailed information.
  56. Discovery of a Palaeolithic painted cave at Vallon - Pont-d'Arc(Ardeche)
    This is the fascinating story (complete with color pictures) of the recent discovery of a network of caves in France filled with 20,000-year-old wall art.
  57. Eagle Aerie Gallery
    This site features the work of British Columbia's Roy Henry Vickers, and includes the artist's comments about his work.
  58. Eadweard Muybridge
    Eadweard James Muybridge was the "first to capture motion on photographic plates and project them for audiences." This site contains many examples of his work as well as a brief history of "the father of motion pictures."
  59. Egypt and Art
    This attractive, easily navigated site offers a large amount of information on Egypt. Artist Richard Deurer includes his photographs, which focus on past and current Egypt. Check out the Time Warp Gallery for his whimsical Ancient Egypt paintings or visit the gallery store and purchase a lithograph. Egypt links, map, children's section, search engine.
  60. Electric Gallery, The
    This extensive, colorful, and well-thought-out site includes jazz and blues art, southwest, folk, and contemporary artworks, to name a few. It also includes an informative "walking tour."
  61. Explore the Art World
    This site is dedicated to increasing people's contemporary art understanding and appreciation. The Fine Art Gallery is well worth the visit, with art from the likes of Andy Warholl, Steve Kaufman, Susan Rios, and Linnea Pergola. There is also a Poster Gallery and an Art Audition area, and you can perform art searches, jump to museums, and learn about art terms as well as art styles.
  62. Find Your Art School
    (Search a comprehensive directory of art schools, in collaboration with accredited art colleges, based on region or area of interest. Then, send your information directly to them using our free submission form.)
  63. Fine Site, The
    The Fine Site wants to promote virtual museums, galleries, and exhibits in order to help "gain meaningful impressions of exhibits beyond one's own oceans and borders." To that end, this site offers reviews and access to arts, design, history, science, and travel sites, plus news and discussion. It's visually very striking, but not always easy to navigate effectively.
  64. Francisco Goya
    Goya, "the Father of Modern Art," is featured on this short page. Included are two self-portraits and a brief discussion of his life and style.
  65. Glass Canberra
    This is a great site from the Australian Canberra School of Art. It's all about glass art with instructions for casting, blowing, cutting, printing, and painting. There's also a gallery so you can check out what the students and professors have done, e-mail addresses of the students so you can ask questions, and a links page.
  66. Guerilla Girls
    Fighing racism and sexism from behind gorilla masks, these Netizens take time out to showcase their artwork--mostly very distinctive posters--on this smart and funny site.
  67. A History of Photography
    Summarizing photography from its beginnings through 1920, this is a text presentation with information on the contributions of dozens of people and processes in early photography. It's an excellent resource, well organized for ease of use.
  68. Images Photographic Gallery
    Created to promote fine arts on the Internet, this site is a haven for unknown and younger artists to showcase their work. Information about the artists' work is also included, and a great insight into the material. Oh, did we mention the entire thing is gorgeous?
  69. The Incredible Art Department
    Visit school art departments, read the "weird" art news and the 40 art teacher pet peeves, learn about the "Art Site of the Week," much more. This is a great site for art educators.
  70. Inside Art
    After falling from a boring art museum lecture and landing "inside" a painting by Van Gogh, you can read about the artist, style, location, and more, in a fun and interesting "adventure in art history." With excellent use of color, image, and word, this is big fun!
  71. International Center of Photography
    This site is the online location of the International Center of Photography. Not only does it house information about current exhibitions inhouse, it also offers an exhibition on the web. This site, nicely done, is well worth the visit.
  72. International Directory of Art Libraries
    The search engine here is "provided as a means to access over 3,000 libraries and library departments with specialized holdings in art, architecture, and archaeology throughout the world." You can find it here, whatever it is!
  73. Internet for Artists Resource Library
    The author has created a "catalogue of useful Web sites for Fine Art students…using the Internet for the first time." He does a good job of explaining how to find particular artists and their works, as well as colleges, exhibitions, libraries, and other resources.
  74. Joan Irvine: The Pop-up Lady
    Joan Irvine, Canadian teacher and author of pop-up books, shares here the story of her work, pictures and descriptions of her books, and great step-by-step illustrated directions for making your own pop-up card. Her clear, relaxed, and friendly style is a joy!
  75. K-6 Lesson Plans, Art (email: California State University, Chico, Ca. re web site)
  76. Kennedy Center's Arts Edge, The
  77. Linoleum Block Prints: (BB)
    1. Albrecht Dürer
    2. Andy Warhol - Lesson Plan Andy Warhol Style Linoleum Prints
    3. Andy Warhol - Prints - Portofilios
    4. Daniel Waters, Printmaker - Gallery of Prints
    5. Hokusai - Japan Print Gallery Prints by Hokusai
    6. Hokusai and Japanese Art
    7. How to Carve a Linoleum Block for Printing - eHow.com
    8. Lisa Kesler Art - Portfolio-Linoleum Block Prints
    9. M.C. Escher, The Official Website
    10. Relief Printmaking Using Photoshop
    11. Virtual Lautrec Home
  78. Mark Kistler's Imagination Station Drawing in 3-D World Wide Web Page!
    Actual lessons to help you draw with depth! From Mark Kistler of "The Imagination Station," popular PBS TV art show for kids.
  79. Materials & Resources (Middle, College, Adult/Professional (Visual Arts) [Dewey #750] )
  80. Mobiles / Kinetic Sculpture
    This site splits into two exhibits. The first is of an artificial artist, a computer vision system "that describes its visual experiences in scupture." The second is of human artist, Matthew Brand, trying to stay one step ahead of the machine. Beautiful site.
  81. Mother of all Art and Art History Links Page (source: U. Michigan, School of Art & Design)
    ( Art History Departments, Research, Visual Collections, Image Collections and Online Art, Online Exhibitions, Fine Art Schools and Departments, Art Museums, Textual and Linguistic Resources, New Media Art and Resouces )
  82. Multimedia Projects in Education
  83. The Muse Image Gallery
    "Specializing in contemporary, visionary, folk, self-taught, grass-roots, outsider, emerging and global (Haitian, African and more) art and artists," The Muse Image Gallery is located in Santa Fe. In addition to examples of artists' works with limited exposition, the site offers links to Haitian, Art, and New Mexico sites.
  84. NWHQ
    This Web-based work of art and literature is "constructed somewhat like a labyrinth wherein works grow over time." A neat presentation of how the Web can provide a new way to experience art, literature, and storytelling.
  85. NYSATA Professional Information
    This is a section of the Region 7 web site for The New York State Art Teachers Association. You’ll find interesting information on advocating for the arts, art and the physically challenged child, New York State Visual Arts Standards by grade level, and more.
  86. The National Gallery of Canada
    This site includes information on the art collections, tours, and activities of the Canadian National Gallery, as well as information on its library and resources for teachers and students.
  87. National Portrait Gallery
    Dozens of animated gifs showcasing the works on the walls in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. There are some new works here as well
  88. New York Institute of Photography
    This site offers a wealth of photography information to the amateur or professional photographer. Tips on equipment and technique, photo contests, a compendium of recent topics, information on home-study courses available at NYI, and more. Nicely put together.
  89. OCPS PhotoShare
    The Orange County Public Schools of Orlando, Florida offer 7000 copyright-free digital images for teachers and students to use in school projects and lessons. Search for what you need, send your images to share, and offer feedback about new areas to include. Great idea!
  90. Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography
    This is a terrific site where you can learn all you need to know to make your own oatmeal box camera, take pictures with it, and develop them. It's very well organized, with great directions and lots of pictures of kids making and using their cameras, plus a gallery of oatmeal box pictures, and descriptions of other pinhole photo sites.
  91. Pablo Picasso
    The official Web site includes tons of graphics and history of the artist and his work. Wow! This one is a reviewer favorite.
  92. PhotoArts
    This site is definitely for the fine art photography enthusiast. The "Gallery" offers current and archived exhibitions and is almost as much fun as going to a real gallery. Pages load nicely and the photographs are given the attention they deserve. The "Journal" section also has a lot to offer!
  93. Photographers News Network
    This site was created by two guys who wanted to open a photographer's hangout in New York but couldn't afford the rent. They've put together a "virtual international photographic community" where photographers can trade stories, view works, learn about new technology, travel, law, more.
  94. Rembrandt
    This multimedia site includes discussion on Rembrandt's work in both audio and video, and also has a number of research papers on the artist and his work.
  95. Remembering Nagasaki
    A stunning, haunting memorial to the site of the first atomic bomb dropping.
  96. Resource Library Magazine, The
    American representational art is the focus of this continually published online magazine, presented free to Web users. Learn about and view 19th and 20th century American art through articles, exhibitions, associations, museums, events, much more.
  97. Revue
    Each month, eight artists are asked to interpret a different concept or theme. Their widely varied responses are featured on this fun and interesting site.
  98. Salvador Dali Gallery, The
    Another site devoted to the works of surrealist Salvador Dali, including some not seen before. Worth checking out.
  99. Sandra Morton Fine Arts
    Just like an IRL gallery, this site features a current exhibition and information on upcoming shows. The exhibitions change on a frequent basis, so it's worth checking back often.
  100. Sculpture Garden
    Looking for some examples of great Greek sculptures, ceramic work, or architecture? Then this site is for you. It's got thumbnail images which may be clicked up to display full color pictures. Nice.
  101. ShopArt
    ShopArt offers the works and biographies of more than 50 contemporary artists. The site is German, but the introductory pages and about half of the artist biographies are now available in English as well.
  102. Sistine Chapel
    A large collection of JPEG images allows you to take a virtual tour of Michelangelo's master work. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of desription about the images, but a diagram of the building is included for easy reference. Note that you have to wait for this entire page to load and scroll down to the bottom to access the tour; it's a little confusing but worth the trip.
  103. Society of Film as Internet Application
    A fascinating page that explores the ins and outs of film without thrusting someone's opinion on you. Instead, the text lets you compare the information on any films you like. A must for anyone even slightly interested in the film process.
  104. Stroke of Genius, A
    This is a comprehensive site for those interested in portrait art. View many artists and their work, get some tips if you're interested in having a portrait painted, visit the art bookstore, get the news on portrait events, or make use of the large art resource section.
  105. Art Studio Chalkboard
    A technical resource for artists and art students. The focus is on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, color and painting. Pages were compiled and designed by Ralph Larmann, art faculty member in the Southern Arkansas University Art Department.
  106. Stylistic Journey, A
    This impressive site displays the results of a collaborative effort of Emerson Middle School and the University of Michigan Museum of Art. The students worked with painted panel pieces, an Asian ink scroll, and a pointillist painting. See and learn about the originals, see the students' own work, and read from the discussion board which they used to communicate with museum personnel. Very nice.
  107. Sell Art Smart, newsletter & art tips (online art sales)
  108. Techno-Impressionist Art
    Okay, we'd never heard of it before, either, but once we saw it, we were hooked. This haunting art form is pushing the envelope in a big way...which art should.
  109. Timelines of Art History; Print Sources & Web Sites (General, a Virtual Museum of ancient and non-Western art, Chronology of Japan's Fine Arts, Important Moments in Canadian Art History. (Belton, Robert.), Eighteenth Century, Greek Chronology, Native American Fine Art Movement, Modernism Timeline (1890-1940 includes culture links), Renaissance Art, Romantic Chronology, Russian History Chronology)
  110. Wei Ming Magazine
    Wei Ming Magazine, published in Chinese, is "An Online Forum for Chinese Arts and Culture". One section includes galleries of Traditional, Contemporary, and Folk Arts from China. The collections include "room" after "room" of pieces to view. New magazine sections, including one for children, are being added.
  111. Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?
    This site, which presents the interesting hypothesis of Bell Labs computer artist Dr. Lillian Schwartz, along with some Da Vinci information, a quiz, Da Vinci diversions, and links, was put together as a Think Quest project by students in Sweden and New York.
    A. more background on: "The "Portrait of Mona Lisa (1479-1528), also known as La Gioconda, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo; 1503-06 (150 Kb); Oil on wood, 77 x 53 cm (30 x 20 7/8 in); Musee du Louvre, Paris." B. "Is the Mona Lisa smiling?"
    (interactive: Color Vision, light, color, vision, color interactions, simultaneous contrast, peripheral vision, luminance and equiluminance)
  112. World Wide Arts Resources
    "The largest gateway to the arts in the world" is a searchable directory of anything art-related on the net. The catagories range from artists, galleries, and museums to schools, history, and art for sale.
  113. WWW Fine Art Guide
    This is a great starting point for art on the Net. You can link from here to any in a long list of art schools, or to galleries, museums, art book sites, music, poetry, more. Or stay and chat about art.
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