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  1. 1828 edition of Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language (source:
  2. 18th Century slang (compiled by Leon Bienkowski)
         [ link source:]
  3. 19th Century Slang Dictionary
  4. World Travel Content Guides Index
    including, language links, for example: Learning German (see Deutch/German, below)
  5. American Ballet Theatre, Online Ballet Dictionary
  6. American Sign Language (ASL) (SIGNhear)
  7. American Sign Language Online, Intro & ASL Browser (Michigan State U.)
  8. American's guide to speaking British, The (links source:
      "British Resources in the US..." language related sites:
    1. - English Language section.
    2. American/British & British/American dictionary - impressive/complete collection.
    3. Dictionary of Slang - UK Slang and Colloquialisms.
    4. Differences in English, Canadian and American spelling & vocabulary
    5. English (British) - American Dictionary
    6. Strucc Books - Learn English the fun way.
    7. The English-to-American Dictionary - By Chris Rae.
    8. University of Tampere - Finland - American studies.
    9. Urban Dictionary - Unofficial but informative.
    10. What flavo(u)r English? - Swedish translation services.
    11. World English - Online materials for English teachers.
    12. Yahoo - UK-US Dictionaries.
  9. Americanisms, Dictionary of
    [ Dictionary of Americanisms (introduction), by John Russell Bartlett
    (b.1805-d.1886); Published: First Edition, Bartlett and Welford, New York, 1848 ]

    [ link source:]
  10. Arabic/English (
  11. Arabic/English (, including small web page translations)
  12. Astronomy (Enchanted Learning)
  13. Bartleby: The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy
    (Third Edition, E. D. Hirsch, Jr., Joseph F. Kett, James Trefil; BOSTON: HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY, 2002 NEW YORK: BARTLEBY.COM, 2003)
    (links source: Verse, Fiction, Nonfiction, Quotations, Reference & Download the Dictionary & Thesaurus)
    1. The Bible
    2. Mythology and Folklore
    3. Proverbs
    4. Idioms
    5. World Literature, Philosophy, and Religion
    6. Literature in English
    7. Conventions of Written English
    8. Fine Arts
    9. World History to 1550
    10. World History since 1550
    11. American History to 1865
    12. American History since 1865
    13. World Politics
    14. American Politics
    15. World Geography
    16. American Geography
    17. Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology
    18. Business and Economics
    19. Physical Sciences and Mathematics
    20. Earth Sciences
    21. Life Sciences
    22. Medicine and Health
    23. Technology
  14. Berlin, Deutschland - Central & Regional Library's Dictionary & Encycopedia Links
  15. (2000+ free texts, study guides and reference resources)
  16. BritSpeak British/American (English as 2nd Language for Americans)
  17. Castles - Glossary of Castle Terms
  18. Computing, Free Online Dictionary of..(mirror site) - Home Site (Denis Howe)
  19. Computer Vulnerabilities & Exposures Search - View - Download - FAQ - Terms
    (Public Dictionary of CVEs to Boost Cyber-Defense, 300+ Standard Names/Descriptions)
    Computer/Hacker/Internet Jargon & Alternative Versions/Searches & Il Gergo Telematico (Italy)
  20. Deutsch<>Englisches Wörterbuch & German<>English
  21. Diabetes & Links to Related Dictionaries/Glossaries
  22. Diccionarios
    (inglés-español, Spanish-Español, española, Mapudungu-Castellano, Mapuche-Spanish,
    multilingual, translating, specialized, arts & history, bilingual mathematical,
    foods, business, idiomas, términos usados en InterNet, Pottery Words, and more. (src:
  23. DICT Development Group's Online Dictionary Query
  24. Dictionarist: Online Talking Dictionary Dictionarist web page title favicon icon
    (..translations for Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish)
  25. Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) [Dictionar o the Scots Leid] (link src: A Way with Words)
    ( Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue [DOST, 12th-17th C.] and Scottish National Dictionary [SND, 17th-19th C.] + modern supplement )
    (also see: A History of Scots to 1700)
  26. Double-Tongued Dictionary (by Grant Barrett, link src: A Way with Words)
  27. Directory of Online, Index of General & Specialized Dictionaries (ELA)
  28. Early Modern English Database (EMEDD) Lexicons Printed circa 1530-1657
    and EMEDD Overview & Search Using Patterweb (c.700-c.1700)
  29. Endangered Languages (including: Christ's Language, Indigenous Native American)
  30. English<>Multiple Languages
  31. English to American
      Dictionaries   (links source: The Economist [English] Style Book)
    1. English-to-American Dictionary
    2. (English) Dictionary of American and British Usage
    3. United Kingdom English for the American Novice
  32. español-inglés, English-Spanish, English-Italian-English, English-French-English (src:
  33. Esperanto
  34. Etymology
    1. Etymology Dictionary, Online (© November 2001 Douglas Harper (bio))
    2. An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language (MacBain, Alexander; Gairm Publications, 1982)
      1. Search
    3. A Dravidian etymological dictionary of South Asia
      (Burrow, T. & Emeneau, M.B.; A Dravidian etymological dictionary. 2nd ed. Oxford [Oxfordshire]: Clarendon Press, 1984.)
    4. Etymology Dictionaries (src: libraries, books, reference desk)
    5. An Etymological Dictionary of Classical Mythology (Elizabeth (Beth) Wallis Kraemer, Assistant Professor, Oakland University Library, Rochester, MI)
    6. Roots of English: an Etymological Dictionary (download, by Prof. Eugene Cotter, Seton Hall University, Boston, Ma.)
  35. Farlex
      The Free Dictionary by Farlex:
    1. Dictionary / thesaurus
    2. Medical dictionary
    3. Legal dictionary
    4. Financial dictionary
    5. Acronyms
    6. Idioms
    7. Encyclopedia
    8. Wikipedia encyclopedia
  36. Finance, Investing (condensed, StrongKids, K5-12)
  37. Finance, Financial Dictionaries and Glossaries (src:
  38. Financial Dictionary
    (Categories include: General Finance, Loans, Mortgages, Banking, Investing, Debt & articles about..commonly used financial terms) also see: Credit, Finance, Loans, FICO
    A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z  © Art Branch Inc. 2008
    + an online loan calculator & articles about..commonly used financial terms)
  39. Financial Terms & Technical Terms:
    A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z © Financial Crisis 2009
    A financial information portal & forums including,  College PlanningInsuranceRetirement PlanningEstate PlanningInvestingFinancial PlanningFinancial News
  40. For Little Explorers, Picture Dictionary (English) - English/French - English/German - English/Portuguese - English/Spanish (K-8)
  41. Foreign Languages Dictionaries, Language Specialized, ASL/ESL, Pronunciation Guides, Indigenous, Technical, Kids, Modern, Archaic, Slang, Street (Tyler Chambers)
  42. French/English (ARTFL)
  43. Free Online Dictionary (The Free Dictionary)
  44. Free Online English to Persian eMail with Translation (Farsi,Arabic)
  45. French-English Dictionary (Deutsch-Französisches Wörterbuch) ( LEO - Link Everything Online (also see: LEO below) & Vocabulary Trainer (requires registration) by Informatik der Technischen Universität München )
  46. Learning German ( [also see: tutorials, language]
    (includes links to: German grammar and vocabulary , common phrases, useful words, and numbers, grammar rules and exercises, conjugate German verb, German-Flashcards, common German phrases organized by category: Food & Drink, Transport, and Shopping; compound words, word order is different than English, difficult concepts; audio clips & audio files, providing correct pronunciation of vowels, consonants, vowel and letter combinations, and the alphabet; parts of speech, conjugation and declension of German words, quizzes, Vocabulary Trainer)
  47. German Grammar, Pronounciation, Vocabulary & GERTWOL Morphological Analyzer (morphology)
  48. German-English Dictionary ( Wörterbuch: alt ) (also see: LEO below) & Vocabulary Trainer [requires registration] ( LEO - Link Everything Online by Informatik der Technischen Universität München )
  49. Geography - The ABC of Geography (from the ITS Tutorial School, HK)
    ( Geography Dictionary & Glossary for Students, a comprehensive source of definitions for Geography related terms in subject areas of Physical & Human Geography and Related disciplines..supporting secondary/senior/high school and early tertiary students )
  50. Harkavy's Yiddish-English (6th edition), English-Yiddish (11th edition) Dictionary (1910) (link src: A Way with Words)
  51. Heinle's Newbury House Dictionary of American English
    Word Puzzles & Quizzes + Pronounciation Guide & About Heinle's
  52. Historical, Slang, Proverbs - Law, Insurance, Finance - Food, Games, Music, Biographical, Quotations - Index
  53. Hyper-Dictionary of English
  54. Hyperdictionary
      One query searches
    1. English Dictionary
    2. Computer Dictionary
    3. Video Dictionary
    4. Thesaurus
    5. Dream Dictionary
    6. Medical Dictionary
    (Wordnet, pronounciations, synonyms, antonyms, see also related, Webster's 1913, computing, dream, Easton Bible, thesaurus)


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Ways words have been used in different times and places.

Flappers 2 Rappers: American Youth Slang

1,700 English words were first used by Shakespeare (he used 17,677 words)
Coined by Shakespeare: Words and Meanings First Used by the Bard

Noah Webster and America's First Dictionary

Phrase & Fable, The Dictionary of   (c.1870, rev.1894)

Online Reference
Dictionary, Encyclopedia & more
Look in: Dictionary
Medical Dictionary
Legal Dictionary
Financial Dictionary
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Spanish Dictionary
German Dictionary
French Dictionary
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Chinese Dictionary
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Idiom of the Day
  1. Idioms, Guide to the Dictionary Entries (source: Collins COBUILD - Helping learners with real English)
    Idiom of the Day (A random entry from the Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms.)
    Definition Game
    plus: Win A Dictionary - Find Missing Word
  2. Imaging and UNIX Glossary (
  3. Indices of:
    Queries/Searches - Thesauri - Synonyms/etc. - Phrases - Quotations - Lexiography - Bibliomani
    Pronunciation - Rhyming - Miscellany - MultiLingual - Translations (Euro) - Index of Dict. Indices
  4. Inkpot's Index of Online Dictionaries, Quotations, Thesauri
  5. Kurdish/English Dictionary (Kurd, Kurdistan, Arabic) & Kurdish Latin script to Arabic script & Alphabet & Kurdish/English Web/Internet Terms (Namo Dictionary - Ferhengî Namo)
  6. Langenberg's Anagram/Rhyme/Thesaurus & Translation (portal)
  7. Language Fonts (non-english) - Guides 150+linguas,112 fonts for 40 languages - WinXX/Word Character Codes (U.Oregon)
  8. Language Identifier - Stochastic, Online
  9. Legal (Law terms, terminology, definitions, also see: Legal Encyclopedia)
  10. Library, ODLIS - Online Dictionary of Library & Informations Science (extensive, W.Conn. SU)
  11. Library Reference Sources
  12. LingoZ - The Online Dictionary Community, user contributed ß (For translation @ a click, visit
    Languages: small English and American flags English · Hebrew עברית · Portuguese · French / Français · German / Deutsch · Spanish / Español · Italian / Italiano · Dutch
  13. List of Dictionaries
    (German/English, American English, Technical English, BritSpeak British/American, American Regional, Computing, Software, Hackers's, Thesaurus, Other Languages (non-English))
    1. LEO – An Online Service [ English Dictionary/Wörterbuch ]
      by Informatik der Technischen Universität München und Deutsche Version
    2. which includes links to:
      English and German Services dedicated to Morphology, Grammar, etc.;
      Orthography, Grammar, Pronunciation, Correspondence;
      Abbreviations, Acronyms, Conversions;
      and Genealogy
    3. LEO's history
    4. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
      Search Term: <>
      Search TipsDeutsche Version
    Copyright © LEO DictionaryTeam 1995-2006
  14. Martindale's Reference Desk, Language Translation Center - Free Online Translations
    Including:   Indigenous Languages of North America - of Australia - Other World Languages
    Language Databases & Resources, Grammar, Pronounciation Guides, Sign Language & Braile, Specialized Dictionaries & Indices, Multi-Lingual, Mapping Resources
  15. Medical Dictionaries, Info for Patients + English/Chinese Medical (Dr. Kwok Lee) [source: Internet Archive Wayback Machine]
  16. Medical, The Online
  17. Medical, Infomedical
  18. Medical
  19. Medical, Online Resources (1400+ terms, ipoline)
  20. Memidex - free online dictionary/thesaurus with several unique features · about
    (extensive cross-referencing, complete inflections, simple interface, and frequent updates)
    Memidex web page favicon image
  21. Merriam-Webster & Thesaurus & Word Game of the Day - Brief History of English - More Lingua Resources - Noah Webster (b.1758-d.1843) - From Inkwell to the Internet, America's First Dictionary
  22. Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary
  23. One Look's Search of Online Dictionaries
  24. Paderborn U., Germany (Search/General/Special/Multi-lingual/Thesauri/Acronyms)
  25. Perseus Project, Tufts U. & Whitaker's Latin-Engish Translation
  26. Picture Dictionary, The Internet
    (Free, online multilingual picture dictionary with interactive activities,
    English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and ESL learners.)
  27. Plants, Horticulture/Crops (OSU)
  28. Phrase and Fable, The Dictionary of
    [hypertext edition] (by E. Cobham Brewer from the "The New and Enlarged Edition of 1894)
  29. Profanisaurus (dictionaries; etymology; language translator; blogs, forums, & magazines; jargon, lingo, & slang; obscure; writing, grammar; trivia; style guides; semiotics; myth, religion, & fables; adult & swearing; banished; dialects; American; English; Scots; medical; Senate glossary) (many more dictionaries, glossaries, & lexicons)
    (source: WordNet®: a lexical database for the English language [Princeton U., Princeton, NJ]
  30. PseudoDictionary ("..where words you've made up can become part of an actual online dictionary! slang, webspeak, colloquialisms...")
  31. Purdue's Dictionaries, Thesauri, Acronyms & Encyclopedias Links
  32. Real Estate & Mortgage Glossary, Dictionary, and Lexicons (
    (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German)
  33. Research It (& translate/anagrams/acronyms)
  34.'s Index of Online Dictionaries by Type, Language, Speciality, with Related Web Sites (550+)
  35. Rhyming (RhymeZone)
  36. Slang Language by City & Slang Contest For Free Book Copy (Mike Ellis)
  37. Specialized Dictionaries: Robert Beard, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA,US.
  38. Dictionary - .com English, Jargon, Writing & to/from German/Greek/Latin/Spanish &
    Dictionaries in 160 Languages, including:     (morphology, linguistics, grammar)
    -Germanic:Afrikans,Danish,Dutch,English,German,Icelandic, Norsk,Swedish,Yiddish
    -Semitic:Arabic,Hebrew,Maltese -Sign
    -Sino-Tibetan:Burmesse, Chinese,Taiwanese,Tibetan
    -Slavic East:Belarusan,Russian,Ukrainian West:Czech-Slovak,Polish,Sorbian South:Bulgarian, Croation-Serbian,Slovene
  39. Snap's Computer & Internet Related Glossaries (Slang, Jargon, & Terms)
  40. Southern Appalachian English, Dictionary of Smoky Mountain English
    by Michael Montgomery, Professor, U.SC with articles & links to Other Websites and Resources on American Dialects and Mountain Culture including a bibliography..of five hundred articles, chapters, and books.. + "..speakers the Great Smoky Mountains in 1939. ..excerpts..including a transcript and sound file." sound or narration
  41. Spanish-English, español-inglés, English-Spanish, English-Italian-English, English-French-English (src:
  42. Spanish dictionaries (also see: tutors, language)
  43. The Talking Spanish Dictionary A Speaker GIF Image. (also see: links to language tutors)
      Spanish language learning resources:
    1. quizes: weekly & grammar
    2. vocabulary
    3. verbs
    4. grammar
    5. advanced idioms course
    6. language schools
  44. Specialized Searches (National, Regional, by Subject, Synonyms, thesauri, library resources)
  45. Svensk/engelskt - Svensk/finskt - Svensk/grekiskt - In English
  46. Swahili (English<>Swahili<>Russian)
  48. Thesaurus, Free - Synonyms, Antonyms, and Related Words (H/T Steve Boymel, Farlex, Inc., Fr.29Jan16) A new item animated gif.
    [Free Thesaurus is a comprehensive online thesaurus of synonyms, antonyms, and related words. The thesaurus contains more than 145,800 unique entries from three top sources: Collins Thesaurus of the English Language - Complete and Unabridged, The American Heritage Roget's Thesaurus, and WordNet.]
  49. Thesaurus, Lexical Freenet/Association Connected Thesaurus
  50. Thesaurus, Visual - Plumb Line's
  51. Tibetan/English of Buddhist Teaching & Practice (Dharma Dictionary)
  52. travlang's On-Line Translating & Quick 30 Languages Word-Phrase Convert
  53. Thesaurus - .com - Alphabetical - Categorical, Topics Outlined - Fun & Games (crosswords/word searches)
  54. Translate Words/Text (
  55. Translate - InterTran (27+ Languages, 767 pairs)
  56. Translate - Babel Fish Corp. Translation Sites Index (free, online, machine translation services)
  57. Translate - English to: Japanese, pan-European, Portuguese & Hebrew (NY Times, time limited)
  58. Translate - Russian
    • Russian Translator/Translators:
       Promt-Online & RusTran
  59. Translate - TeleTranslator
    (English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese)
  60. Translation Dictionaries, Indexed Alphabetically   (online translations)
       (examples:  German & Low German ,  Oluta [mesoamerica] San Miguel Chimalapa Soke    (Oluta-Mixe y San Miguel Chimalapa Zoque, Mixe-Zoquean linguas en Veracruz y Oaxaca, Mexico)
  61. Urban (Slang/Street language) Dictionary
  62. Visual Dictionary, The
    (Quote, "Visual Dictionary, to learn by way of image with thematic, clear and precise pages, with concise and rigorous texts, bilingual, the InfoVisual will become a academic resource. Different from an encyclopedia or from a traditional online dictionaries, thesauri and glossaries because the images replace the words.")
  63. Wiktionary: a wiki-based Open content Dictionary
    (source: "The Wikimedia Foundation Inc. ..parent organization of .. free-content projects, [e.g.] ..the Wikipedia, ..encyclopedia.")
  64. Wise Old Sayings
  65. Webster hypertext interface - portal to internet dictionary services
  66. WordNet, lexical database of English search, browse or download [] (link src: A Way with Words)
  67. Word Spy, The., Slang, New Phrases, Colloquial, Idioms, Technical, Jargon
  68. Yale Dictionary - English, Foreign, by Subject, Thesauri, Translators
  69. Your Online & Index of Dictionaries/Thesaurus (extensive - multiple dictionary online searches (+650, +46 foreign languages) +multi-lingual, grammars, Language Identifiers, Word Origins, Endangered Languages Resources [extinct, nearly so, of 7,327 languages/dialects], Specialized, including online translations [desktop/library references] excellent!)
  70. Web of Online Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Grammar, & Quick Check with Merriam-Webster's [500+ in 140 Languages] Linquistics Fun E.G. Print your name in Egyptian or Mayan Hieroglyphics or Japanese Katana -or- Play Word/Vocabulary Games using Semantics, Origins, Stories, Phonology, Linguistics, Morphology & Morphology (Extensive Resources) Verb Conjugators, Grammar Tutors, Translators (Multi-Lingual)
  71. and from 1000 (browse on its pages down through ads)
      Dictionary Pages:
    1. Business Dictionaries
    2. Calculators
    3. Chemistry Dictionaries
    4. Chinese Dictionaries
    5. Computer Dictionaries
    6. Dream Dictionaries
    7. Encyclopedias
    8. English Dictionaries
    9. Food Dictionaries
    10. Free Online Translations
    11. French Dictionaries
    12. German Dictionaries
    13. Italian Dictionaries
    14. Japanese Dictionaries
    15. Latin Dictionaries
    16. Legal Dictionaries
    17. Medical Dictionaries
    18. Medical Glossaries
    19. Miscellaneous Glossaries
    20. Music Dictionaries
    21. Rhyming Dictionaries
    22. Russian Dictionaries
    23. Slang Dictionaries
    24. Spanish Dictionaries

    25. Special Medical Glossaries:
    26. Cancer Glossaries
    27. Diabetes Glossaries
    28. Heart Glossaries

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