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Reference, Facts Look-up, & Library Resources:
  1. 50 States, Capitals, Commonwealths & Territories - Birds - Flags - News - Songs - Famous People - Games, References, Lesson Plans - Colleges/Univiversites - City Web Sites - Facts & Trivia - State Quarter Coins
  2. Acronymns and Word Glossaries Links
  3. Access America for Students (US Gov't.: plan your education, paying for school, career development, community/country/world service, military service, taxes, travel & fun, government 101, housing, USPS, consumer information)
  4. Addresses, Greetings, Salutations, and Signatures:
    1. Addresses and Salutations, International (business & personal)
    2. Classical Salutations and Closings in Greek & Roman Letters (Adapted to Electronic Mail)
    3. Greetings and Signatures, A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
  5. ALA - 700+ Sites for Kids, Parents, CareGivers, Teachers (fun & educational, categorized, juried)
  6. ALA - Librarian's Guide to CyberSpace for Parents & Kids (Pre-School, K-12, juried)
  7. ALA - Library & Libranianship Web Resources & State Library Web Sites & Map Index
  8. ALA - Lugares en español para niños (K-12, Spanish, juried)
  9. Almanac, World: CIA World Facts Book (2002-2003) & Kids Page
  10. Almanac, World: Facts and Figures, 190+ Countries ( (American Library Association, Children & Technology Committee, Assoc. of Library Science To Children)
  11. American Flag, The ( Old Glory - The Stars and Stripes - The Red White and Blue )
  12. America's Library - Amazing Americans - Back in Time - Explore States - America At Play - See, Hear, Sing
    and the Library of Congress - Collections, Services, Research (K12 Teachers, Blind & Physically Handicapped)
  13. America's War Against Terrorism (U. Michigan, Federal Publication: September 11, 2001 Attack, Airlines, Airline Security, Anti-War Activism, Agencies, Chronologies of the attack ABC/BBC; Books/JournalsCountries Involved, Counterterrorism, Laws & Regulations, Religion, Maps/Photos,Middle East Conflicts, Military, News Sources, Polls, Previous Attacks, Chemical and Biological Warfare, Suspects, Teaching Materials, Terrorism Library, Victims, War News/Chronology, WTC - World Trade Center]
  14. American Flag, FAQs (colors, designed by, flag etiquette, half mast, proper disposal, ceremonial disposal, gold fringe, if it touches the ground, proper way to fold, display on what holidays, where 24hrs, flag terms, Flag Miscellania - Law & Regulations, Flag Ratios, 50 Star designer [Robert F. Heft], How to Hold the Flag, Meaning of Folding Program, Facts'n Timeline, "Ol Glory", Pledge history, Francis Scott Key, Flag Day, The Eagle, Flag Pictures, Capitals & Statehood)
  15. American Flag, The ("Old Glory"; "The Red, White, and Blue")
  16. American Flag, vexillogy (The Flag of the United States of America)
  17. Anthems, National & Patriotic Music {small musical note "O Canada"} (world's countries)
  18. Arab Culture, News, Related Subjects & Links ( Islam, Islamic, Arabic)

  19. (for animation & history related, also see; history links)
  20. Animation: Compare dates by US Counties forming westward - 1650-Present, 'Twas different
  21. Animation: Compare dates by US 48 States forming westward - 1650-Present, a lot different.
  22. Animation: Growth of a Nation (teacher guide) 10Min/56Kbs narration, printable
    [Source: SBC Knowledge Network Explorer (KNE) "e; A ten minute narrated movie, divided into smaller segments, which depicts the geographic history of the United States from the beginning of the nation to fifty states. Geographic elements are interactive, as is the timeline. It will take sixty seconds to load with a 56K modem. A teachers' guide is located at (Requires Flash 6.) By Peter Mays. Grade Level: Early Childhood (K-2), Elementary, Middle School, High School Content Area: Education (Alternatives), History & Social Studies (United States History) [Dewey #973] Application type: Other Resources"e;]
      American History (map) Web Sites(animated & static)
      1. military, historic
      2. States map, interactive (click'n learn)
      3. chronologies of U.S. History (1492-2000)
      4. American documents, historical & founding (17th C.-present)
      5. Cycles in U.S. History
      6. Presidents of the U.S.
      7. links to other history sites and primary content: source documents
    1. Animated and Interactive
        Darkwing Atlas Project:
        European (+atlas, images)
        American History (animated map, Territorial Expansion of the United States 1783-1898, slavery through 1860, legal status of slavery through 1860)
      1. Historical & Cultural Atlas Resource/Maps
        ( natural resources/trade, Ancient Near East, Classical Greece, Hellenistic World & Roman Republic, Principate & Empire, Late Antiquity & Early Medieval ) [ Aegean, Mediterranean, Spain, Mesopotamia, Rome, Bronze Age, Phoenicians, Athenian, Macedonia, Alexander, Punic War, Jewish Diaspora, Christianity, Gaul, Barbarians, Vandals, Vikings ]
      2. Images: ( Urban, Economy, Water, Religion, Landscape, Inscriptions, stone reliefs, Epitaph, Epigraphical, inscriptions )
      3. American History
        (North American Map Archive: Territorial Expansion 1783-1898, Slavery through 1960, Legal Status of Slavery through 1860 )
        Shockwave browser plug-in required for interactive maps
    2. Static Map Sites: Military from West Point & Historic (U.S.)
    3. States: List of, locations, descriptions
    4. Chronologies, U.S. History: 1492-2000, Major Events, LoC, U.S. Documents, Cycles (90 year) of U.S. History
    5. Overall History, Presidents, & other U.S. History Gateways links
    6. Primary Documents Sources: Selection, Revolution Period, U.S. Government, Civil War, & Native American

    7. (Source for A-F:
  23. Animation: A morphing map showing how the border lines have changed throughout U.S. history (source with border related timelines at
  24. Art Galleries/Museums of the World, Auction Houses, Fine Art Online (ancient to modern)
  25. Ask the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT) HPKB Server [DARPA's High Performance Knowledge Bases]
    [(1) specific questions appearing in the Crisis Management Challenge Problem specification document, (2) material appearing in the CIA World Factbook, and (3) general geographical information, including locations, maps, weather reports and other information about several thousand cities and most countries of the world. (4) Assorted incidental topics]
  26. Ask ERIC - Topics Index from A-Z - School & Classroom Safety
    [Alternative Assessment, Child Care, Clearinghouses, Counseling, Disabilities; Education: General, Higher, Levels, Management, Technology; Evaluation, Family Life, High-Risk Students, Home Schooling, Internet, K-12 Education, Learning Theories, Librarianship, Librarian Education, Mathematics, Motivation, Peer Education Programs, Planning, Reference, School Libraries, Specific Populations, Subjects, School Safety, Scheduling, Science, Standards, Teaching, Teacher Quality, Technology Planning, Therapy, Statistics, Law]
    1. Ask for Kids (formerly Ask Jeeves for Kids)
      Books for Study Help:
    2. Almanac (Fact Monster)
    3. Astronomy
    4. Biography
    5. Clip Art (Kids Domain)
    6. Dictionary (Word Central)
    7. History
    8. Math Help
    9. News Resources for Kids
    10. Thesaurus (U. of Chicago)
    11. Science
    12. World Atlas (MSN Encarta)
    Links source: Ask for Kids
  27. Atlas - Encyclopedia - Almanac - Dictionary (Teacher Vision)
  28. Body Age Calulator (Lower Your Body Age, What is your body age?)
  29. Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI) (
  30. Berlin, DE - Central & Regional Library (English) Zentral und Landesbibliothek Berlin (German)
  31. Binary Numbers from Text (text to binary numbers)
    (convert/translate conversion/translation)
  32. Biographies, 110K+ online (alphabetical, biography, search by name or country) []
  33. Books, Online
  34. British Library - Reference & Document Supply Collection
  35. Calculators (U. Washington)
  36. Calculators, Online - Scientific, Currency, Time, Units Conversion, Many Specialized Categories
  37. Calculators On-Line Center (Jim Martindale's Reference Desk, hosted by: U. California, Irvine (UCI),
  38. Calendars & History of (K-12)
  39. Calendars & Time
    + Create/print Your Own Free Printable Calendar, monthly or yearly with/without holidays
    (src:, also see, Credit, FICO, Finance'n Amortization Clocks, Calendars'n Time links)
  40. Calendopaedia - The Encyclopaedia of Calendars
  41. California State Library (CSL) & CSL Catalog Search & CDL Hosted Reference Databases
  42. Cameras Live Worldwide - J. Canada's World Cams - Nature, Animals (BBC) - Animal Cams (Surfing the Net with Kids)
  43. Canada: Map (also see below: 'maps') {small musical note "O Canada"} [link src:]
  44. Cancer [breast] Drugs, Facts, Information, Research (also see 'medical' below)
  45. Census Bureau, U.S. & Searches:   Top Level
  46. Central Intelligence Agency
    1. CIA World Fact Book (2002)
    2. CIA Electronic Document Collection Center Links & Alternative Sources
    3. Chiefs of State
      (and Cabinent Members of Foreign Governments, Head of the Central Bank, Ambassadors to the U.S., Permanent Representatives to the U.N. in N.Y.C., New York)
    4. Electronic Document Release Center Search & A 'Harvest' Search
    5. Kids Pages Index
    6. Search the CIA Electronic Reading Room
    7. Search the CIA Web Space
  47. Climate, by US State (detail) Simpler Map (faster); Text Version (fastest)
  48. Climate Diagnostics Center, Weather Resources (Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. Research) Education
  49. Coins - Internet Encyclopedia of U.S. coins & Price Guides
  50. College Scholarships, Colleges, and Online Degrees
    1. Comprehensive information on traditional and online colleges, post-secondary career schools
      (including scholarships, financial aid, colleges for women, Christian colleges, scholarship matching data bases, colleges with programs for students with learning disabilities, historically black colleges, an easy GPA calculator, and more.)
    2. Admission Profiles: allows students, parents, and educators to look up individual colleges and universities, and see what is required to be admitted to each.
      (This relatively new site currently has profiles of about 600 colleges, with more added every week.)
    3. Recruitment: allows students of all ages to get "matched" to career schools, traditional colleges, and online colleges which meet their needs and preferences
  51. Conversion Tables (source: Gregsite)
    (300+, area, volume, length, weight, electric, pressure, liquid, gas, cooking, measurements, depth, horsepower, degrees, radians, revolutions)
  52. Conversions: Metric, Imperial, & U.S.
  53. Counties List, US, Search - Maps - Lon/Lat - US Census Links
  54. Countries, Flags, Weather, Anthems, Demographics, Maps, History, Links by country for Education/Research
  55. Countries: facts and statistics on the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, police, customs and transnational, law / legal system (src:
  56. Country Codes on the Internet
  57. Country Information, Regional, World Rankings (src:
    [by Regions, Categories, Lists] and a World Almanac: Facts and Figures, 190+ Countries
  58. Credit Amortization Tables, Credit, Credit Bureau, Credit Cards, Credit Reports, Collection Agency, Debt, FICO, FICO score, Finance, Finance Calculators, Interest, Interest Rates, Loans, Mortgage, Mortgages, Payment Calculators, Real Estate, Relocation
    links have been moved to their own page, click here to open the new page
  59. Cultures, World Index - (African/Mid-East, Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Languages, Traditions, Recipes, Histories)
  60. Cyber Librarian (tools for web searching, virtual library collections research)(Virtual Librarian)
  61. Dead or Alive?
    ("Ever wanted to know if a famous person [is] was dead or alive?)
  62. Demographics by state & cities from Alabama to Wyoming
    (including gender, race, age(s), crime, map, most towns in each state w/economics)
  63. Demographics on U.S. Cities & Counties, National Parks, US Facts
  64. Dictionaries & Thesauri (dictionary, thesaurus) (src:
  65. "Do We Really Know Dewey?" (the library books classification / index system, K-Adult) [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
  66. Digital Librarian Subject Index & Audio/Video(extensive)
  67. Distance Calculator: How far is it? (world, src:
  68. Economy of the US, Regions, States, Counties or by Industries
  69. EDGAR - Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration Index
      ELA Education & Online Resources (extensive, categorized)
    1. Dictionaries & Online Reference Sources
    2. Source: ELA Productions' Web Portal
  70. Electric Library of Canada (search [ Help ] by source types and/or by subject)
  71. Encyclopedia of Life (
  72. Encyclopedias, Online
  73. Today's Electricity Supply & Demand
    In the US: CA, New England, NY, TX, the PJM area of: Central & E. PA, NJ, DE, W. MD, and DC + PJM West: N. 2/3 of W. VA, portions of Western and Central PA, W. MD, and small areas of SE Ohio.) - Background - Current Load
    Link update rcvd 7May04 from:
    Murray Charters: Essential V I P Reference Links
    (also see: news links in one column and Reference Links)
  74. Energy - EnerFax Daily, Gas/Power Markets
  75. Energy - Oil/Gas/Fuel/Electric
  76. Energy - Gas Buddy - US & Canadian Gasoline Prices, Low & High (mapped)
  77. Essential V I P "Reference Links"
  78. FAA Airplane Registry - N Number Search (tail number, aircraft registration)
  79. Fact Monster
    ( An Online Almanac, Atlas, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia for kids. Grade Level: Early Childhood (K-2), Elementary, Middle School Content Area: Community Interest (Reference Desk) [Dewey #027] Application type: References & Tools. link source: SBC Blue Web'n )
  80. Farming - crops, livestock, machinery, agriculture (+ games, puzzle, coloring pages links) [src: SurfNetKids, created by 4 11yr old boys.]
  81. Federal Emergency Management Administration Library - Español - For Kids - For Parents & Teachers (FEMA[shelters, counseling, assistance])
  82. Federal Statistics Resources
    (K-12, pre-college, college, facts, games, projects, careers)
  83. Internet Public Library Reference Center [IPL] (clickable map image)
  84. Fast Facts & Quick References
    (Almanacs, Calendars & Time, Dictionaries & Thesauri, Directories People & Places, Electronic Texts, Encyclopedias, Entertainment, Internet, Grammar & Style, Languages, Libraries of Data, Magazines, Miscellaneous, News Sources, Politics & Gossip, Quotations, Sports, Statistics, Travel, Weather, Weights & Measures) [Bob Drudge's]
  85. File, Application, MIME Types & Extensions (DOS, MAC, Win3.xx/9.xx, NT)
  86. File, Extensions Search Engine. 1400+ (Kresch's)
  87. Finance, Amortization Tables, Credit, Credit Bureau, Credit Cards, Credit Reports, Collection Agency, Debt, FICO, FICO score, Finance Calculators, Interest, Interest Rates, Loans, Mortgage, Mortgages, Payment Calculators, Real Estate, Relocation
    links have been moved to their own page, click here to open the new page
  88. Flags of the World, Vexillogy (books, terms, related flag links, world wide, categories, 18K+ images)
  89. Food & Agriculture Organization, Search (UN, United Nations, Italy)
  90. Food Safety, Training, Education (USDA)
  91. Forms, free: US Legal Forms
    general information resources including legal definitions, law digests, attorney directory, and links to free forms
    (source:, 50K documents online, state-specific legal forms )
  92. Fuel Economy, compare vehicles, tips, free bumper sticker (USDOE)
  93. Gannett: Web Resources for Newsrooms ( links to statistics / reference / information / facts, source: Gannett Company, Inc. [(news service)])
  94. Gasoline Prices listed by Zip Code
  95. Gas Prices, Gasoline and Diesel Prices (many links)
  96. Gasoline Prices, Energy - Gas Buddy - US & Canadian, Low & High (mapped)
  97. Genealogy - Help, How, Records, Family Trees, Indices (GEDCOM), Messaging (GENFORUM)
  98. Geographia - Country Information, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America
  99. Geographics Correspondence Engine, Demographics/Statistics by States/Sources/Target
  100. Google's Categorized Index of Reference Sources
  101. Government Resources, Contact Officials, Search Gov't, Parties, History
  102. "Getting an A on an English Paper." (by Jack Lynch, Rutgers University– Newark,NJ, 25Oct04)
    Grammar and Style, Guide to (by Jack Lynch, Rutgers University– Newark,NJ, 26Jan05)
  103. Harding Elementary School Student Study Links (K-8)
  104. Harper's Index: "a [monthly] statistical snapshot of the world's economic, political, and cultural climate"
    (source: Harper's Magazine (published continuously since 1850)
  105. Heber School Reference Sites Links List (K-8)
  106. Hispanic, Latino Culture, News, Subject, Related Links
  107. Holidays:
    1. Calendars & Time
    2. Holiday & Special Events Calendar
      (K-5, Sunnie BunnieZZ© Kids Pages: ABCs, Activities, Clowning, Educational, Geography, Holidays, Magic, Math, Poetry, Puppetry, Puzzles, Storytelling)
    3. Holidays, Events, Current - Historical, Worldwide, By State, Today-in-History
    4. Holidays & Celebrations Calendar - Worldwide, Searchable, Categories
    5. Holidays, Google Index of
    6. Holidays: Official & Traditional (
    7. World Holidays & Celebrations
    8. SurfNet Holidays Calendar
  108. How Far Between Cities (world wide, map)
  109. How Stuff Works (Learn How Everything Works.) (fun, src: LBUSD)
  110. Imperial Valley, CA, US, Web Sites
  111. Inkpot's Reference Books Links to: Dictionaries, Thesauri, and Encyclopaedia
  112. International Federation of Library Associations Search
  113. Internet Public Library (IPL) World Libraries - Reference - General Ready Reference Collection Index & Search - Librarian Services (extensive)
  114. IPL Youth Division - Browse by Subject (Dewey Decimal System)
  115. Islam - Books/Brochures, Religion, Prayers, Centers & Islamic Links (alphabetical), Medical, Beginners Guide to Prayers
  116. Islamic - Calendar, 2000 (Arabic) - Hijri-Gregorian Calendars Date Converter Daily Date (Islam)
  117. Islamic - Kids' Corner, General Activities, Health, Education, Fun'n Games (Islam)
  118. Islamic - Mosques Virtual Tour 1 Tour 2 (Islam)
  119. Jobs, Employment, Positions, Pay Calculators, Re-location, US, California, Military, Government, International
  120. Kids Click (web search for kids by librarians, 600+ subjects, pictures, sounds)
  121. Kids Click - Dewey Decimal Search
  122. Kids World - Dictionaries, Quotations, City/Zip, Economic Data, CIA Fact Book
  123. KISW Dictionary, Biographer, Thesaurus, Math/Sci, Encylopedia Links
  124. Languages of the United States
    (A Map of Languages in the United States, source: Modern Language Association (MLA))
  125. Latin American Reference & Resources (LANIC)
      with Index to Countries, Subjects, Projects (About LANIC)
    1. Countries Argentina, Brazil, Chile ...
    2. Economy Business, Finance, Trade ...
    3. Education Higher Education, K-12, Distance
    4. Government Government, Law, Military
    5. Humanities Art, Languages, Literature ...
    6. Internet & Computing Networking, Tools, Search ...
    7. Libraries & Reference Libraries, Museums, Statistics ...
    8. Media & Communication Journals, News, Magazines, Radio, TV ...
    9. Recreation Food, Sports, Travel
    10. Regional Resources Latin America, Central America, Caribbean ...
    11. Science Astronomy, Health, Oceanography ...
    12. Social Sciences Anthropology, History, Sociology ...
    13. Society & Culture Human Rights, Immigration, Indigenous ...
    14. Sustainable Development Agriculture, Development, Environment ...
    15. Search: Central/South America - Latin America & World Resources
  126. Law Library, Directory of The United States (Legal And Business Resource Site)
    U.S. Courts, mapped (All Courts, Court of Appeals, District Court, Bankruptcy Court, Probation Office, Pretrial Services Office)
  127. Librarians & Library Science
    (many sub-areas, research, references, online resources, library, student, teacher)
  128. Librarians' Index to the Internet
    (categorized; search by keyword, subject, title, description, links, no stemming)
  129. Libraries: Europe, National LIbraries of {searchable} (English, Français, Deutsch)
    (Conference of European National Libraries [CENL], Gabriel)
  130. Libraries on the Web (LibWeb, UCB) - Search
    US: Academic - Public - National - State - Regional - Special/School
    World: Europe - Africa/Mid-East - Asia - AU,NZ,Pacific - CA - MX,Caribbean.,Central & South America
  131. Library Catalogs, Americas~ Europe/Mid-East~ Asia, Pacific, South Africa~ Search (Hytelnet)
    1. Library Catalogues, Online:
    2. Academic, Country, Government, Institutional, National, Public, Specialized
      (source: Online Library Catalogues by John Sherwell on
    3. Libdex (150+countries, 18K library home pages)
    4. UNesco Libraries Portal (9K libraries, locations & subject sub-categories, gov't/instition emphasis)
    5. UNesco Libraries Reference Portal (geographically arranged)
    6. LibWeb (115+countries, 6500 sites, sector & country search, geographic) [src:]
    7. MetroNet (US by state & international, special collections & public databases) [src: Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN, US, library consortium]
    8. National Libraries Worldwide (80+countries, alphabetic/geographic indices + Britain & Ireland OPACS indexes, also telnet version) [src: Univ. Queensland, AU]
    9. [src: National Information Services and Systems (NISS), UK]
    10. COPAC (academic, 22+university research libraries & the British Library) [UK]
    11. UK Public Libraries
    12. School Libraries (40+countries)
  132. Library, Bibliography, & Digital Archive (ibiblio) [public & online, searchable]
    Collection Index, categorized & sorted alphabetically -or- sorted by Universal Decimal Classification (University of North Carolina)
  133. Archives | Arts and Recreation | Ebooks | Geography, Biography, and History | Historic | Language | Journals | Literature | Natural Science and Mathematics | Philosophy and Psychology | Reference | Religion and Theology | Social Sciences | Technology and Applied Sciences | Linux: Linux Distribution Archive | Partners | Linux Documentation Project
  134. Library, California State, System
  135. Library of Congress, Online Catalog
  136. Life Span by U.S. state (interactive map, longevity, average age, mortality)
  137. Lists and Links
    (Animals, The Calendar, Crime, General Info, Languages, Mathematics, The Military, Money, Movies, Music, Physiology, Religion, Science, Space, Sports, Television, US Facts, US History, World Facts )
  138. Living Earth, The (maps, daylight/night, space view, view/search by longitude/latitude)
  139. Loma Linda, CA Library - Online Health, Gov't Research Sources - More Ca. Library Catalogs
  140. Los Alamos National Laboratory Library - Other N.M., National Lab, US, World Libraries
  141. Los Libros de Texto Gratuitos, Mexico
    (todos los libros, para todos los niños, en todas las escuelas)
  142. Lousiana State U. Online Library References [conversions, Usage, Literature, Writing, Word/Phrase Origins, Science & Technology, Phrase'n Fable]
    1. Maps: Driving Directions
    2. AOL Anywhere maps & driving directions (
    3. maps & driving directions (
    4. Google maps & driving directions (
    5. maps & driving directions (
    6. Map24 USA Europe North America Brazil Middle East Australia maps & driving directions (
    7. MapsOnUS maps & driving directions (
    8. MapQuest maps & driving directions (
    9. MultiMap maps & driving directions (
    10. Maps and Travel Information (
    11. Super Pages maps & driving directions (
    12. ViaMichelin maps & driving directions, worldwide locations (
    13. Yahoo maps & driving directions (
    1. Maps/Images:
    2. America: States & their Statistics (src: God and Country: U.S. Presidents' Speeches, Patriotic & Historical Documents, also see history links)  †
    3. Americas: North, Central, South, Caribbean +links
    4. Atlapedia (physical/political, facts/statistics)
    5. California Topographic Map (src: see NGDC below)
    6. Canada: Map (also see above: 'Canada') {small musical note "O Canada"} [link src:]
    7. Cartographic Images (Ancient, Late Medieval, Renaissance maps) (cartography links) [Time Chart of Ancient Cartography (antiquity)]
    8. Central Intelligence Agency, Reference Maps, World Facts Book (2002-2003), World Almanac (w/maps) & Kids Page
    9. Country Watch @ School (country maps, demographics) [search by country, region, geography links for students & for teachers + lesson plans]
    10. Earth & Moon Views (astronomy, +links)
    11. Geographic References and Gazetteers
      1. Geodata Information Sources
      2. On-line Libraries and Book Information
      3. Dictionaries
      4. Glossaries
      5. Telephone Directories
      6. Internet Address Directories
      7. Searchable Bibliographies
      8. Other References
    12. Global Projections (earth, space, seismic, geological, topo, water)
    13. Holt, Rinehart and Winston: Maps of the World, Continents, Regions, Countries, States (w/facts) and Oceans' Floor Maps (src: HRW (Harcourt) World Atlas) y en Español
    14. Latin America: Maps (LANIC)
      (English, Mapas de América Latina en Español, Mapas da América Latina en Português)
    15. Map Sources and Information
      1. Maps and References
      2. (source: University of Iowa Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research CGRER)
      3. United States
      4. World
      5. Interactive Maps
      6. Map Libraries
      7. Historical Map Exhibits/Collections
      8. Tutorials about Maps and Mapmaking
      9. Map Stores and Resellers
      10. Sample Maps from Commercial Vendors
      11. On-line Atlases
      12. Miscellaneous
      13. Weather Maps and Imagery
    16. Medieval & Ancient (links to 230,000+ map sources)
    17. NASA's Earth Science Missions - 40 Years Looking At Earth
    18. NASA Earth, North America Topographic Map, High Resolution Download
    19. National Geographic (N.G.) (geographic, atlas, art, space)
      N.G.'s: Aerial/Satellite Imagery - Country Information - Driving Directions/Street Maps - GIS Systems - Historical/Antique - Online Atlases/Maps/Globes - U.S. Government Sources (N.G.)
    20. Sun, Earth, Moon View (java, astronomy, physics, math, chaos, quiz)
    21. U.K./Great Britain, Maps (Kay Williams)
    22. U.S. State Topography Maps (src: NGDC Environmental Satellite [WX] Data Information) [USDOC, NOAA, NESDIS, National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)]
    23. Upsidedown Map Page (and other map oddities)
    24. USGS Map Wizard: Satellite, Aerial Photos, Topographic; National Atlas; Map-It, Make Mercator Projection Maps [USGS]
    25. USGS 'The Learning Web' for Students, Teachers, Education (Projects, Ideas, Lesson Plans, Homework Help, Paper Models, Reading & Research Tools, images, e-cards, environment, wallpapers, earth hazards, water, plants & animals, maps & images, rocks & images, real-time information)
    26. World Maps and World Almanac
      (geography, people, history, economy, agriculture, energy, metals, environment) [src:]
    27. World View of Daylight, Twilight, Night
  143. Maps of the Past (also has many genealogy, treasure hunting, military, & family history links) Most Fee Basis cost $ gif (discounts for teachers & students)
    (maps: City, County, State, Mining, Railroad, Civil War, International, Panoramic, Topographical, county land ownership maps for family genealogists )
  144. Maps on the Web
    (links source: U.S. Navy Map Collection, U.S. Navy PostGraduate School Library [])
    1. Aeronautical / Aviation
    2. Africa
    3. Antarctica
    4. Asia
    5. Australia
    6. Buying Maps
    7. CIA / C.I.A. / Central Intelligence Agency Maps
    8. Digital Data & Tools
    9. Directories of Maps / Other Map Sources, Online
    10. Europe
    11. Finding Maps / Search for Maps
    12. Gazetteers / Reference Tools
    13. Global
    14. Map Quest Online Map Search
    15. Military Maps
    16. Nautical
    17. North America
    18. Oceans / Oceans' Floors
    19. Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (U. Texas Library Online)
    20. Road Maps
    21. Regions of Conflict
    22. South America
    23. Thematic
    24. Topographic
    1. MAPs links from Barbara J. Feldman's Surf the Net with Kids (many royalty free, suitable for classroom use)
    2. ABC Teach: Maps of Continents, the World, Countries, & States
    3. Children's Atlas: Interactive Maps and Graphical Atlas
    4. CIA World Fact Book (World Facts'n Maps for government, policy makers, public, public domain)
    5. Education Place: Outline Maps (royalty-free for classroom and homework usage, maps of every continent, many countries, & the United States + online trivia geography games)
    6. Infoplease Atlas (maps, country profiles, flags and statistics, geography quizes'n puzzles, atlas)
    7. Mirriam-Webster's Atlas: Maps (country & state profiles with map, flag and a statistics)
    8. MSN Encarta: World Atlas
    9. National Geographic Map Machine (create'n save statistical, area, demographic maps, flags'n statistics)
    10. World Atlas (Continents, Regions, Islands, Country Flags, State Flags, references, facts)
  145. Martindale's Reference Desk Online References, Indexed: Aviation, Business, Calendars, Calculators, Conversions, Economics, Gardening, GeoScience, Internet, Language Tutors, Livestock, Maps, Physics, Tables, Travel (11,200+ multilingual, awesome)
  146. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Virtual Reference Collection
    (Acronyms, Almanacs, Colleges and Universities, Companies, Consumer Information, Conversion Factors, Dictionaries and Thesauri, Directories, Diversions, Encyclopedias and Yearbooks, Geography, Government Information, Grants, Health, Internet, Jobs and Employment, Law, Libraries, News, People, Politics, Publishing, Quotations, Sciences, Statistics, Style Manuals, Taxes, Time/Date, Travel, Weather)
  147. Medical: Articles, Books
      References and Resources:
    1. Acronyms - Medical
    2. Acronyms - Medical, Health & Social Services
    3. Antibiotic Guide [by diagnosis, pathogen, antibiotic] (Johns Hopkins, Division of Infectious Diseases)
    4. Cancer Drugs (A Consumer Guide,
    5. Cancer Facts-on-File Dictionary (
    6. Carcinogens & Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans & Their Supplements (IARC Evaluations)
    7. Dicionário/Tradutor Clínica Médica
    8. Dictionary, InfoMedical
    9. Dictionary, Medical (Gray Lab)
    10. Dictionary, Medical (Medic8)
    11. Dictionaries, Medical (ELA)
    12. Dictionaries, Medical (WHO)
    13. Drugs Approved by the FDA, by year & medical area (CenterWatch)
    14. Glossary, Clinical Trials Research Terms
    15. HELP - Health Education Library for People, About HELP's, Online Reading Room of Full-Text Books & Magazines
    16. Language Translations (
    17. Legislative & Government Links, General
    18. Legislative & Government Links, Medical [Medical Group Management Assoc. (MGMA)]
    19. " Love, Laughter, and a High Disregard for Statistics" and Faculty Articles (by Sue Buchanan)   [Salick Health Care]
    20. Medical, Medicine Links (ELA)
    21. Medical Terminology Links, Categorized (LightSpan)
    22. Merck Medical Manual - Home Edition, Online
    23. Paramedics & Registered Nurse (RN) resources (students, professionals)
    24. Sleep Disorders Guide
    25. Tobacco and Health (Star Scientific Tobacco Company)
    26. World Book Medical Encylopedia
  148. Medical Encyclopedia , Health
    1. Cancer
    2. Diseases and Conditions
    3. Drugs and Medicine
    4. Eyes
    5. Health Centers
    6. Medical Symptoms
    7. Medical Tests & Exams
    8. Ophthalmology, eyes: images
    9. Pictures & Images
    10. Surgery & Procedures
    11. Injuries & Wounds
    12. Diet & Nutrition
    13. Special Topics
  149. Medical Myths: Fact or Fiction?
      (src: CNN News at
    1. Intro
    2. Fingernails
    3. Orange skin
    4. Cold & Flu
    5. Excess sugar
    6. Knuckle-cracking
    7. Chocolate & Acne
    8. Curing hiccups
    9. Bowlegs
    10. Warts & frogs
    11. Stress & gray hair
    12. Stuck eyes
    13. Shaving
    14. Nosebleeds
    15. Vitamin C & colds
    16. Alcohol & stress
    17. Carrots & vision
    18. Growth after death
    19. Electric blankets
    20. Tanned skin
    21. Sleepwalkers
  150. Migration Policy Institute (MPI)
    ("authoritative [immigration & migration] data from numerous global organizations and governments")
    MPI estimates that 9.4 percent of all persons born in Mexico lived in the United States in 2005 & In the same year, 14 percent of Mexican workers were engaged in the US labor force.
    United States' immigration issues
    Countering Terrorist Mobility & How to Fight Homegrown Terrorism: Surveillance, Outreach, or Both
  151. Military, U.S. bases, units, tail codes, links, acronyms, photos, books, news (german, english)
  152. Nation Master - Everything About Everywhere:
      About all countries, demographics, graphs, statistics and facts (past, present, future), growth rates, economics, peoples, infrastructure, including
    1. Flags of the World
    2. Maps of the World
    3. Nation Listing
    4. Statistical Tops & Bottoms
    5. All Statistics Worldwide'n Maps.
  153. Nations Online - Official Government, Citys, Rails, Air sites (One World)
  154. EU patent database
    ( European Union: "includes patents from the US and Japan back to the 1800's" source: )
  155. Pathé News Online Archives
    (3500 hours of video, British Pathe Film Archive [1896-1970] & 12 Million still images, free archives)
  156. Plants, Posters/Pictures: Flowers, Fruit, Gourmet Foods, Health, Herbs, Mushrooms
    (Gourmet & Healthy Foods Posters, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3: (also see: Favorites, Food)
  157. Purdue's THOR - 'The Virtual Reference Desk'
      Dictionaries, Thesauri, Acronyms, Almanacs, Information, Technology, Maps'n Travel, Phone Books & eMail Searches, Other Reference Sources/International, News, Science Data, Selected Gov't. Documents, Time/Date/Calendars, Zip/International Country Codes.
    1. CORE Libraries/Research Interactive Tutor
    2. Summary - identify, locate, evaluate, & manage information
  158. Quotations/Quotes (Harrold's 2nd Amendment, Founding Fathers, American Values quotes page)
    Quotes Only, changes every 30 seconds (can use as an online screensaver)
      Other Quotations Sources:
    1. Quotations - Inspirational To Inspire Your Life! Organized by Subject (source: Steve at Fr.20May11)
    2. Quotations - LitQuotes: Quotes from Literature [daily quote, by topic, and by author] (M. Perry, Webmaster)
    3. Quotations - Quoteland (categorized, searchable, links)
    4. Quotations - Search & Authors Index (RhymeZone)
  159. RESA Links - Encyclopedias, Research, Libraries, Atlas, Maps, Dictionaries, WX & K-12,Teachers,Parents
  160. Reference & News Links [ThinkQuest by (Grade)]
  161. Reference (facts, news, free, and family)
  162. Religions, Research Guide, General (
      Resource Shelf by Gary Price
    1. Fast Facts: (Almanacs/Factbooks/Statistical Reports & Related Reference Tools)
    2. Direct Search
    3. List of Lists
    4. Speech & Transcript Center
  163. Ronald W. Reagan Presidential Library & Museum
  164. Russian State Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications (English) & in Russian, Databases & References
  165. Rutgers University Libraries's Index of Reference Web Sites:   Almanacs - Archives - Ask An Expert - Bibliography - Books - Dictionaries - Directories - Education - Encyclopedia - Flags - Journals - Knowledge Management - Libraries - Maps - Museums - Parliamentary Procedure - Questions and Answers - Quotations - Style Guides - Scientific Reference - Science Reference Units of Measurement Online Calculators - Geography - Thesauri - Time - World Records
  166. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC, Filings & Forms), Search, Related Gov't & Non-Gov Links, and [Main Index]
  167. Scot/Scots/Scottish Culture, by Subject, News, Related Links
  168. Selected Libraries - WWW Virtual Library & Overview (by Jonathan Bowen)
  169. Small Business Administration, Resources Library
  170. States of the United States, Facts, Charts, Games: Capitals & Flags (IPL)
  171. Technical Information on Web Use (glossary, timeline, bandwidth, requirements)
  172. Telephone Number/Word Spelling
  173. THOR - The Online Resource, Virtual Reference Desk (Purdue University Libraries)
    1. Dictionaries, Thesauri, Acronyms, Almanacs, and Encyclopedias
    2. Information Technology
    3. Maps and Travel Information
    4. Phone Books and Area Codes
    5. Reference Sources, Other
    6. Science Data
    7. Selected Government Documents
    8. Time and Date
    9. ZIP, and International Country Codes
  174. Time, Calendars, Clocks, Horology
  175. Translators Online, Translation Tools
    [] (+ 230 languages in one online word/phrase dictionary)
    1. UCSD: Databases A-Z, Indices (Anthropology, Zoology, Botonay, Histology, Images, Economic, Social, US Gov't, Chemical, GPO, Banking, Movies, Criminal Justice, News/Archives/WX, Patents, Jewish Studies (RAMBI), Societies/Scholarly)
    2. UCSD: Journals - Science/Engineering, Biology/Medicine, Social Sciences/Humanities
    3. UCSD: Library Collections, Services, Online Resources
    4. UCSD: References (Biographical, Demographics, Dates/Times/Holidays, Dictionaries/Thesauri/Encyclopedias/Almanacs, Grants/Aid, Handbooks, Jobs, Maps/Atlases/Gazetteers, Statistics, Style Manuals}
  176. Units Conversion Online (author: Lawrence Goetz)
  177. US Legal Forms, free forms [also see above: forms]
    general information resources including legal definitions, law digests, attorney directory, and links to free forms
    (source:, 50K documents online, state-specific legal forms )
  178. US Statistics, Demographical
  179. US Statistical Profiles by Region, State, & Counties
  180. U.S. Census Quick Facts: States, Counties, Cities and Towns
  181. U.S. Territories ( & United States Territory ( [organized territory, incorporated territory, organized incorporated territory, or insular areas (areas which are not part of the 50 states or federal district) ]
  182. Virtual Reference Desk (B.C. Institute of Technology Library, Canada)
  183. WashLaw - Washburn University of Law Library
  184. WebGarden ("Horticulture & Crop Science in Virtual Perspective")
    [source: Ohio State University , Department of Horticulture and Crop Science]
    1. Plant Facts still pictures movie or video video sound or narration text narrative
      ( Ornamental plants, Turf, Plant Diseases, Insects, Fruits and Vegetables) )
      1. Web Search ("..dealing strictly with plants.")
      2. Images, plants
        ( "Plant Dictionary: A searchable database of high quality images featuring Ornamental plants, Turf photos, Insects & Plant Diseases, Fruits and Vegetables." Includes spoken 'scientific names' of common plant names.)
          View & Hear pronounciations.
        1. An example: Opuntia compressa - Prickly Pear Cactus sound or narration * .mp3 format
        2. An alternate reference, written by Mark A. Garland
          Scientific Names of Plants - How to say them and what they mean + new alternate site
          with related references to:
          " Botanical Latin Translations ~ English-Latin/Latin-English" + new alternate site
      3. Videos
        ( "200 short gardening how-to videos" )
      4. Gardening Questions
        ( "Illustrated answers to over 800 commonly asked Gardening Questions" )
      5. Glossary
        ( "Illustrated definitions of commonly used horticultural terms" )
    2. Pocket Gardener
      (downloadable web pages..for the PocketPC and Palm PDA)

    3. * .mp3/audio players & browser plugins
  185. Writing References - Glossary, Desk References, Terms, Encyclopedias, Technical Writing & Research Ethics
  186. Zip Code/City Finder
    (mail zip code, cities in 10 mile radius, state, population/density, miles between, county, phone area code, times zone, total area)
  187. Zip Skinny
    (Quote, "Enter your zip code to see [your area's demographics from] U.S. Census data and comparisons with neighboring ZIPs.")
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