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Missing Children & Adults SCAN USA - Secure COPS Alert Network Wanted criminals, fugitives, terrorists

Megan's Law: California Sex Offenders RegistryMap of Sex Offenders (US) • Find Offenders Near YouScanUSA Offenders Map
Family Watch Dog & State Sex-offender Registry Websites
(locate some offenders: Offense against children, rape, sexual battery, Other Offense)
( DownLoad Code Amber Tickers ) • ( Amber Alert List: Status, Summary, Date )
» Report a Sighting of a Missing Child (NCMEC) or Report sexual exploitation of children (Cyber Tip Line) «
Internet Safety Quiz for Adults SafeKids Quiz (K-8) Child Safety Quizzes for Home, School & Internet (NCMEC) Internet Rules of the Road (PBS for Kids) Web Safety Guidelines (Guidelines, for Teachers & Students, on Safe Uses of the Internet, K-Adult) Get Net Smart! Quiz (TechCorps Internet Safety Resources, K-Adult) ICAC Internet Safety Quiz (Utah: Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force) What is your Internet IQ? + Teen Internet Chat Room Acronyms and Slang Words (SafeSurfers.org's FREE Safersurfers Internet Safety lesson plans for students Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)
Microsoft's "Child Exploitation Tracking System (5Apr05) Top of the Education, Reference, Lessons, Online eBooks, Study, & Library Page.
"If you have information about the commercial sexual exploitation of a child in the U.S. or abroad, notify U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement at
1-866-DHS-2ICE or contact your local FBI field office, or report at www.cybertipline.org."
source: ECPAT
Internet Safety: Home and School
Cyber Tip Line
Child Protection Cyber Tip Line
Reporting Categories
    Utilities to Indentify or Filter Inappropriate Web material:
  1. ScrubIT, online setupdownload ScrubIT setupTest if your are ScrubIT configuredun-ScrubIT utility, downloadFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    (quote, "..ScrubIT is the only public recursive DNS server to actively filter pornography. It’s a FREE service.. ScrubIT is a free recursive DNS server that regulates [ filters ] what comes into your home or business. ScrubIT 'scrubs' the Internet so you don't have to be concerned about what your family members or employees will be confronted with. ScrubIT is perfect for any home or business that is tired of the plague of pornographic and malicious Web sites.")
  2. "KidSurf..safe, easy-to-use, kid-friendly way to surf the Internet" • See It .swf flash presentationA letter to parents.
    Download (free, MS & IE compatible) + K-Mail - "A safe web-based email system for kids..closed system between friends"
  3. SeeMore’s Safety Browser
    (Quote, "..a proprietary web browser designed to provide a safe, educational and fun online experience for pre-school children..a simple interface to access safe, parent-approved content.")
  4. Internet browser search filter and search engine results advisors
      Browse with a Search Filter
    1. Scandoo - a proxy to intercept & block many inappropriate web sites (can be your IE explorer browser's startup page)

    2. + some Internet browser/search engine "site advisors" to warn of web page problems
    3. LinkScanner Lite
    4. McAfee SiteAdvisor
    5. Haute Secure
    6. Finjan - links scanner
  5. SpamFighter - MS Outlook & Outlook Express eMail anti-spam filter and phishing filter (source: www.spamfighter.com )

  6. Home, School, Web (Internet) Safety:
  7. 7 Rules of Internet Safety Contract (.doc) & Internet Safety Report for all ages (.pdf) [source: KidSafe.com]
  8. Anti-Drug Information for Parents, Teachers, Students (source: Parents.The Anti-Drug)
    [Spanish: LaAntiDroga.com | Cambodian | Chinese | Korean | Vietnamese]
  9. AFT Parents' Page:
    (Academic Standards, Class Size, Communicating w/School Staff, Homework, Hot Issues, Reading, School Discipline, School Buildings Good?, Web Resources for Parents)
  10. Academic Performance Index, Ca. DOE (API)
  11. Blue Ridge Thunder, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
    "Protecting our children from online crime."
    The Problem, Safe Surfin', For Parents, For Kids Only
  12. Center for Sex Offender Management & Related Links (CSOM, US DOJ)
  13. ChildHelp.org: Get Help + Phone Numbers
  14. Children's Health Insurance, Eligiblity/Qualification:
    Covering Kids - Children's Health Insurance Programs - Medicaid - Insure Kids Now - State-by-State Information
  15. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, The (COPPA):
    Internet Privacy ~ Kids Info ~ For Parents ~ Media ~ Website Rules ~ Resources ~ An Example
    (COPPA - Kids' Privacy Law Implemented by the Federal Trade Commission, 20Apr00
    plus Parental Consent Rules)
  16. Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) (Pubic Law 106-554)
    CIPA - Children's Internet Protection Act & School Libraries ( American Library Association's CIPA Advice, Resources, News/Articles and Legal History (ala.org)
    To require the installation and use by schools and libraries of a technology for filtering or blocking material on the Internet on computers with Internet access to be eligible to receive or retain universal service assistance. S97IS, 106th Congress, 1st Session.
  17. Code Amber: The Web's Amber Alert System (see scrolling marquee at top of page) (download desktop or web page Code Amber tickers)
  18. Cyber Angels & background article, Readers Digest, 19Apr00
  19. HSBC USA's Internet Safety Tips: Securing Your Computer & Guidelines for Safely Banking Online
  20. Safety Tips Film: Be aware of the surrondings at near your car, especially at gas stations & parking areas. (3m26s, Broward Co., Fl. SO)
    Kids, Students, Life Issues, Teens' Q&A:
  21. Cat's Clicks: Help for Young Adults
    and in printer friendly format
    "Your time as a teenager can be the best and worst times of life. Get the answers to your burning questions at these great sites." (by Cat Schwartz, TechTV, Call for Help)
  22. Cyber Safety - School District of Philadelphia
    (CyberSmart - Lesson Plans and Activities for Grade K-8, Acceptable Use Policies (AUP), CyberSmart Free Stuff e.g. posters, Technology Plans/Standards, Oracle's 'protected Free eMail' & protected class free website, articles for Kids, Teachers, Parents • Curriculum & Netiquette plus Quizzes and Copyright on the Internet)
  23. Drug Abuse, Prescription - Drug Info, Parents Advice news "Is you teen useing?", The Anti-Drug, Panic/Crisis Help, addicted/addiction (English, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese)
  24. "Choices":
    "Choices & Consequences" involving diversity, peer pressure, violence, substance abuse, self-esteem and hate crimes..
    for 10- to 15-year-olds as they make pivotal decisions during the transition period from childhood to adolescence. (src: CourtTV)
    1. Curricula for Middle & High School Educators
    2. Resource Guides: Parents, Teachers, Students
    3. Choices & Consequences, Violence Prevention Project, Evaluation (K7-8, middle school 7th & 8th graders)
    4. Education Websites
  25. Crabby's tips for Internet safety
    [7Jul06 by Annik Stahl, the Crabby Office Lady columnist:
    quote, "..resources you can use to ensure that you have the tools you need to keep your kids safe." She addresses family contracts, child safety online, predators, FAQs, online gambling, hateful content, ages & stages, 10 things to teach, online safety video..] ( link source: Microsoft Office Assistant home page )
  26. "ECPAT International & ECPAT - USA":
    "End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes"
    1. Links
    2. Think U Know: How to stay safe with IM, blogging, chat'n gaming
    3. Chat danger: How to stay safe chatting online using Mobile phonesChateMailInstant Messagingonline Games
    4. Wired Safey: Keeping Kids and Teens Safe on MySpace, Facebook, and other Networking Sites
      1. Parents
      2. Educators & Librarians (campus, college, school, library)
      3. Law Enforcement
      4. Kids, tweens and teens: special information designed to teach younger Internet users how to surf safely and how to have fun doing it.
      5. Internet 101 - Everything you need to know about the basics of the Internet
      6. Teaching Cyber Safety
      7. Teacher Guides: Activities & Lessons
  27. False Reporting of a Crime: State Penalties
  28. Family Watch Dog: Find nearby sex offenders near your location by
    a list, map, moves, non-mappable offenders, by proximity to schools, their home, their work.
    (also see, below: National sex offenders States' registries)
  29. FBI Safety Tips for Kids on the Internet (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  30. Gaggle - Safe (teacher moderated) Free Filtered eMail for Students and Schools
  31. Hands On Scotland Toolkit: for parents & kids & Index of topics
    ( HandsOnScotland is an online resource for anybody working with children and young people. The website provides practical information and techniques on how to respond helpfully to children and young people's troubling behaviour, build up their self-esteem and promote their positive mental wellbeing. The website contains 48 topics within 14 sections that cover a wide range of mental health issues ranging from abuse to sleeping difficulties. There are also 25 sets of videos from specialists giving tips and advice. )
  32. Harrold's Missing Children Links & Code Amber Marquee
  33. ICQ's short tutorial on safe Internet browsing
  34. i-Safe America (isafe.org) Internet Safety for Everyone:
    1. Basic internet use ground-rules that should be established between parent and child to be followed at all times.
    2. Eluding Internet Predators 'checklist' (.pdf format)
    3. For Kids & Teens
    4. For Parents
    5. For Educators
    6. Cyber Stalking
    7. Lesson Plans
    8. Rules of the Road
    9. Online Glossary
      Basic Internet
  35. Internet Safety (SBC) - Fraudulent e-Mail - PC Security [virus, worm, etc.] - Online [chat] Safety - Links to more NetSafe sites (e.g. Harrold's PC/Net Safety links page - Internet Safety Game (SBC) - Play
  36. Internet Safety, Security, and Responsibility: Cybercrime.gov
  37. Internet Safety for Families, Kids, Parents (from Family Click + Article by [Donna Rice Hughes])
  38. Kid's Privacy, An Act or Action? (Lynn Burke, Wired News, 20Apr00)
  39. Kid Safe Internet Search Browser (Yahooligan's - Yahoo's)
       Categories:   Language Arts, Books, Reading - Math - Science/Nature - Social Studies - Computer Science - Art - Music - Health and Safety - Yahooligan's Teachers' Guide
  40. Kids - Fun Way to Build Web Sites
    (for Parents & Teachers, how to structure lessons; includes Internet Safety Advice)
    And, The Related Kids' Site Is:
    Webmonkey for Kids
    And, Here Are Many Learning Web Page Site/Design Links:
    HTML (web page coding) Help, Tutors'n Tools (A Harrold Link List)
  41. (video) Lab with Leo Laporte: Constable Dave Howard of the RCMP talks about Internet Child Safety (8m55s) movie or video video small animated speaker
    (Episode 22, Constable Dave Howard of the RCMP talks about Internet Child Safety; general introduction to the dangers that the Internet poses to children and a few common sense tips to parents on what they can do to minimize the risks.)
      Internet Safety Resources
    1. CyberWise.ca for Kids (4-10), Teens (11-17), Parents, Teachers & Educators, Professionals
    2. Internet101.ca + Resources used & approved by police agencies (CA)
        Internet Safety Tools and Information
      1. For Youth, 8-10/11-13/14-17 (true stories, videos, downloads)
      2. Tools for Parents
      3. Tools for Educators
      (video) Jeff the Musician (6m3s) movie or video video small animated speaker
      (Quote, "Here at Internet 101, our motto is “police and partners ...working together to web-proof our communities”. Sources include: the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police], Gatineau Police, Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and MRC des Collines Police in the National Capital Region, Ottawa Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, and the Department of National Defence's Military Police , Mounted Police Foundation and local businesses.)

  42. Safe Surfing, Internet Browsing Lessons, Acceptable Use Polices:
  43. Kidz Privacy from the 'Federal Trade Commission' (FTC)
    1. Just for Kidz
    2. Adults Only
    3. Media
    4. Teachers
    5. Business Buzz
    6. Resources
    7. FTC's Privacy Policy
  44. My (Kids) Rules for Online Safety (NASA)
  45. NIH/NLM/Reuters: Study rejects Internet sex predator stereotype
  46. National sex offenders States' Registries, Interactive Map of
    A. ? Search for Registered Sex Offender by name]
              (by address, city, state, zip code, name) [link source: see above, FamilyWatchDog.us]
    B. ? Sign-up to be notified if registered sex offenders move in/out of your area
    C. ? registered sex offender count by state
  47. NetDay's Online Cyber Security Kit for Schools, K-12 (NetDay.org)
    1. What Every District Administrator Needs to Know (.pdf)
    2. Cyber Security for Children
      y en Español: Una Historia acerca de Seguridad Cyber por Niños (.pdf) [3rd-5th]
    3. Secure Your Home Computer, Action Items
      y en Español: Articulos de Accion para Segurar to Computadora de Casa (.pdf)
    4. More Online Safety & Security Sites
    5. National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (whitehouse.gov)
  48. No Child Left Behind Act (US DOE)
  49. Pandia Parental Guidance - How to stop your kids from finding offensive material on the Web
    (source: Pandia Search Central's Search engines and search tools for kids and teenagers.)
  50. 'PROTECT Act of 2003' (aka Amber Alert) Signed into Law by President Bush, April 30, 2003 will law enforcement in tracking criminals who would harm children and will help in rescuing the youngest victims of crime.
  51. Project Safe Kids (AMBER Alerts, sex offenders, tickers, past Amber Alerts, photo gallery, missing children)
  52. Protect Kids (protectkids.com)
    Internet Dangers, Youth Safety Guide, Harmful Effects of Objectionable Material, Great Sites for Kids and Parents/Teachers, Organizations and Government Agencies, Child Sexual Abuse, Report a Cybercrime, "Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace" © by Donna Rice Hughes, Public Policy Updates (CIPA, COPA, NLC, CPSPPA, COPPA, CPPA, CDA, ACLJ)
  53. "Safety Challenge" (Real Life Dilemmas - A Homework Assignment for Parents/Teachers) [Background]
    1. Online Safety Quiz (srcs: CourtTV, Ladies' Home Journal)
    2. Related links:
      Klaas Kids Foundation - SafeChild.Net - Harassment-Free Hallways: How to Stop Sexual Harassment in Schools (American Association of University Women)

    3. (abduction prevention, bullying, prescription drugs, home alone, safe school bus, stranger danger, teen driving, scooters, Video Tips)
  54. School Address Search by State, County, Zip Code (Weather Bug & AWS School WeatherNet Program)
  55. Selection versus [internet] Filtering (KidsClick)
  56. Separating Students from Smut (CIPA & COSN) [Katie Dean, Wired, 30Aug01]
  57. Site Seeing on the Internet (FTC, parents, kids)
  58. Web Resources for Parents to Learn About the Internet & Guide Your Child (ALA)
  59. Wired Safety (source: wiredsafety.org, also see, above: ECPAT, Wired Safety)
    (quote: " WiredSafety provides help, information and education to Internet and mobile device users of all ages. We help victims of cyberabuse ranging from online fraud, cyberstalking and child safety, to hacking and malicious code attacks. We also help parents with issues, such as MySpace and cyberbullying." )

  60. Teaching the Net, Citing Sources, Evaluating Web Sites:
  61. Citation, Evaluating Web Content, Plagiarism, Copyright Law (Harrold's links)
  62. Cyber Safe Kids: The Top Sites for Teaching Internet Safety to Kids A new item animated gif.
    (free, standards-aligned curriculum for teachers, introduce safe, responsible, effective computer & internet use in the classroom + links to complementing offline activities, tied to National Educational Technology Standards. Grades K-8.)
    [Grade Level: Early Childhood (K-2), Elementary, Middle School, Adult/Professional. Content Area: Community Interest (Leisure), Education (Curriculum) [Dewey #375]. Application type: Other Resources] (src: PacBell's BlueWeb'n)
  63. K-2 Unit (Going Batty w/Bats) - Grades 3-5 (Scavenger Hunt) - Grades 6-8 (The Constitution)

  64. External Intrusion - Hacker Deterence:
  65. Antivirus & PC/Network Security, links to free downloads
  66. Ad-aware from LavaSoft (check/clean advertisement spyware & parasite ware)
  67. AntiVirus (AVG) from Grisoft, free for personal use)
  68. AntiSpyware from Grisoft, free for personal use
  69. Internet Firewalls for PCs (What Are They & Why You Need One, see ZoneAlarm below)
  70. Shields Up! (Is your PC open to Hacker Attacks? Check it free.)
    Internet Connection Security for Windows Users by Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corp.
  71. SpyBot (antispyware by Patrick M. Kolla at safer-networking.org)
  72. ZoneAlarm Firewall from ZoneLabs, free for personal use (Easy to Use, Free Firewall Program)

  73. Links to these and more free personal use, antimalware downloads, see: Additional internet antivirus, firewalls, anti-adware & anti-spyware, and internet security information
  1. Fire Safety Check List for Your Home
    (British Home Office, DisabilityUK.com
    Available in Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Chinese, Vietnamese, Greek, Turkish, Somali, Welsh. )
www.isafe.org safe surfing banner
If you use or know about any (free access, 'kid safe', or juried) web site(s) that can help others to teach, study, or to simply explore online learning opportunities, please email and send the web address/URL. (Especially, if useful to Students, Parents, Teachers &/or Administrators, Grants, in the Classroom, Home/Dormitory, as a Library Supplement, Study Reference; for Pre-School, K-3, Middle School, High School, Pre-College, College, Graduate, Doctorate, Vocational, Senior Citizens; or in areas of Special Education, Braille, Occupational, Career Development, Work & Job Skills)   Please eMail Corrections, Additions, other Suggestions to

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