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Finding & Evaluating Internet Sources: by Janice R. Walker
Internet Sources Citation Guide: Bibliographic, Footnote & Endnote (Melvin E. Page, 1995, E. Tn. State U.)
Lesson Plans:
  1. ABC Babysit (free printable activity pages for pre-school and early elementary kids, babysitters, teachers, and parents. Included are color pages, mazes, word puzzles, forms, holiday activities and many craft projects.  Great for home and school use. src: Sites for Parents)
  2. Ackley (Ackley's K5-K6)
    by subject:
    English, Reading, Spelling & Vocabulary, Writing, Language Arts - Science, Math, & Social Studies - Holidays/Special Events - Classroom Management), Site Map, [by Angela Anne Ackley]
    plus " The Train" to a variety of K-12/College interest, hobby, exploration, journalism, professional sites)
  3. Advice & Resources for New Teachers  A new item animated gif
    (H/T Julia and Alyssa Riggs [ariggs -at- pembertoncircle -dot- com] via email We.3Jan18)
  4. Alan November's, Empowering Students w/Technology + Ideas & Sites About Learning & Technology plus Educational Web Sites, Indexed
  5. AskERIC
    by subject:
    Arts [Architecture, Computer, Process, History, Music, Visual],
    Computer Science [by Grade:  K-K12, Adult, Vocational],
    Foreign Language [Chinese, Cultural Awareness, English as a Second Language, French, Sign Language, Spanish],
    Health [Body, Chronic, Environmental, Family, Mental, Nutrition, Process, Safety, Substance Abuse, Sexuality]
    Information Literacy [Symphony, Year-End Evaluation],
    Interdisciplinary [By Grade Level, primary, elementary, intermediate, K-12],
    Language Arts [Debate, Grammar, Handwriting, Journalism, Listening Comprehension, Literature, Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Story Telling, Vocabulary, Whole Language, Writing],
    Mathematics [K-12, core/process skills/theory/applied],
    Physical Education, [Games, Gymnastics, Indoor, Outdoor, Team],
    Science [Agriculture Anatomy, Animals, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Careers, Chemistry, Earth Science Ecology, Engineering, Entomology, Environmental Education, Genetics, Geology, History, Instructional Issues, Meteorology, Paleontology, Physical Sciences, Physics, Process Skills, Space Sciences, K-12],
    Social Studies, [Anthropology, Archaeology, Civics, Comparative Political Systems, Current Events, Economics, Geography, History, Multicultural Education, Process Skills, Psychology, Sociology, State History, US Government, US History, Vocational Education, World History]
    AskERIC's Other Links to Lesson Plan Indices:
    Apple K-12 - Cagle's - Crayola - Connected Teacher - Discovery - Ed Helper 5000+ - EDS NEH - Fun Brain - GEM - Keyboarding K-4 - Lesson Plans - NWREL - NY Times - Pitsco's - PBS - Teachers Net - TeachNet - U.Kansas - UNHCR - World School
  6. ALEX - Alabama Learning Exchange
    (educational materials and information in a time-saving one-stop resource for teachers and administrators.. lesson plans can be created &/or searched by subject, grade, and key word)
    [link source: SBC Knowledge Network Explorer (KNE)]
    (Grade Level: Adult/Professional Content Area: Community Interest (Reference Desk), Education (Curriculum) [Dewey #375] Application type: Tools, Lesson Plans)
  7. California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
    (K-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-12)
    [note: most CFAITC documents are in Adobe .pdf format - download .pdf reader]
    1. Fun Agriculture Facts (27 ppg)
    2. Lesson Plans
    3. Kids Corner
    4. University Student Teacher Plan (USTP)
    5. Ag Links (In the Classroom, Did You Know?, University Ag Schools, Agencies & Organizations, Commodities, Ed Resources, Gardening, Natural Fertilizer)
    6. Download Teacher Resource Guide (2004)
    7. Imagine This AG Contest
    8. California Curriculum Guidelines for Ag Literacy Awareness (K-12, CDE, CFAITC, & unabridged)
  8. Congress Link (CL)
  9. Constitution Lesson Plans: K-12 & West Point Curriculum from "The Constitutional Sources Project" (online, source: ConSource.org)
    (also see History & Books and Texts, online )
  10. Education Oasis
    ("The site is intended to be a warm and friendly "oasis" where teachers can get together to share, ask questions, get advice, encouragement, and inspiration. Set up like an online magazine (e-zine), they include sections such as Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Subject Resources, Instruction, Idea Central, Teacher Tools. There are articles, Product and Book Reviews, downloadable materials, and more." -- Quote and link source from: SBC KNE)
    [ • Grade Level: College, Adult/Professional; Content Area: Education (Educational Technology), Education (School Management), Education (Teaching and Learning) [Dewey #370]; Application type: Information Resources]
  11. Education.com
    (700+ plans, teacher/parent/student: encyclopedia articles, clip art, writing guides for students, teacher mentoring, education links, note: age 13/under registration (free) needs parent permission) [Teach Space, Our Family Space, Kids Space]
  12. EduPuppy, Pre-School to K2 (indexed by category)
  13. Elementary (canteach.ca)
    1. Second Languages
      E.G. Enlaces bilingües para niños y maestros
    2. Links
      ( english language arts, math, physical education, fine arts, technology education, social studies, First Nations, science, recipes, second languages, english as a second language, songs & poems, funtime games; information: gathering, analyzing; interpreting, presenting; personal planning, librarian resources, resources for educators, homeschooling; illness, diseases, disabilities; disorders, syndromes )
  14. English: Learn English with Pictures
    More "Learn English", ESL, and SAT prep sites
  15. English Tutorial - "Learn English with audio and transliterations"
    (The menus, transliterations and translations are in four languages: French, Hebrew Russian and Spanish. Good for ESL and EFL students)
  16. Ten Best Foods Ten Worst Foods
    (The students involved in this exploration..learn how their lives could be enhanced by selecting natural foods and be able to prevent common ailments. ..[includes] a self-scoring quiz to provide site visitors with a vehicle to demonstrate acquired knowledge. There are French and Romanian versions of the key pages ..)
  17. Games, Primary - Curriculum Guide
    [link source: SBC Knowledge Network Explorer]
  18. High-Order Thinking, constructivist learning, integrated curriculum projects (Intel)
  19. Homeschool - Home School: English and Grammar
  20. Homeschool - Home School: HomeSchoolBlooger
  21. Houghton Mifflin: Reading/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics (K-5, bilingual)
    Houghton Mifflin Social Studies - Textbook Support (1991 Edition) & the 1999 Edition
    1. K - 'The World I See'
      1 - 'I Know A Place'
      2 - 'Some People I Know'
      3 - 'From Sea to Shining Sea'
      4 - 'Oh, California'
      5 - 'America Will Be'
      6 - 'A Message of Ancient Days'
      7 - 'Across the Centuries'
      8 - 'A More Perfect Union'
    2. History Update - Current Events - California Local History
    3. Nosotros, el pueblo
      1. Nivel 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
    4. Monthly & Summer Themes + Social Studies Center
    5. Bi-Lingual & Links Library:
      Biblioteca:Conexiones & Bibliographies:Bibliografías
      1. Grade K - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
    6. Education Place - Math Reading/Language Arts - Science - Social Studies - Intervention
  22. Industrial Revolution lesson plans and worksheets (LessonCorner.com)
    e.g. (9-12) https://www.lessoncorner.com/search?q=Industrial+Revolution&grade=9-12&x=31&y=13
    (About Us: At LessonCorner our goal to create the best collection of worksheets and lesson plans on the web and make it free. Our freemium business model allows all users to access many of the site's features. In addition, users can receive a free 1 year premium membership by sharing their lessons and worksheets with the community.)
  23. Intel Corp., Innovations in Education [math, science, technology, computers] (learning projects/plans, professional development, Intel Computer Clubhouse, online)
  24. Jackie's Internet Tour (+ student activities, all grades, primary, K-3)
  25. Kids Gardening
    (teachers' gardening resource room & family gardening room)
    [quote & link source: SBC Knowledge Network Explorer • "From the National Gardening Association, this site contains grants, projects, thematic classroom stories, standards-based project ideas, how-to advice, and resources. Also includes a Q and A Library, Pest Control Library, and Online Courses for teachers, 2,000 articles, 30,000 FAQs, seed swaps, a school garden registry, and much more. Visitors can sign up for free e-newsletters. Includes a search tool."
    • Grade Level: Adult/Professional; Content Area: Community Interest (Gardening) [Dewey #635]; Application type: Information Resources ]
  26. Latin America & Caribbean Lesson Plans (LAMDB)
    (from the Latin America Database (University of New Mexico)
    [Social Studies, Latin American Overview, African American Issues, Art, Dance, Folklore, and Food, Geography, Immigration, Migration, Borders, Identity, Indigenous Issues, Literature and Folklore, Maps, Charts and Math, Mexico, Miscellaneous Subjects, Pollution, Rainforests, Herbs, Science and Math])
  27. Learning.com (Worksheets for Teachers & Parents + book links)
  28. Lesson Plans for Teachers (Teacher.org) [H/T Bryce Hall, Head of OUtreach, Teacher.org: 12Jan16)
    References for Teachers (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  29. Library of Congress: Lesson Plans and other Teaching Aids
  30. Literature: Linda's Links to Literature - Activities, Lessons
    (search by 1st letter of titles to find books & related lessons)
    link src: Blue Web'n (K-16, Adult/Professional) [English Literature, Reading, Dewey #028, references & tools]
  31. MSN MicroSoft's for Teachers (MSN)
  32. NASA Space Team, Teaching Tips, Curriculum Help
  33. Native American (ISLMC, NAI)
  34. New York Times Daily Lesson Plan
    (keyed to academic content standards (listed w/each lesson), grade levels, objectives, resources/materials, activities/procedures, discussion, evaluation/assessment, vocabulary, extension activities, interdisciplinary connections, web related information)
  35. Reference Desk Resources links to basic facts & research sources (Harrold.org/links)
  36. RHL School's Free Plans & Worksheets by category: ( + Answer Keys)
    English - Answer Keys - Mathematics - Reading - Research Skills (dictionaries, acronyms, thesauri, facts)
  37. Sequenced Lesson Plans
    (K5 +6-8, 9-12, Ga. Dep't Ed.) (link src: SBC KNE)
    [ • Grade Level: Adult/Professional, Content Area: Education (Curriculum) [Dewey #375], Application type: Lesson Plans]
  38. Science (plans & pedagogical knowledge on how to teach science)
  39. The Shroud of Turin
    (Scientific Inquiry, Objectives: To make art, science and math connections using an artifact with religious ramifications. To practice Discipline Based Questioning using codes, symbols and quiz. To present art history and controversy in an interactively captivating format using animation. To develop attributed research online as a web resource.)
  40. Sites for Teachers (256+ links to sites with free lesson plans, units, worksheets, thematics, award certificates, ESL/ELD, education/teacher related, public, home school, non-religious, sectarian, religious, pre-school to K12)
  41. StudySphere's Teaching Resources
      K-12 Lesson Plan links
    1. Arts
      ( Art - Dance - Drama - Film & Media )
    2. Classroom Management
      ( General Resources - Goal Setting - Grouping - Team Teaching )
    3. Early Learning
      ( Child Care - Developmental Domains - General Resources - Learning Centers )
    4. General Resources
    5. Health
      ( Family Life - General Resources - Healthy Living - Human Body )
    6. Industrial Arts
    7. Interdisciplinary
    8. Languages
      ( English - French - General Resources - German )
    9. Mathematics
      ( Accounting - Algebra - Applied Mathematics - Banking )
    10. Physical Education
      ( Fitness - Games - Individual Sports - Outdoor Education )
    11. Reading/Language Arts
      ( Emergent Literacy - General Resources - Grammar & Mechanics - Handwriting )
    12. Science
      ( Biology & Life Sciences - Earth Sciences - General Resources - Natural History )
    13. Social Studies
      ( Anthropology - Biographies - Careers/Vocational - Current Events )
    14. Special Populations
      ( Advanced Placement A.P. - English as a Second Lang. E.S.L. - Home School, Home Schooling, Home Schools )
    15. Standards of Learning Tests (SOLTs)
      ( Assessment Testing for States - Essential Knowledge of Skills - General Resources )
    16. Technology
      ( Building Trades - Business - General Resources - History of Technology )
  42. Teachable.net: Helps you find teacher-developed resources that are adaptable, current and easy to use
    Example, History: History teaching resources
    (downloadable teaching resources for teachers of all subjects written by practising teachers, both free and by subscription)
  43. TeacherVision's (Learning Center for pre-K-12;
    by subject, grade level, current events, holidays, themes, curriculum materials:
    Literature - Student Activities - web based units - Test & Assess + rubrics and quizzes)
  44. Technology:
    Nortel Networks Kidz Online (NNKOL)
    ("Nortel Networks Kidz Online Tech Training provides streamed media on an array of topics (Animation, Net Basics, Digital Audio, Online Collaboration, Digital Imaging, Security and Ethics, and more). For each technology topic there are several videos and lessons which: a) help teachers learn new technology skills and b) can be used with students to help teach technology. Technology integrated lesson plans are also available for most topics listed. Once a teacher has learned new technology skills, they can search for standards-based core academic lesson plans ( http://www.kidzonline.org/LessonPlans/) that integrate that technology.")
    [quote & link source: SBC Knowledge Network Explorer (KNE)]
    (Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Adult/Professional Content Area: Arts (Visual Arts), Community Interest (Leisure), Community Interest (Software), Education (Curriculum), Education (Educational Technology), Vocational Education (Computers) [Dewey #370] Application type: Lesson Plans, Information Resources, Tutorials, Activities)
  45. Web Sites & Resources for Teachers by category:  (plans, materials, online activities, projects + virtual trips to museums & countries)
    Art - Languages - Language Arts - Just for Kids - Math - Music - Physical Education - Social Studies - Science
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