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Museums, Art: (also see below: Museums, Other)
Andy Warhol Museum, The
This site gives you a short tour of the actual museum in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, plus examples of his art, exhibitions, a calandar, and museum information.
American Folk Art Museum
Art Museums, links to (src: Indian Child Kid's Safe India Studies Page)
Asheville Art Museum
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Baltimore Museum of Art, The
Boise Art Museum
Cincinnati Art Museum
Dali Virtual Museum of Art, The
A very graphics-intensive Web site loaded with background on Salvador Dali and featuring an extensive gallery of his work.
Dallas Museum of Art
Denver Art Museum
Diego Rivera Web Museum
This Mexican muralist's beautiful paintings are showcased on this site. Rivera's most famous for his depiction of Mexican history and his use of strong color and simple images. A good place to get a feel for the artist and his work.
Everson Museum of Art
Some of America's finest artists have their ceramics works shown on this site, a part of Clay.Net. Click on thumbnails to see blowups of artworks. Well done; doesn't force you to use more bandwidth than you really want.
The Fine Arts Museum of San Fransico has 50% of its works available for viewing on the web and is working to have 100%! Imagebase is where it's stored and how it's done. There are over 60,000 images in Imagebase, and you can search for specific artists or works.
Farnsworth Art Museum
Frye Art Museum
Guggenheim Museum, The
This site includes all four Guggenheim museums, those in New York and Venice with their own history, membership, current exhibits, and museum store information. The Guggenheim in Bilboa, Spain will open summer of 1997 and there is design and planning information here.
Henry Art Gallery
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art & Design, The
Quality images from both their permanent collections and their temporary collections fill this site. Works include those by Frank Stella, Nancy Graves, and Georgia O'Keefe.
Leonardo da Vinci
Museum of Science in Boston's Leonardo da Vinci site. See QuickTime movies of the Leonardo ("Scientist, Inventor, Artist") exhibit the museum hosted in the summer of 1997 and use multimedia presentations to learn about the Renaissance and this multi-talented genius.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Louvre W3
The is the site for the Louvre museum in Paris. You can browse some of the collections, learn about the structure and read about the renovations, such as the addition of the Pyramid. And, if you can read French, read the magazine.
Mattress Factory: Museum of Art
This museum of contemporary art has developed a beautiful site displaying images from their current exhibition, permanent collection, and past works. You can even order some items online from this "research and development lab for artists."
Metropolitan Museum of Art, The
This art museum in New York has more than 2 million works of art, and you can view a number of them online. The site itself is also well laid out and clean; they make it easy to browse the different floors.
Miami Art Museum
Milwaukee Art Museum
Museum of Latin American Art, The
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Extensive information about MoMA and excerpts from the famed museum's collections are showcased on this beautifully designed page.
MUVA Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais
This is a Virtual Museum of Uruguayan and other Latin American art, available in English and Spanish. Step into the impressive building and see outstanding works of art, complete with commentary and biographical information. More exhibits are being added. Impressive graphics: can be slow to load.
National Gallery of Art
National Museum of American Art, The
Part of the Smithsonian Institution, NMAA displays the arts of the United States from colonial times to the present. On this comprehensive site, the museum offers a sampling of its huge collection, accompanying historical information, and summaries of its publications, research programs, and education aids.
National Museum of Women in the Arts, The
This online home of the National Museum of Women in the Arts offers lots of information for the potential visitor. There is an online tour with the musuem's founder, Wilhelmina Cole Holladay, and great examples of the permanent collections. Another wonderful feature is the artist profiles which offer an example of work, a biography, and a selected bibliography.
North Carolina Museum of Art
Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Phoenix Art Museum
Portland Art Museum
Palmer Museum Of Art
This extensive site does a good job of creating a virtual "tour" of the Palmer Museum. Check out the 19th century and African art collections on this extensive site.
Philadelphia Museum of Art
An excellent virtual tour of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, well-organized and easy to navigate. One of the best online tours we've seen.
The Saint Louis Art Museum
San Jose Museum of Art
Seattle Art Museum
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Toledo Museum of Art
WebMuseum, Paris
This online gallery of great artwork is mirrored by a number of sites around the world to allow fast access to as many users as possible. It features special exhibitions and categorizes its wonderful famous paintings collection by period, artist, and style. And you can take a tour of Paris!
Whitney Museum of American Art
The coolest New York Museum is online, featuring current shows and works from the permanent collection as well. There's also an online store where you can shop and purchase various artworks.
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Museums, Other: (also see above: Museums, Art)
Museum Spot
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Museum - Berlin, DE; Art Exhibit (14.Mai bis 29.Oktober2000 Martin-Gropius-Bau), Science, History, Zoological (German) - Article (English) (by Allison Linn, 27May00, Wired) -
Museum - American History, Smithsonian (Wash.,D.C.)
Museum - Botanical, Herberia, Natural History - Worldwide Index
Museum - Computer History Center (timelines, exhibits, research)
Museum - Inventors - African-American - Colonial - Communications - Earth Science - Medical - Space - Transportation - War - Women
Museum - Heber School Museum Links List
Museum - Life and Science (Durham, NC, US)
Museum - Los Alamos National Laboratory (DOE)
Museum - Natural History, Education Resources (Smithsonian, Wash.,D.C.)
Museum - Network Portal to ~33,000 Museum Sites (free registration, DOB not required, world wide)
Museum - Sites for Kids, stories, books, games, family
Museum - Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.)
Museum - Virtual List of Museums World Wide (by country, searchable)

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